Think I don’t work?  Dome work, then answered 2 snail mails and ONE HUNDRED and TWENTY SEVEN EMAILs AND 3 Needed runs to town.

(OOPS, one HEALING “Work” as well)

To top it all off…STILL  have a Few HOURS before GOING TO BED…..Other Emails DUE!

Oh, Don’t forget the PHONE CALLS!  Them too.

Any wonder I get a bit cranky and am almost always tired?   (  :   re


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2 Responses to “Even Medicine Men Get the Crankies”

  1. Anthony says:

    believe me granpa i have noticed that out of all the enligthened people i have knowned about or heard about none of them go so far out of their way as much as you do ill always keep you in my prayers thanks for your work

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Oh, there are others, believe me. I’m certainly not alone. Look at the time this is being typed….3:48 AM.. I had 27 more Emails and 2 phone calls after I sent that “work” writing. Went and got needed water (neighbor), spent some time with the family. Went to bed at 11:00 PM….prayed a “shorty” and “died”. Up a bit late. 9 Emails waiting (including this). And my day has begun.
    Tell ya, I can use all the prayer backing I can get! ( : re