I’m well aware I am sharing with all kinds of people.  Many beliefs.  Many “ways.”

I have no qualm stating I follow Christ.  But I also know many don’t.

We each have our “way”.  Aho?

I have seen, and am still seeing, what the Great Creator showed me in the 3 days ‘Great Vision’.

ALL are,  now.

So, with that in mind, I share ALL with ALL.  Building domes from salvage and natural but a part of this.  ‘Preparing’ means, yet another.

The readers who want to ‘glean’ in the ‘fields of knowledge’ that I share about can be used by one and all.

At least those reading this blog, know where I stand….

YOU ARE OF THE SAME MIND-WOMB that am I.  ONE Relation in that way.  Brothers and sisters to me / all.

I, as He who we 12 follow, love you ALL.

In this, I share.

Use what you deem useful.  BUT…PLEASE, PREPARE!  Our world is NOT getting better.

Things are ‘tough’ world wide.

In HIM, I share.

Good Luck to you ALL!




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