THANK YOU  A  L  L !!!


We (3) spent near a half hour prior to ‘doing’.  In this we each seeked knowledge AND FORGIVING, of ANYTHING we’ve done recently to offend our 3-in-1 Living CreatorGod.  “CLEANSING”.

Then “on the dot” (11:00 AM we called for our Spirit mounts….got aboard and took off to the CZECH REPUBLIC.


At this, the building below SWARMED OUT with DEMONS.  Coming out to fight.  LIKE BOILING BLACK CRUDE OIL!

No where NEAR enough!   (  :

Adam circled (his given ‘job’) as John and I landed.  John off a bit before the building’s front door.  His job was to DISTRACT.

During: Adam sent LOVE Light…”like a LAZER” into the mass below.

At one time, John had ONE MEAN DEMON make a run to him…JESUS APPEARED and the demon DISINTEGRATED!  “Zapped”.  (  :

I dismounted (HUGE Eagle Spirit) , and proceeded to the ‘dark ones’.  DANCING AND SINGING as I approached.  Told the dark ones: “Look UP!”     “MY” Army!



I spoke to them….ended with just 2 “guarding”.

Gave them a choice….3 times.  The weakest of the 2 fled and JUMPED INTO THE ENDLESS PIT!  (Will be falling ‘til Judgment Day…..2,000 Plus Earth Years from now).

Eventually the LEADER (strongest and biggest) retreated…l ORDERED HIM TO GO INTO “Ls” PERSONAL DOMAIN…..he will live THERE ‘til the Day of Judgment.  NEVER ALLOWED TO LEAVE in ANY Form or Way.  Kinda “house arrest”.

Spoke too to “L”…..told him to SURRENDER TO GOD….”HE MADE YOU AND LOVES YOU STILL !”

Ran off at one of his tunnels.

Came up to our surface and had the 4 Corner Spirits “do their thing”…..CLOSING THE VOTEX   AND  do a number on the building.  HUGE Freak WIND and snow flurries….THEN THE EARTH SHOOK below it.


Anyway, the one man living their CAN’T, now.  HE WAS THE LYING ONE THAT HAD THIS BUILT “for GODLY USE”.

Then, went around the boundary lines of the property.  Cleansing with prayer and Sacred Plants smoke (“smudging”).


What’s left of this “house” (a FALSE Pyramid) will be bulldozed down and burnt.  Then used properly…in GOD’S Name.  Aho?

This land (about 40 acres, I think) and building cost ONE MAN…who was DECEIVED) somewhere around $2 MILLION $$ (I’m told).   Now deems it a “LOVE GIFT sacrifice TO GOD”.

NOT a “Dang, ALL THAT MONEY “shot”” way at all…AND MEANS IT!

Thanks to him, we prayERS, WORLD WIDE, are learning what ONE HEART / ONE MIND can do.

Our FIRST BIG “Get Together”.  AHO?   (  :

I want to think you ALL!  It was NOT “I” (red elk) that did this work.  It was US!


I hope to have confirmation in under 10 days.  Will share on my Blog.  Aho?

Also, our Water problem.  Told “I’d NOT spend ANOTHER CENT ON IT!”  Believe me…I MEANT IT!

BUT, “DAD” HAD OTHER IDEAS!  Adam and John LOOKED, Pooled THEIR money, Bought what was needed AND GOT IT GOING AGAIN!  WE HAVE WATER!

And didn’t cost me a Penny!  PTL! (and THANKS AGAIN GUYS!).

GB to ALL!    re


*UPDATE – Tell everyone in Comments what you did and felt during the prayer time, if you participated!  Let’s share!


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  1. Bryant/Peter says:

    I’m so happy none of you were hurt! CreatorGodBless!!!

  2. Anthony says:

    wow that sounds awesome haha i would be lying if i were to say i wouldnt have wanted to see all that

  3. Whale Sister says:

    Most would but few are ready to. re

  4. Whale Sister says:

    When one reads Scripture that says NO FEAR! YOU WOULD be in trouble going in with even an INKLING of fear. Just don’t go in COCKY, EITHER!
    We had LOTS of FAITHFUL Backers. Who COULD LOSE!?? Thanks to all…and HIM! ( : re

  5. Whale Sister says:

    Most people who say ‘that would be awesome’ crap their pants in terror when it actually happens to or around them. Heh.

