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Mark Boyle, rich guy, went ‘no cash’ and is loving it…and teaching others to do the same.

Mark Boyle’s ‘Moneyless Man’: Why I Live Without Money (VIDEO)

No Money Man: the Thrifty Adventures of Mark Boyle

Live Q&A with Mark Boyle

The Freeconomy Community


Beautiful out.  Going to “broom off” the domes and shovel snow off porch.  14 to maybe 16 inches and still coming down.  “Brooming” is using a broom to push upward from inside.  Did this when in my TiPi.  All snows fall to base and goes up-ward.  INSULATING the whole.  FAR WARMER inside, then.  LOVE IT!

The whites kept their roof nails sticking above the shingles, to CATCH snow.  Today we put out Big Bucks to insulate the daylights in the attic.  Just another way to make someone rich.  Aho?

The common man is so STUPID (in my eyes).

My domes have old blankets over the frame (Sweat Lodge way), with tarp over those.  Snowfall is “broomed” off from INSIDE (push against the inside).  It then slides down and slowly collects all around.  Insulating the ALL.      I LOVE THE STUFF!  (Guess you can call this “Snow Berming”)

Folks, why FIGHT winter?  USE IT and be COMPATABLE with it.  Aho?

Gonna get our snowshoes out and take Sky for a Walk-About.  Get him used to these.

If any are interested, I’ve owned / used a number of styles.  I WON’T USE BUT THE “OJIBWAY” STYLE now.

FANTASTIC “All Around” design.  IVENS SNOWSHOE Co. is where I get ours (3 or 4 pairs).

Decided best to make Tire Rubber “Chaps” instead of full Mukluks.  High enough to strap above the knees.  LESS SWEAT PROBLEMS.  Aho?

Plenty of good SNOW ICE CREAM makings, right outside our door.  (  :

Also got out my Converted Water Ski.  LOVE THIS like you wouldn’t believe!  I took off the skeg and foot “step-in”.  Screwed in good metal “eyes” at top sides.  Drilled a hole at tip (pull rope) AND the BACK.

(Going downhill I walk behind it and hold it back / steer)

I load this with my winter camping gear (AND Fire Wood).  Keeping the load VERY low.  Try to go 10 inches high.  Never above 16 inches.  Use the “eyes” to crisscross rope over the load.


My NA Ancestors did this.  Theirs tho were often 20 ft. long.  Steam Bent the tip.  Glides behind like a breeze.  10 to 15 inch width.  THIN single board.  UNDULATE as you go along….”fitting” the contour of the land.  Aho?

Bought my ski at a ‘cheap shop’.  $5.00.  “Eyes” another $4.00.

Used a Like Ski to make a DOG SLED.  Used an old Lawn Mower Handle.  Ran Cocker Spaniels with our daughter aboard. Gave it to a ‘cheap shop’ after I got malamutes and a freight sled.  THEY SOLD IT IN 4 DAYS!  $25.00 !!!

I’ve taught a number how to make DOG HARNESSES out of old jeans.  Each leg does one dog.  This “doing” from the way the Eskimo in Greenland did, long ago.

Other then having CRAZY coast livers pass by (freeway)…Winter CAN BE FUN!

Why not try it?  GB    re


Adam out now from his Vision Quest.  Looked like a dirty, unshaved, “beat” HOBO emerging from the forest.  (  :

Did he get his Vision?  He thinks not.  I disagree.  He just doesn’t understand yet.

I’ll ask him to write of his time out there alone (if he’s willing).  CAME OUT “CHANGED”.

Better understanding of the Great SIMILARITIES between “white” religion and that of the NA.  Now able to BRIDGE…and “walk in 2 shoes”.

Far more understanding the “Way of Purity”.

I had food with me (he hadn’t eaten in 6 full days).  Wasn’t the “PERFECT” meal….(wife keeps buying only Low Fat meats….falls apart.  grrrrr).

Knowing it wouldn’t matter (He’d eat fried…and LOVE IT!).  (  :

Now in shower and getting shaved.

He’ll leave tomorrow.


Big Brother “went to the wilderness OFTEN”……PRIVATE Undisturbed  One-On-One with the Great Creator.

You’d be surprised how MUCH these times help you to “CENTER” yourself with HIM.

The NA KNEW THIS….the “whites” have forgotten.


