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UFO Power Sources

Many are interested in aliens.  Thought I’d tell of 2 of their ships / power sources.

The lil grays’ ships are their OWN power.  SELF perpetuated.

The other’s (of 3 I’ve seen) power is the wildest I’ve ever seen…like a human brain…..but an ORGANIC “MACHINE”.  This controls this ship via EMOTIONS of the operator.  INTENT run.  Darndest thing.

Yet a 3rd I’ve seen, on an all CRYSTAL ship, the engine is egg shaped.  Big end out the side.  Controls on the small end (inside).  This a “3 manned” “scout” ship.  16 ft. diameter,  a BEAUTIFUL vessel.

I have no idea how it’s powered.

The grays’ ships I’ve seen are all 16 foot circles…controlled by a gray who places its hand in a hand IMPRINT and uses (transfers) directions via thought.



For a number of months I have been considering putting out a LOT more “telling(s)”.   Knowing Full Well it would mean it’s “out there” to EVERYONE…for free.  NO INCOME from YEARS of learning.  Like a Lawyer or Mechanic telling you How to Do what THEY spent years learning…AND the experience of it.

Well, what is more important?…..ME (family) or ALL OTHERS?    ?????

Can NOT help the world on a “One-On-One” basis.  Can’t even via seminars.



As of last night….several HOURS of (UNEDITED) TEACHING is NOW ON MY BLOG!

This taped to one who was being taught during a 3 day telling.

ALL THERE (not EVERYTHING…..YET  .and CERTAINLY  N  O  T   NA Medicine Teaching)….

Enough to HELP LISTENERS UNDERSTAND “CREATOR AND YOU” Oneness.   LEAPING AHEAD in your understanding.

All FREE.  ALL ON LINE.  HOURS of listening / learning.

“Me” be damned.  PASS THIS INFO ON!!!

GB    re


Reptilian Relations

E mail to Red Elk:

Hi Red Elk,

I have been doing a little reading on the Hopi’s.  It says that they are related to the Reptilians! Does this make them evil or is there a good side to the Reps?  I’m a little confused on this.  The Hopi’s seem like really good people and I would hate for them to be on the dark side.

Red Elk Responds:

What they FAIL to say, is HOW!

They and MANY OTHERS were DNA(ed) EONS AGO, by 2 other (alien) races.

Even today our Scientists say man has a chromosome that is UNKNOWN.  Haven’t been able to figure it out.  ANCIENT DNA to MAKE MANKIND MORE INTELLIGENT.  This to better communicate and understand THEIR ORDERS.

Adam and Eve the FIRST SUCCESSFUL DNA(ed)…to what we ALL are today.

Reason?  SLAVERY!  To get GOLD for the “Gods”.  Gold is THE currency of ALL “people”…CREATION WIDE.  Used to Make LONGEVITY “White Gold”.   types…but that another ‘telling’.

So, YES, they ARE “Related”.  SO ARE YOU and SO AM I.  Aho?

Just because THEY REMEMBER doesn’t mean THEY AGREE with BEING one.

I’ve seen in the last maybe 9 years that there seems to be a “break away” going on.  “Half Breeds” FIGHTING their personal Dark Side (Dracolian bloodline) and those more and more EMBRACING it.  A Spiritual “Push” going on.  Aho?


We Are All One Relation

When I / We (Native American) say, “Me Talk We Oh Osh In”  (spelled so you can pronounce), we KNOW its FULL MEANING of that phrase:  We ARE ALL One RELATION.
This has NO LIMITATIONS to “Human to Human”.  It means ALL!  Insects / Plants / Earth / Planets / Animals / Birds/ and “Others” (Aliens).
ALL means ALL to us!
WHY would WE be Related to a WORM / Etc.?
The SORCE of ALL that’s Created.
Do you see now - we ARE All “related”?   
With this in mind, give a little more Respect for EVERYTHING.
You have NO NEED to get “heady” over being a HUMAN BEING!