I’d like to share with you the JOY one can derive from doing for others.  As you scroll down and get into the SKYDOME pictures, KNOW the PLEASURE I’M FEELING doing this (and the other 2).  Built to SHOW.  Built to be SEEN.  Built to (hopefully) INSPIRE….and ALL built VERY CHEAPLY.

ALL because our Creator has set me on the path to HELP OTHERS.

These 3 (more yet to be added…I THINK) are “The Village Of YESTERDAY AND TOMORROW”.  Sky(s)Dome is made on the lines of a European “Gypsy BENDER”.  VERY BIG.  Seats 7…+ !  Sleeps 3 if needed.  One Piece…including Bathroom and “Attic”.  Very little here that I had to buy (thank you donators – I set aside a small amount of each donation to help pay for things needed on these).  Almost ALL of WILLOWS (on all 3).  FREE “Weed Trees” from local farmers wanting more pasture room.  The Giant HAY TARPS are seconds and throwaways.  ALL, FREE.  Various things…FREE things…”blow offs” found on roadsides, Etc..  I bought little.

My “Hobbit Hut / Gnome Home” (my first), built by digging into a FREE county dump truck of Ditch clean-out.  THAT LOAD MADE A PLACE FOR 4! (2 adults, a baby and one small child). Built on an OJIBWA design.

#2…Adam’s Dome is of an APACHE Wickiup design.  Sleeps 3 (in emergency).

I get GREAT PLEASURE at seeing my IMAGINATION turn to INVISIONING and from THAT, into REALITY.  ALL because I’ve learned to FOLLOW Big Brother, Jesus, the Christ.

Now these tiny structures can be duplicated because they ARE…not something one just READS ABOUT.  VISUAL FACTS.

These are made to show what our ANCESTORS used….Long Ago…and what will be used, AGAIN, in our not to distant future.  Made from what can be SCROUNGED.

A teaching lesson for all.

Yes, it IS Good…to be a part of HIM.  Aho?    re



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