Aho?    re


Was a full day. High winds and rain here too! Got home quite late this evening just in time to catch Europe on skype as it’s morning time for them. There’s a huge THANKS to ALL from europe. A friend who lives close to the pyramid has checked on it.The above ground structure and house seem more or less intact from what he can see from the road. Uncle’s going there next week to check it out in detail and start the process. He and two others were shown that the landscape and architecture has drastically changed.  It’s only a matter of time for the physical to follow in it’s entirety. The original intent is becoming a reality. A place of PEACE free for ALL. Also, similar to mom’s experience the gathering in Europe heard a bell and then received the call that it was done. It seems that All that backed us had some deep insight or outright sign.  A bold friend requested to see two chickadees land on the post outside as a sign that her vision and the presence she felt was true. Was frustrated that it didn’t happen right away, but two landed there today as she had asked. She was backing us with an immense strength and focus, and for a full 3 hours…She earned it. 🙂 The stories i’m getting are incredible.
I’m backing Adam with you all the way!
it IS done.
Sharing this, John.  Keep us informed.  PTL!   re

“Ghost” (‘Shoestring Cabin’ page and Ghost32’s Hub) and I have been telling each other of “things”.  Things we’ve both have had experiences of / with.

It’s a ‘kick’ to know we Medicine People aren’t the only ones with “things” we are aware of.

Ghost, too (non-medicine and white), are ‘chatting’ on our times with “Li’l People” right now.  Gnomes / Fairies / Pixies / Etc.

Nope, we Med. People are not the only ones………………….

These people aren’t all over.  Just certain spots “here-n-there”.  You just never know where, or when, they’ll show themselves.  The very fact they do is always a surprise.

Up in Canada the Crees know the places they are.  When traveling near, they stop and leave silver (coins / etc.) at their “openings”.  I do the same.  I’ve no idea why they like silver, but they take GLEE in receiving.

Occasionally 10 will come, unexpectedly, here into the house.  We set (me on couch, they in semi-circle before me on the floor) and just ‘shoot the breeze’.  I’m not a drinker…but occasionally my daughter will have a beer in the fridge (she’s not a drinker either).  I have 10 tiny ‘mugs’ (bought for them to hold easily) and will fill ‘em up for ‘em.  They LOVE beer.   So, if YOU have “a feeling” on a place….leave some silver…and an open beer.

There’s a place on the edge of Woodland, WA that a lady owner has.  She knows there’s such a spot on her place…and has honored it by fixing it up with flowers / etc.  She uses it to meditate in.  “Peaceful”.

Another up between Colville and Kettle Falls, WA.  The cabin there almost on TOP of a ‘clan’ of Li’l Ones.  Cabin foundation darn near piercing their underground Dome-Shaped abode below.

In the Kootenays of Canada….”HOMES” GALORE!  All OVER up there.  Fascinating.

In NM a CITY!  Yup…CITY!  I had no Idea they had such.  ALL the “types” live / go there.

No cars / etc. (they walk or fly) but a real…and BIG…City.  Cobblestone streets.  “High Rises” buildings / etc.  A BUSY place.

You’ll find no sadness or “down” there.  ALL are FRIENDS.

Sure would be nice to have such here, wouldn’t it…………………………………..   re


From one of the brothers who worked:

More work was done on Sky’s dome. This little dome home is really taking shape. The doorway was expanded and now has wind and snow protection. A second tarp was added to make the dome weather tight. There is more work needed to secure the tarp from blowing off but we used sand bags and rocks to hold it down for now. A hole was added to the new tarp so the side window is working.  Some tile work was done on the in side.

SkyDome Adam John Red Elk - 7 Nov 2010

Sky's Side window - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Front Door - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Tile Work - 7 Nov 2010

Teaching You to WALK

Friends, I’m tired.  Worn out, really.  Guess I’m feeling my years.  Want to just sleep sleep sleep.  Catch up on years of pushing myself.

You can see this in the video just put on (below).

I’ve quite recently started ‘delegating’ things others can do (any can).  Tired of being the one all come to.

I’ve spent years telling all how THEY can do these things, themselves.  Hardly any do so, though.  Keep coming back.

Time for me to sorta ‘set aside’….and FORCE you to DO.  I’m no good to YOU by constantly doing what You are quite capable of.  Either “you” start taking my many teachings and learnings seriously, DOing YOURSELF…or do without.

I’m ‘all over the place’…lessons , sharings , you name it.  This blog but only a part.  If you TRULY want to learn…then start learning to do RESEARCH.

I’ve Told and Told….AND TOLD.  Done more then enough (I feel).


My book (WHENEVER) will add yet a bit more.  I intend to put out 2 others as well.  One a children’s book.  Hoping ALL 3 will be out at the same time (?).

More? Possible…on some of my experiences while Doing things.  Ghosts (SHADES, to us) … “Little People), Aliens, etc.  MAYBE!

Hoping the writings will help support us in my / our older years.

I will continue adding here on the Blog….as led, but, in general want YOU to now start to hold your OWN “Baby Bottle”……or starve.

Done all I know how to do, save teach Medicine Knowledge.

