By observing nature, one can get some tremendous Survival Insights.

Knowing a bit about trees and their Roots can help one locate SURFACE WATER.  Willows of ALL species have SHALLOW roots.  If you see these, you are seeing WATER…VERY close to the surface.

Ants build OVER water flow “systems”.  The ants that have the LARGE (“dome”) homes….by CIRCLE WALKING and finding other similar “domes” and “mark them” (to mind or flagging….you’ll “SEE” the water “stream” below.  Then know the waters, “flow”. ALL Shallow water YOU can easily dig to, for YOU.

Squirrels build LEAF NESTS for winter.  “Follow”.  LEAF PILES KEEP YOU WARM.

Birds “Fluff” their feathers to INSULATE.  LAYER YOUR CLOTHING to keep warm.

Flies congregate at particular places on your CEILING.  HEAT RISES…right?  Thus INSULATION IN Landing Spots” THE ATTIC is WELL INSULATED at those Landing Spots.  TRAPPING HEAT from Escaping  KEEPS THE FLIES WARM.   “Look” to THEM to “see” your “weak” insulation areas.

Certain STONES are OLD RIVERBED stones.  Look for these and “follow” an ancient river.  STILL WATER below them, tho now DEEPER.  LOOK FOR A “HOLED” spot…where an ancient river / stream had “drilled” at the base of a WATERFALL.  Water still THERE…deep, but there.

Man is made of Earth…thus “attached” to her yet.  DOWSING WORKS!  Internet HOW TOs galore “out there”.  LEARN.

Look at the DEEP SNOW beasts and fowl.  WELL INSULATED FEET.  Add the DEAD GRASSES / LEAFS to INSULATE EVEN YOUR SOCKS…top AND bottom…as EMERGENCY “Moccasins”) foot wear.  EVEN STUFF YOUR CLOTHING “Ditto”. EVEN WET ONES will dry next to your body… DO get AND KEEP, Warm.

Look TOO at their FEET / Foot Prints….WIDE!  IE : SNOWSHOES!  Ditto the MOOSE…SWAMP AND “MUD / MUCK” SHOES. SPREAD YOUR FEET OUT…Make or Buy snowshoes (if you live in that “type” of area).

Look at the 2 POLES.  All the Ice and Snow.  We are AS the Earth…..KEEP YOUR HEAD COVERED so “ice” doesn’t “collect” and let heat leave your “poles”.  Head AND Feet…INSULATE!

Look at the countries of the EQUATOR.  Too HOT?  USELESS “Foliage” around your middle.

Look to “Mother” and the insects YOUR area has.  CERTAIN COLORS ATTRACT CERTAIN INSECTS.  Certain PLANTS REPEL CERTAIN INSECTS, simply by the ODOR of the Plant.

Dress FOR THE AREA…SMUDGE or CRUSH and Rub On with the plant’s Juices.

The “Sacred Plants” we NA still use to burn / smudge, was, ORIGINALLY….N.A. “BUG OFF”!

BY OBSERVING NATURE you can “get by” where others pay High Electric Bills…or Perish.   re



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