  6. Whale Sister says:


    Who was wearing a green shirt?


  7. Anthony says:

    naa i wouldnt have much fear lol lost fear a long time ago but getting cocky is a bit of a problem cause i happen to be a martial artist always wanted to know how i would do against a demon or something stronger than a human unfortunenately i know that right there is cockyness and so i know thats a problem hahaha >.< and well let me see nope i have like a greyish shirt on and when praying i just sent lots of love and prayed a lot forprotection to everybody and i felt like everything was going fine and then i read this and i was like yay

  8. RC says:

    Hi Red Elk I was wearing a green Shirt. May I ask why?

  9. Bryant/Peter says:

    “Most people who say ‘that would be awesome’ crap their pants in terror when it actually happens to or around them. Heh.”

    I totally AGREE with your statement. I’ve had situations in the past that I’ve told few friends about. Most were scared after hearing it. (Shadow people, a witch, etc)

    Black shirt for me btw. CreatorGodBless!

  10. Teri says:

    I was wearing a green shirt. Not sure if I’m the one you mean though. I asked Jesus to be with all those who are doing works in his name, and if that includes Red Elk, then I pray for him.

  11. Whale Sister says:

    The blog site has been slightly more of a problem than usual, but not too badly. Yeah, I’ve shown some people who think they can handle it just a TINY bit of the ‘rabbit hole’ and boy do they backpedal at just even that! XD

  12. Whale Sister says:

    Sure. Shortly after the prayer time started I was sent to turn back someone in a green shirt and *possibly* blue pants before they went too far. If you saw a wolverine running at you or a pink force pushing you back, that was me. I suspect it was someone who was visualizing, intentionally or unintentionally, wanting to see what Red Elk and the others were doing…or even just wondering how he was doing, and not keeping tabs on (or don’t know how to yet) what they themselves were doing spiritually. I had to rein in that temptation several times myself. 😉


  13. Whale Sister says:

    Look at the answer I gave RC, and let me know if that fits you.


  14. Bryant/Peter says:

    Well I’m not tooting my own horn but I’ve had alot of far out experiences as a child, teen, and young adult. One experience I had I thought I was literally going insane. A dozen or so shadow people running, hiding on the outer corners of my eyes, a few I caught looking straight at.

    For the prayer time I felt a warmth and sorta enlightening feeling I get from my nagual sometimes. I just felt really good. Prayed everyone involved to be protected, successful, no one hurt, and flow in love. 😀

  15. Whale Sister says:

    To this commenter: Thanks for joining. YOU USED / use GOOD SENSE in KNOWING you can (are?) “heady”. Surely you know theres ALWAYS Something BETTER THEN YOU….Eventually. Only ONE that NONE can Beat. OUR GREAT CREATOR! Aho? You’re FAR and AWAY BETTER letting HIM “lead”.
    I’ve seen some dang stupid COCKY people who’ve “gone down in flames”. Demons, even the LEAST ones, can CHEW A COCKY PERSON to BITS! And LAUGH about it as it Chews!
    NOTHING to mess with “One on One”.

    If you choose to test me on this…DON’T SAY I HAVEN’T WARNED YOU! re

  16. Bryant/Peter says:

    I wouldn’t dare do that. By nature I am heady and am learning to just flow with Him, and laugh at my stupid self for the mistakes I stumble myself on.

    Happy to hear you’re A-OK RE! CreatorGodBless!

