I LOVE ‘EM!  Especially the older Metal large coffee cans.  I’ve made Great HOBO Stoves with ‘em…..”Bug” Lamps (keep 2 here in the house)….all KINDA things.

The regular smaller cans you get soup / etc. in I’ve made as Eskimo Lamps…Bait holders….even punched holes on the sides to place a candle under (can upside-down) and made ‘cool n’ pretty’ “lamps” (Nice designs lighting up for “moods”).

I’ve cut the sides open as a tiny fire wind break and heat reflector.  GREAT for LITTLE pieces of dead sticks / etc to warm the hands at.

Even stacked for a small upright chimney.  Mud held together with grass “glue-er” in the mud.  SOLID!

Seen ‘em used as HUT Roof SHINGLES.

Made a number of fishing “reels”.

Made a Slingshot “Bow and Arrow” reel.

Used ‘em in earth (open end at surface of dug hole) to catch insects / mice / etc. for bait / FOOD(You get hungry and ANYTHING Looks GOOD)!

Made and SOLD Unique MOUSE TRAPS with ‘em.  So “different” I had no trouble selling at $2.00 each.  Took only a rubber band and can to do.  What? A Penny?

Made and OFTEN USED as Blackberry “getters”….Serrated open end top…nailed on a stick.  “Raking In” the berries instead of Hand Picking  (lots of thorns on ‘em).  Can fill a can in a HURRY!

For fun….AND a FUN XMAS “gift” for your kids, look up TIN CAN USES / Etc. on internet.  Let THEM “do” (OR YOU)….and see what can be done.

Xmas is nearly here.  Money is harder and harder to get “good things” with…..WHAT’S BETTER THEN KNOWLEDGE?!

Make Copies of How To Do things and include as “Stocking Stuffers ” etc.  For guys AND gals….Even ADULTS.

Maybe you can invent NEW uses.  ???

What Good is an Empty Tin Can?   HOURS OF FASCINATION…and LEARNING to ‘DO’ WITHOUT $$$!    MERRY CHRISMAS!



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2 Responses to “WHAT GOOD is an EMPTY TIN CAN?”

  1. M says:

    I’ve been a bit worried that I couldn’t trust myself in getting the cans right, so have not deeply looked into it, but I think I might just go ahead and beleive in myself and family to help me with it. have not even had the $$ yet!!
    I also heard that the more dogs play, the smarter and more intuitive they get, so best to let them find their pace naturally?

  2. Whale Sister says: