DK Remembers Red Elk

I saw DK post this to Red Elk’s daughter on Facebook, and he allowed me to share his fondest memory with you all.

I’m sorry I couldn’t be there for my friend RED ELK.

My fondest memory of RED ELK is when he taught me how to talk to trees!

Another time we were in Santa Fe, NM, and we were walking on the street and their was these flowers hanging over the sidewalk,and this young couple came up to them first but ignored it!

The women walks around it when the man walks over it. Then me and RED ELK past it, but then RED ELK said to me, “Wait a minute!”

He went back over to them flowers and picked one of them up and put it to his ear and listened, then he spoke to it, then he came back to me and told me, “Those flowers are sad!”

I said, “How come?”

Then he said the flowers told him they make themselves bright and beautiful for the people to see, but they just ignore them and walk past them not saying anything.

So the flowers put themselves over the sidewalk so they would be seen and still people just walk around them or over them.

Then RED ELK said, “I told them how beautiful and bright they are, and that they have a beautiful smell.”

Then RED ELK added, “Now we’ll come back to them in a half hour and they will be standing up tall and bright and beautiful again!”

We went back and sure enough! They were standing tall and bright and beautiful again!



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One Response to “DK Remembers Red Elk”

  1. Frances says:

    I like to walk near plantings around hotels/commercial buildings. If you gently rub your hand around herbal stalks (like lavender), you get a lovely smell in the air. Or wave your hand through the tall grass plants. If there is a wind, I see the tall trees getting their exercise for free. I remember years ago looking at grass after a much needed rain and got the message ‘the grass is really happy today’. Nowadays the average numbskull is oblivious to everything but their cellphone messages. So sad. If you just stand still, you can easily ‘feel’ things in the environment around you.