  17. Whale Sister says:

    EXCELLENT PRAYER! The NEEDED, for EVERY ONE! GREAT JOB…in this case, Not just from / 4 ME…but for ALL INVOLVED!
    THANK YOU! re

  18. Whale Sister says:

    Oh oh….KNOCK ON WOOD! THAT saying IS a sign of Headiness! Aho?
    (Hard, isn’t it)? ( : re

  19. Bryant/Peter says:

    Hahaha, yeah it is. More laughter for myself. I’ll learn sooner or later. 😀

  20. Anthony says:

    i see so ego based things give them power that is good to know i wont be heady of course and yep i know for sure creator is the best of course and wow good thing i didnt know you can do visualizing to see a bit lol cause i would honestly be a wee bit tempted to sneak a peek hahaha

  21. RC says:

    Hi Whale Sister
    I was wearing a green shirt and blue jeans. That person you describe may have been me. Sometime after 11.00am I was visualizing Red Elk after asking the Creator to please send 50 legions of Angels to Red Elk and 2 other people. While I was visualizing Red Elk to put him in a violet bubble with mirrors on the outside. I thought I saw him for half a second surrounded by darkness not on him just around him. Then I felt a needed to push away from him. That need to push away from him may have been you! Thanks for saving my butt 🙂 This is all new to me…

  22. Whale Sister says:

    Well, now that the comments and Red Elk’s replies I have to forward have slowed down, I can relate some of my story. This is Whale Sister, btw…you can tell by the fact I’ll sign it with ‘–WS’ and not ‘re’. 😉

    I basically went with the plan to light some sage, pray some, and then do whatever God led me to do. I had a migraine, too. After doing some cleansing of me, the others in my apartment, and the apartment…and then putting my hearing and vision impaired cat on her tether outside because she couldn’t take it all (my past cats were able to, but she’s not), my job ended up being to ‘light the home fire’, which meant to keep the sage (and later cedar, a little basil, and a potato chip – not joking, either! XD) burning the entire time, filling the universe with the sweet smoke, and to pray over it as a beacon, calling back anyone who got or was getting lost. I was also led to do what I call ‘toning’ – to sing particular tones when called for. I did that a LOT, changing whenever it was called for, for whatever reason the Creator had. Otherwise I was free to get up and move around, and to eat Pringles and drink Mt. Dew because they help my migraines. I kept the radio off, and only checked the computer to see if Red Elk had messaged me.

    Shortly after we started, I was led by Creator to ‘go out’ and stop someone, the person in the green shirt, before they stepped out too far, so I ran at them and swept them back, as I mentioned in the other comment.

    A deer horn I had wanted to participate, so I placed it in the opening of my screen door, which had been opened about 5 inches or so for my cat to come in if need be…and found out a short while later, 5 little people had used it to come in my house to sit around the smoking sage. I only sensed their presence after things were under way when one asked for some chips. They didn’t seem to mind that the only beer I had was long since flat, and they seemed amused by the deer horn, which made a little archway. They left after about half an hour.

    God also wanted a Pringle. This sounds very silly, yes indeed! God has a sense of humor, and He DID influence people to make delicious junk food. 😉 He told me so by giving me the strong feeling that the next Pringle I was about to munch on needed to go in the fire, a ‘burnt offering’ as per the Bible. And thus I was also reminded that I’m supposed to offer PROPERLY (by holding it up to Him and Jesus, and Mother Earth, too), and did so the next several times. If any of you smelt ‘burnt coffee’ along with sage and cedar, now you know why. XD

    The oddest thing was, tho, that some time after 1 pm I was led to put on a mix CD I made last month, play a particular song, and then spiritually broadcast it as I listened to it. Okay, maybe that wasn’t the oddest thing…the oddest thing was the song selection – it was a Japanese theme song to an American cartoon. Did anyone hear it, or my tones at various times during the prayer?

    At one point I was also led to throw up a shield around the whole world, and I did…but in one part the shield went down a hole, as if shielding the walls of the hole, and I ALMOST flew on down it. Then I thought ‘what if this is the way Red Elk went’ and stopped myself. I DID have a problem the whole time with my mind wandering to what he was doing and how he was, and repeatedly had to reel myself in spiritually because my ‘wondering’ tends to lead to BEING THERE and all the trouble that causes. I did worry a bit with all the ‘alert’ posts he kept having me put up, but once its happening there’s no point in worrying because that’s negative. Positive is much more fun AND productive, ’cause demons can’t stand it when you’re happy and loving and having some fun! 😀

    It all started winding down for me after about 1:30, but I kept the fire going ’til the last ember died, then I found the after-action email and posted it…and all the comments! 😀 😀 😀 You all and Red Elk kept me pretty busy for a while there!


