Wanted to work on #1 but TOO COLD to do cementing.  So went to Sky’s.   Cut off about 6-8 in. of bed ledge wall (more room on main floor)…Backed that dirt with heavy white tarp (vertical logs will be put in front of that)…leveled the bathroom floor and placed the toilet in its permanent place…rugged it (temp), set rug on main (temp), added the attic, did some general clean up.  THIS DOME’S INTERIOR IS REALLY LOOKING GOOD!
“Weeds” did nearly all the work…I suprivised.  THIS GUY’S NOT AFRAID TO WORK!  Trade…teachings for labor.
He’s sleeping in Adam’s dome as “here” home.
HOPEFULLY we will get a load of gravel and be able to finish all flooring tomorrow.  Rock company was closed today! sigh  (wasted trip)
Anyway, a BUSY DAY indeed…and a GOOD ONE!    re


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