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Hard Time Tips

To ease your ‘path’…is to KNOW HOW to make WILDERNESS LIVING Easier.  Thus :

“By Hook or Crook” was a way folks got high up tree limb deadwood.  Simple: get a long branch, Strip off all BUT THE BIG END with a “hook” branch.  All others taken off.  HOOK the “hook” over the tall branch(es) and PULL Down.  (Watch your head)

To carry out cut firewood : CUT NEARLY THROUGH one “long” log..  Shoulder carry out 3, etc. pieces at a time on  shoulders or Sled.  Break apart at home. STEP on it to break.

To fast dry wood, take a strip of bark off…or more.

Children’s cheap plastic sleds can sure help carry firewood, YEAR ROUND.

If a BIG Log: cut pulling end to a “point”.  Thus won’t “dig in” when pulling out.

BARK makes most of your CREOSOTE.  PEEL and use ONLY AS FIRE STARTER!

If firewood is across a ravine or up a hill….STRETCH A STRONG ROPE ACROSS to your “landing area”.  Cut lengths short.  Pound in U-bend “Fence nails” and SLIDE the wood across on the rope.  ALLOW ROOM to SLIDE down rope.

BE AWARE  these pieces have nails…WATCH OUT when going to landing area to collect.

A large MAGNET can help recoup your nails.

I’ve used a pet cow to pull out logs.  Made a yoke with a partially inflated car inner tube.  TAPE the AIR STEM so as to not harm animal.

Travois on dogs / horses / friendly cow / goats can be made easily.  DON’T OVERLOAD.


In Kindling Splitting….put wood to be spit Upright into center of
an OLD TIRE.  ALL pieces, split, then stand upright and no needless “chasing” and   bending. (Faster, too).

If using a HAND SAW…use KEROSENE to occasionally wet (rag) the blade.  FAR SMOOTHER going.

Hope this is useful for someone…or FUTURE someones.  Aho?   GB    re


Readers : my wife and I are ‘spatting’…..over WATER!   She’s “gone white” on me…I’m a ‘savage’ to her (at the moment).  Buster water pipes….Frozen water source.  “I WANT MY MORNING SHOWER!!!!!”

That and this:  “and YOU want to move up to even WORSE (conditions)!”

Yes, I do.  “WORSE” will look DARN GOOD before to long.  “Savage” will look DARN GOOD soon, too.

We two are VANGUARDS…running AHEAD of the masses.  ALWAYS ‘In Front’.

This is just ‘another case’.  Aho?

Water will be the least of the problems, but one worthy of being told about (family disagreement).


So, 3 against 1 in this house.  Sky (Grandson) ‘half n half’…so maybe more like 2 1/2 against one.  ALL over WATER “WANTS”.

Many (reading) have teens…or a mate who DONT WANT  A  N  Y  HARDSHIPS. Want the ‘sweet SOFT life’.  THIS WILL CREATE HEAVY STRIFE In Your Marriage / Etc.

Will  I   “fold”?  Nope, I intend to get as ready as I can.  ALL here will NEED what I’m striving for…..A PLACE TO LIVE.  That’s IT!!!  An ABODE to keep warm in.


I will continue on the ‘path’ given…and those here will be THANKFUL I DID SO…..LATER!


Will it be YOU?

Well, expect “disagreements”.  DONT “Push”.  Simply grit your teeth and go on GETTING THINGS READY.

You are NOT alone!      re

“Downsizing”?  Yes, but more like STRIPPING!


Mark Boyle, rich guy, went ‘no cash’ and is loving it…and teaching others to do the same.

Mark Boyle’s ‘Moneyless Man’: Why I Live Without Money (VIDEO)

No Money Man: the Thrifty Adventures of Mark Boyle

Live Q&A with Mark Boyle

The Freeconomy Community


Beautiful out.  Going to “broom off” the domes and shovel snow off porch.  14 to maybe 16 inches and still coming down.  “Brooming” is using a broom to push upward from inside.  Did this when in my TiPi.  All snows fall to base and goes up-ward.  INSULATING the whole.  FAR WARMER inside, then.  LOVE IT!

The whites kept their roof nails sticking above the shingles, to CATCH snow.  Today we put out Big Bucks to insulate the daylights in the attic.  Just another way to make someone rich.  Aho?

The common man is so STUPID (in my eyes).

My domes have old blankets over the frame (Sweat Lodge way), with tarp over those.  Snowfall is “broomed” off from INSIDE (push against the inside).  It then slides down and slowly collects all around.  Insulating the ALL.      I LOVE THE STUFF!  (Guess you can call this “Snow Berming”)

Folks, why FIGHT winter?  USE IT and be COMPATABLE with it.  Aho?

Gonna get our snowshoes out and take Sky for a Walk-About.  Get him used to these.

If any are interested, I’ve owned / used a number of styles.  I WON’T USE BUT THE “OJIBWAY” STYLE now.