  23. James C says:

    While I did not pray at the exact time your were doing spiritual battle since I am a day sleeper due to my job, I know that time matters not when prayer is concerned.

    This whole past week has been very dark/cold, feeling on edge. Very oppressive. I have felt this on many occasions being very sensitive to such things. I could feel the dark/coldness intensifying while I was praying in bed and focusing my mind on the task you were to perform. At the end of my praying, I needed to pray for protection for myself as it was starting to overwhelm me. I imagine this was but a fraction of what you experienced personally.

    Blessings in the name of God to all who interceded in this battle and especially to Red Elk and his friends who went to battle with him. Very few have the faith and courage to take on L’s minions much less L himself.

  24. Whale Sister says:

    You’re welcome. Its a good example of how easy it is to accidentally get into trouble by not keeping watch on what you yourself are unintentionally doing (I learned that the hard way myself! :D). I actually kinda figured Creator might send me after someone, as He’s done it before…fortunately it was just the one incident this time, and you were quick on the uptake, so that was really good on your part! Thank you for that!


  25. Whale Sister says:

    Good thing you DIDN’T! re

  26. Whale Sister says:

    You’re learning NOW! re

  27. Whale Sister says:

    Fun to DEFEAT hIM, Isn’t it! And you DID JUST THAT…in HIM! (Overcame). You musta had hIM Conncerned, BIG TIME! re

  28. Whale Sister says:

    LEARN….you won’t be new long. re

  29. Anthony says:

    WOW that was you i was actually smelling that and that describes the smell perfectly i thought it was something else but it was you that is surprising cause now that you mention it the smell is gone and next time you can count on me again cause honestly i had fun too helping red elk and his friends and praying together with everybody it was awesome ;D

  30. Zeeth Kyrah says:

    While I intended to participate, I was led to close the page and rest instead, to care for myself instead (I’ve had a cold the past few days, which has been simmering gently instead of manifesting strongly). I thought I was just fuzzy from my cold today, but part of that may have been that a portion of my spirit was called out to help. I know that the fuzzy feeling lingered well into the afternoon, and that I was mostly fine this evening, so perhaps that portion stayed to help clean up and guide something Lost back where it needed to be.

  31. Al says:

    I’m not going to lie Red Elk I knew you guys would succeed. I was a bit surprised to hear L took off like that though. Are the other 2 also Medicine men?

    Is there something special about incense Whale Sister? Is it just the obediance and praying over it or is there more to it? A while back a sis said the Lord wanted us burning incense at church(I think it had something to do with the enemy trying to sneak in). Also is a wolverine your power animal or just shapeshifting((sorry if i’m completely off, i’m still reading about NA ways).
    If you can’t share this info that’s also ok.

    RC it sounds like you have this visualisation thing down pretty good and was wondering if you could explain your technique. Also why a violet bubble?

    Blue shorts, red shirt for me…i’m getting carried away now LOL

  32. Whale Sister says:

    I honestly had pretty much no doubt, either. 🙂

    Hmmmm…I wouldn’t really call it incense because I was burning the leaves and sticks, not an incense stick or cone. I cannot stand those, probably because of the formulations that allow it to stick together. Red Elk will probably be able to tell you more about sacred plants and such – you can also look them up online pretty easily. I was also using frankincense, but not a lot of it. Negative entities don’t like their pungent, sweet smells, I can tell you that for sure, that’s why they’re used in cleansing and they also have certain aromatherapy properties you might want to check out online, particularly in the spiritual openness area. About the wolverine – yes, but is not the only one. Also, I am not NA nor do I claim to be, even tho my path includes many elements from there.


  33. Whale Sister says:

    Well I’m glad somebody received that mass of smoke I was filling my apartment with! 😉 😉 😉 I hope it helped to keep you anchored, too…you may have been smelling it because you were becoming a little off track.

    Scent is actually one of the easier ‘senses’ to pick up long distance or from spirits,etc, probably because people don’t tend to have preconceived notions of smells so they don’t get in their own way as much as with clairvoyance (far seeing) or clairaudience (far hearing). People are also a lot less afraid of smelling something than they are of hearing or seeing something they don’t want to.