Telling / Exampling.

So, be informed….and GOOD LUCK.

GodCreator Bless.   Re

(PS:  I will ALWAYS be here to help….but expect a lot of “ALREADY OUT THERE…RESEARCH!

Teaching you to WALK now! )   re


Think I don’t work?  Dome work, then answered 2 snail mails and ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY SEVEN EMAILs AND 3 Needed runs to town.

(OOPS, one HEALING “Work” as well)

To top it all off…STILL  have a Few HOURS before GOING TO BED…..Other Emails DUE!

Oh, Don’t forget the PHONE CALLS!  Them too.

Any wonder I get a bit cranky and am almost always tired?   (  :   re

I’m well aware I am sharing with all kinds of people.  Many beliefs.  Many “ways.”

I have no qualm stating I follow Christ.  But I also know many don’t.

We each have our “way”.  Aho?

I have seen, and am still seeing, what the Great Creator showed me in the 3 days ‘Great Vision’.

ALL are,  now.

So, with that in mind, I share ALL with ALL.  Building domes from salvage and natural but a part of this.  ‘Preparing’ means, yet another.

The readers who want to ‘glean’ in the ‘fields of knowledge’ that I share about can be used by one and all.

At least those reading this blog, know where I stand….

YOU ARE OF THE SAME MIND-WOMB that am I.  ONE Relation in that way.  Brothers and sisters to me / all.

I, as He who we 12 follow, love you ALL.

In this, I share.

Use what you deem useful.  BUT…PLEASE, PREPARE!  Our world is NOT getting better.

Things are ‘tough’ world wide.

In HIM, I share.

Good Luck to you ALL!



By observing nature, one can get some tremendous Survival Insights.

Knowing a bit about trees and their Roots can help one locate SURFACE WATER.  Willows of ALL species have SHALLOW roots.  If you see these, you are seeing WATER…VERY close to the surface.

Ants build OVER water flow “systems”.  The ants that have the LARGE (“dome”) homes….by CIRCLE WALKING and finding other similar “domes” and “mark them” (to mind or flagging….you’ll “SEE” the water “stream” below.  Then know the waters, “flow”. ALL Shallow water YOU can easily dig to, for YOU.

Squirrels build LEAF NESTS for winter.  “Follow”.  LEAF PILES KEEP YOU WARM.

Birds “Fluff” their feathers to INSULATE.  LAYER YOUR CLOTHING to keep warm.

Flies congregate at particular places on your CEILING.  HEAT RISES…right?  Thus INSULATION IN Landing Spots” THE ATTIC is WELL INSULATED at those Landing Spots.  TRAPPING HEAT from Escaping  KEEPS THE FLIES WARM.   “Look” to THEM to “see” your “weak” insulation areas.

Certain STONES are OLD RIVERBED stones.  Look for these and “follow” an ancient river.  STILL WATER below them, tho now DEEPER.  LOOK FOR A “HOLED” spot…where an ancient river / stream had “drilled” at the base of a WATERFALL.  Water still THERE…deep, but there.

Man is made of Earth…thus “attached” to her yet.  DOWSING WORKS!  Internet HOW TOs galore “out there”.  LEARN.

Look at the DEEP SNOW beasts and fowl.  WELL INSULATED FEET.  Add the DEAD GRASSES / LEAFS to INSULATE EVEN YOUR SOCKS…top AND bottom…as EMERGENCY “Moccasins”) foot wear.  EVEN STUFF YOUR CLOTHING “Ditto”. EVEN WET ONES will dry next to your body… DO get AND KEEP, Warm.

Look TOO at their FEET / Foot Prints….WIDE!  IE : SNOWSHOES!  Ditto the MOOSE…SWAMP AND “MUD / MUCK” SHOES. SPREAD YOUR FEET OUT…Make or Buy snowshoes (if you live in that “type” of area).

Look at the 2 POLES.  All the Ice and Snow.  We are AS the Earth…..KEEP YOUR HEAD COVERED so “ice” doesn’t “collect” and let heat leave your “poles”.  Head AND Feet…INSULATE!

Look at the countries of the EQUATOR.  Too HOT?  USELESS “Foliage” around your middle.

Look to “Mother” and the insects YOUR area has.  CERTAIN COLORS ATTRACT CERTAIN INSECTS.  Certain PLANTS REPEL CERTAIN INSECTS, simply by the ODOR of the Plant.

Dress FOR THE AREA…SMUDGE or CRUSH and Rub On with the plant’s Juices.

The “Sacred Plants” we NA still use to burn / smudge, was, ORIGINALLY….N.A. “BUG OFF”!

BY OBSERVING NATURE you can “get by” where others pay High Electric Bills…or Perish.   re