FANTASTIC “All Around” design.  IVENS SNOWSHOE Co. is where I get ours (3 or 4 pairs).

Decided best to make Tire Rubber “Chaps” instead of full Mukluks.  High enough to strap above the knees.  LESS SWEAT PROBLEMS.  Aho?

Plenty of good SNOW ICE CREAM makings, right outside our door.  (  :

Also got out my Converted Water Ski.  LOVE THIS like you wouldn’t believe!  I took off the skeg and foot “step-in”.  Screwed in good metal “eyes” at top sides.  Drilled a hole at tip (pull rope) AND the BACK.

(Going downhill I walk behind it and hold it back / steer)

I load this with my winter camping gear (AND Fire Wood).  Keeping the load VERY low.  Try to go 10 inches high.  Never above 16 inches.  Use the “eyes” to crisscross rope over the load.


My NA Ancestors did this.  Theirs tho were often 20 ft. long.  Steam Bent the tip.  Glides behind like a breeze.  10 to 15 inch width.  THIN single board.  UNDULATE as you go along….”fitting” the contour of the land.  Aho?

Bought my ski at a ‘cheap shop’.  $5.00.  “Eyes” another $4.00.

Used a Like Ski to make a DOG SLED.  Used an old Lawn Mower Handle.  Ran Cocker Spaniels with our daughter aboard. Gave it to a ‘cheap shop’ after I got malamutes and a freight sled.  THEY SOLD IT IN 4 DAYS!  $25.00 !!!

I’ve taught a number how to make DOG HARNESSES out of old jeans.  Each leg does one dog.  This “doing” from the way the Eskimo in Greenland did, long ago.

Other then having CRAZY coast livers pass by (freeway)…Winter CAN BE FUN!

Why not try it?  GB    re


Life Is an Adventure

You may think me crazy, but I’m kinda excited over the events to date….as WELL as what I’ve seen in our near future (+ !!!).

To me, an adventure.  I’ve spent much of my life Learning.  THAT included TESTING.

LIVING the TODAY’S Time YEARS ago.  Learned THEN to be able to “DO” today…AND HELP ADVISE YOU.

Are we (this family) poor?  Well, if no $$ means ‘poor’….sure are.  But THIS ‘poor’ no WAY as poor as we’ve LIVED.  Shoot!  We are RICH (compared).  REAL RICH!

Learned THEN, and applying NOW, from that.

LOOK AT ALL THIS AS AN ADVENTURE IN LEARNING….and eventually you TOO can be “comfortable”.

You’re only beat when you STOP SEEING IT AS THIS.

Those that DO see it right….will GRIP AND  W  I  N  !   Aho?   re


We ALL here enjoy This “winter treat”.  A number of recipes on internet.

Stay clear of brown or yellow snow tho.  (  :

Never use the FIRST snow.  Too much “stuff” in it.  “Skim” the top when you collect.  Aho?

We mix in different jams for different tastes.  Including CHOCOLATE Mix and even Peanut Butter.

Mize well TEST this… ALL will enjoy!     MERRY XMAS!   re


I LOVE ‘EM!  Especially the older Metal large coffee cans.  I’ve made Great HOBO Stoves with ‘em…..”Bug” Lamps (keep 2 here in the house)….all KINDA things.

The regular smaller cans you get soup / etc. in I’ve made as Eskimo Lamps…Bait holders….even punched holes on the sides to place a candle under (can upside-down) and made ‘cool n’ pretty’ “lamps” (Nice designs lighting up for “moods”).

I’ve cut the sides open as a tiny fire wind break and heat reflector.  GREAT for LITTLE pieces of dead sticks / etc to warm the hands at.

Even stacked for a small upright chimney.  Mud held together with grass “glue-er” in the mud.  SOLID!

Seen ‘em used as HUT Roof SHINGLES.

Made a number of fishing “reels”.

Made a Slingshot “Bow and Arrow” reel.

Used ‘em in earth (open end at surface of dug hole) to catch insects / mice / etc. for bait / FOOD(You get hungry and ANYTHING Looks GOOD)!

Made and SOLD Unique MOUSE TRAPS with ‘em.  So “different” I had no trouble selling at $2.00 each.  Took only a rubber band and can to do.  What? A Penny?

Made and OFTEN USED as Blackberry “getters”….Serrated open end top…nailed on a stick.  “Raking In” the berries instead of Hand Picking  (lots of thorns on ‘em).  Can fill a can in a HURRY!

For fun….AND a FUN XMAS “gift” for your kids, look up TIN CAN USES / Etc. on internet.  Let THEM “do” (OR YOU)….and see what can be done.

Xmas is nearly here.  Money is harder and harder to get “good things” with…..WHAT’S BETTER THEN KNOWLEDGE?!

Make Copies of How To Do things and include as “Stocking Stuffers ” etc.  For guys AND gals….Even ADULTS.

Maybe you can invent NEW uses.  ???