  34. RC says:

    Hi AI

    No special technique really. I was just lying down in a very relaxed state visualizing Red Elks picture in my mind wanting to really help him. Then unknowingly I saw him in real time surrounded by darkness. That darkness may have been the demon’s energy. Violet is a protective, cleansing and filtering color. Its the color of your Crown Chakra on your head. I put it around him for the protective filtering energy. The mirrors was to reflect away anything that my have been sent to him. I have gone through metal detectors with metal on my body when putting the violet egg shaped bubble around me and in me. If you want to know if someone is lying to you, put them in a pale orange egg shaped bubble around them and though them. Pale Orange is the color of Truth. If they lie to you the color will change. Or you can put the Pale Orange around them and inside of them and force it on them not letting it change color. That person wont be able to speak properly if they are trying to lie to you. Violet and Pale Orange are the two colors you can use on someone without their permission. Protection Filtering Cleansing = Violet. Creativity, Absolute Truth = Pale Orange.

  35. Whale Sister says:

    Unfortunately, RC, this is where you made your mistakes and almost wound up demon chow – by going against both instructions Red Elk gave: 1) do a general protection prayer for EVERYBODY and 2) DON’T FOLLOW HIM. I understand your desire…however, desire does not = Creator’s leadings.

    Shielding another person directly should be used either with their consent or purposely without it (for instance if you want to test them), because while it can be protective, it can also be disruptive and distracting. In this case Red Elk and the others knew what they were doing and what they needed, and had Creator on their side. You should have trusted Him and Red Elk in this matter, and asked HIM what he wanted you to do by listening to your nagual (aka your gut). I didn’t push you back because I WANTED to do it, I did it because He TOLD me to, same with the smoke, same with the other things. None of those violated the instructions no matter how tempted I was to do so. Big difference there.

    Be. More. Careful. And. Aware. Of. What. You. Are. Doing. There Are Consequences.

    Also, negative entities don’t like Barbie pink. Hee hee hee…

  36. Anthony says:

    yeah i think thats why i started smelling the smoke hehehe i was tempted to look to tell you the truth

  37. Bryant/Peter says:

    This came to mind, something to stick by.

    Acts 10:34-35: Then Peter opened his mouth, and said, Of a truth I perceive that God is no respecter of persons: But in every nation he that feareth him, and worketh righteousness, is accepted with him.

    I’VE learned the hard way a few times, haha. It’s something to learn an abide by.

  38. Whale Sister says:

    You’re RIGHT ON on the REST REASON! Others did the same. As you rested, your INNER ANGEL…the one ALL are BORN WITH, was able to go…while YOU Rested. 2 “birds” with One Stone”.
    This angel within, is of a Heavenly Angel SOCIETY.

    Given AT YOUR CONCEPTION, to help you Keep On the “Red” (God) Road.

    Yup, you WERE there. REPRESENTED BY THIS ANGEL. ( : re

  39. Anthony says:

    so our inner angels were there???

  40. Whale Sister says:

    This came from John, one of the two with Red Elk:


    Trip was awesome. Got home and talked with Mom. She tells me it was a great and introspective day for her. She says that for her she doesn’t need any proof of a living God. She just knows it. But…There were 2 knocks at her window and then a very short time after that is when I called her to let her know it was done. She feels it was a good spirit.
    Also, talked with a couple of really good friends, they told me that it was a great day for them to stay positive and focused for a 3 hour period. They sent good/supporting thoughts our way as well but for them their way was to stay positive for the full 3 hour period. Said the rest of the day was fantastic. All said it was great experience. Got an email from Judd Dome. He was with us!
    My Dad called 2 times, but I wasn’t home yet. Mom said he was downright excited. He told her that he never knew anything about this part of my life. I called him back but just got an answering machine. I’ll be talking with him tomorrow.
    Family in Europe also have nothing but positive things to say. For them number one, I would probably say is RELIEF! They knew something went wrong there and this is a weight off their shoulders. Not to mention how great it is that we all united in this way. By my count there were 17 people directly backing us, not to mention all the unknown people and the heavens themselves. Unbelievable…Will update you soon.
    Grandfather, i owe you and God one. Hmmm, what do you get beings who have everything…..Maybe you would like another chiwawa… 🙂
    wishing a safe trip for adam,

