Teaching You to WALK

Friends, I’m tired.  Worn out, really.  Guess I’m feeling my years.  Want to just sleep sleep sleep.  Catch up on years of pushing myself.

You can see this in the video just put on (below).

I’ve quite recently started ‘delegating’ things others can do (any can).  Tired of being the one all come to.

I’ve spent years telling all how THEY can do these things, themselves.  Hardly any do so, though.  Keep coming back.

Time for me to sorta ‘set aside’….and FORCE you to DO.  I’m no good to YOU by constantly doing what You are quite capable of.  Either “you” start taking my many teachings and learnings seriously, DOing YOURSELF…or do without.

I’m ‘all over the place’…lessons , sharings , you name it.  This blog but only a part.  If you TRULY want to learn…then start learning to do RESEARCH.

I’ve Told and Told….AND TOLD.  Done more then enough (I feel).


My book (WHENEVER) will add yet a bit more.  I intend to put out 2 others as well.  One a children’s book.  Hoping ALL 3 will be out at the same time (?).

More? Possible…on some of my experiences while Doing things.  Ghosts (SHADES, to us) … “Little People), Aliens, etc.  MAYBE!

Hoping the writings will help support us in my / our older years.

I will continue adding here on the Blog….as led, but, in general want YOU to now start to hold your OWN “Baby Bottle”……or starve.

Done all I know how to do, save teach Medicine Knowledge.

Telling / Exampling.

So, be informed….and GOOD LUCK.

GodCreator Bless.   Re

(PS:  I will ALWAYS be here to help….but expect a lot of “ALREADY OUT THERE…RESEARCH!

Teaching you to WALK now! )   re



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