What Good is an Empty Tin Can?   HOURS OF FASCINATION…and LEARNING to ‘DO’ WITHOUT $$$!    MERRY CHRISMAS!


A sister wrote:

Saw the new pics today.  Wonderful.  How in the world did you do that entry way?  What is that?  Can’t quite make it out in the photo?  Boy, is that place looking sharp or what?!!!!!

Good job.  Re, please get some rest though, ok?   Want you around for a while.  love you

That entry EXTENSION are 2 LATTICE “Wind Breaks” any can buy at lumber yards and many bigger “all around” stores (Costco / Bi-Mart / Fred Myers / Etc. I got those at Habitat For Humanity ($4.00 for 2 big ones (those) and 2 smaller ones. 8 ft. long by 5 ft. high.  Just turned on end and bent ‘em over a bit to create a better “gnome” entry.  To the right side (inside) is a large space I call “the mud room.”  Simply a place to leave your boots / etc. there and not mess the floor inside.  There is a larg(ish) opening there, next to the right side of the main doorway.  That allows even more light inside.  Will cover that in clear Shower Curtain plastic.

At the top of both lattices I have a thick branch connecting the two at the top.  (This not well defined in the photo).  Bent at the top outside end.  Looks good and adds an “outdoorsy” (Gnome-Like) look.

I intend to line outside with LARGE stones around the whole dome…then toss dirt berming from those, up.

I’ve now got all I need to complete the inside (I THINK).  Just a matter of doing, now.  Putting on linseed oil on all wooden furniture / etc.  Spray paint the small round galvanized “shower tub”….seat the flagstone tiles and other general small things needed.  Will add 1 shelf to the side and above the kitchen shelf…another at the head of the bed.

In short, VERY close to done INside.  Still to clean up OUTside and start rocking / berming.

I will seed the berm with grass and wild flower seeds as I do this.

This dome is DOUBLE Trenched.  INSIDE along wall and OUTSIDE along wall.

So, as you can tell, still much to do to be what I “see” as totally complete.

The only thing I wish I had is a chimney through the top.  Even with double insulated chimney pipe, it doesn’t stop the excessive heat that passes by.  Melting my pvc pipe and willows that meet up there.  So …. SMOKEY Inside when fire is started AND DYING.  Between…FINE.

Any similar done I will use the frame of an “Apartment Trampoline”.  Setting the pvc and willows at its EDGE.  Leaving plenty of space at the top there.  Double Insulated Chimney will then be a safe option.  Either do THAT or build up the frame like a giant inverted “funnel”.  An African Hut “way”.  Our BIG dome (other property) is on that “line”.  Heat rises…and SMOKE is HEAT…the inverted “funnel” will catch this and guide the smoke out.  Trapped and “guided” to smoke exit opening.

You learn by mistakes.  Always improving on the next being built.  Aho?    re

From one of the brothers who worked:

More work was done on Sky’s dome. This little dome home is really taking shape. The doorway was expanded and now has wind and snow protection. A second tarp was added to make the dome weather tight. There is more work needed to secure the tarp from blowing off but we used sand bags and rocks to hold it down for now. A hole was added to the new tarp so the side window is working.  Some tile work was done on the in side.

SkyDome Adam John Red Elk - 7 Nov 2010

Sky's Side window - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Front Door - 7 Nov 2010

SkyDome Tile Work - 7 Nov 2010

Teaching You to WALK

Friends, I’m tired.  Worn out, really.  Guess I’m feeling my years.  Want to just sleep sleep sleep.  Catch up on years of pushing myself.

You can see this in the video just put on (below).

I’ve quite recently started ‘delegating’ things others can do (any can).  Tired of being the one all come to.

I’ve spent years telling all how THEY can do these things, themselves.  Hardly any do so, though.  Keep coming back.

Time for me to sorta ‘set aside’….and FORCE you to DO.  I’m no good to YOU by constantly doing what You are quite capable of.  Either “you” start taking my many teachings and learnings seriously, DOing YOURSELF…or do without.

I’m ‘all over the place’…lessons , sharings , you name it.  This blog but only a part.  If you TRULY want to learn…then start learning to do RESEARCH.

I’ve Told and Told….AND TOLD.  Done more then enough (I feel).


My book (WHENEVER) will add yet a bit more.  I intend to put out 2 others as well.  One a children’s book.  Hoping ALL 3 will be out at the same time (?).

More? Possible…on some of my experiences while Doing things.  Ghosts (SHADES, to us) … “Little People), Aliens, etc.  MAYBE!

Hoping the writings will help support us in my / our older years.

I will continue adding here on the Blog….as led, but, in general want YOU to now start to hold your OWN “Baby Bottle”……or starve.

Done all I know how to do, save teach Medicine Knowledge.

Telling / Exampling.

So, be informed….and GOOD LUCK.

GodCreator Bless.   Re

(PS:  I will ALWAYS be here to help….but expect a lot of “ALREADY OUT THERE…RESEARCH!

Teaching you to WALK now! )   re