  41. Whale Sister says:

    Brother, just LOVE IT!
    Yup, He’s REAL ALRIGHT!
    Your mom’s STILL “a kick”! And Now…your DAD….WOW! (Betcha this has opened his Catholic “eyes” ! ) ( :

    Can barely wait to hear what he says….AND those Overseas.

    AN “eye opener” for ALL. And JUDD TOO?! WOW! (That was unexpected!). Tell him THANKS. “COOL”!

    I hit the sack RIGHT AT 9:00…6 HOURS of STRAIGHT SLEEP! UNBROKEN!!!


  42. Whale Sister says:

    No, not Medicine Men. Like any. One Italian / white…One Canadian / Czech… “Whites” wanting to KNOW “the Way of Purity”.
    Told you / ALL that THIS IS BIBLE…the PURE one Any can find IN IT. ANY can be “as powerful” as a Medicine Man via this…only a GOD MAN Title. Aho?

    Incense does CALL IN ALL the TYPES…Evil AND Godly Spirits around you. Thing is, ONLY THE GOOD ONES LOVE ALL THE DIFFERENT ODORS. The EVIL are drawn to AN odor within it…but GAG on the OTHERS…and “get the “H” outta there”! Just CAN’T TAKE IT! GOOD Stuff….but MUST use ALL together.


    Other areas use OTHER things (Don’t HAVE some of these).

    This is NOT “NA”…Hebrews / Catholics / Etc. all use incense. GodCreator said “Make a Pleasurable ODOR to the LORD”. See? BIBLE (again). Aho?

    Thanks for your Backing! ( : re

  43. Whale Sister says:

    Only if YOU weren’t. re

  44. Al says:

    Thanks Red Elk, Whale Sister and RC for answering my questions.
    I must admit I’ve been daydreaming of one day doing Spirit work on that level but I also know i’m not there yet because my intentions are still very much ego based and i know self will get in the way(maybe even get me killed) on that level. Still have a lot of dying to self to do.
    I’m really enjoying learning to play with my conciousness(nothing crazy ,just learning to use it’s full potential) Funny thing is awhile back ago I woke up from a nap but I guess my mind was still in dreamland and so that world and this world mixed up so that when I looked around my room there was what appeared to be puppies or some other animals running around the room(couldn’t believe how real it felt). Freaked me out and tried to jump out of bed but my body was still asleep so I had to wait a min for my body to wake up. When I got up my mind was back to regular state and so alas no puppies in the room. Atleast that’s my theory on that.
    Also recently found out unforgiveness is linked to a particular ailment I have…so I guess Christ wasn’t kidding when he said to forgive. Alot of mind/spirit work to do here.
    God Bless

  45. Whale Sister says:

    You were in a LUCID dream. Could have “worked” it if you’d realized it.

    Hope I’ve been some good to you. re

  46. Al says:

    God willing I intend to learn to work both this waking dream and the sleeping dream(u know what I mean). I’ve had a few things happen when i was younger that I believe was working “the dream”. Only problem was i grew up and told myself it wasn’t possible until I discovered people like you and started reading about shamanism and all these light bulbs started going of in my head and i started remembering. Showing a person where to get a permanent pass to disneyland is a bit more than some good : )

  47. Whale Sister says:

    More from John:

    Interesting coincidence. 3 in Europe with visions of muddy black water running from the pyramid and then finally clear on the day and time of backing. They received the call that it was done a short time after seeing the water run clear. Another in Canada had a dream of his house being surrounded by a flood of muddy black water on that day after he backed us. Thankfully in his dream a giant tow truck pulled him, family, and WHOLE HOUSE out of trouble… they were riding on top. Hmm, you’re really gonna let the canada jokes fly on this one the next time we meet. 🙂 i’ll have to let the 2 groups know how similar their visions were. All stories really positive. – john