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From one of the brothers who worked:

More work was done on Sky’s dome. This little dome home is really taking shape. The doorway was expanded and now has wind and snow protection. A second tarp was added to make the dome weather tight. There is more work needed to secure the tarp from blowing off but we used sand bags and rocks to hold it down for now. A hole was added to the new tarp so the side window is working.  Some tile work was done on the in side.

SkyDome Adam John Red Elk - 7 Nov 2010

Sky's Side window - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Front Door - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Tile Work - 7 Nov 2010

The Bathroom Doorway

SkyDome's Bathroom Doorway

The Side Window

SkyDome Side Window

The recent work carried out by Red Elk and ‘Weed’.  Click on the images for larger versions.

SkydomeInterior Skydome #1Skydome's FrameSkydome Dirt FloorGravel and TarpGravelling the Skydome FloorSkydome Gravelled FloorThe Stove and Interior