A sister wrote:

Saw the new pics today.  Wonderful.  How in the world did you do that entry way?  What is that?  Can’t quite make it out in the photo?  Boy, is that place looking sharp or what?!!!!!

Good job.  Re, please get some rest though, ok?   Want you around for a while.  love you

That entry EXTENSION are 2 LATTICE “Wind Breaks” any can buy at lumber yards and many bigger “all around” stores (Costco / Bi-Mart / Fred Myers / Etc. I got those at Habitat For Humanity ($4.00 for 2 big ones (those) and 2 smaller ones. 8 ft. long by 5 ft. high.  Just turned on end and bent ‘em over a bit to create a better “gnome” entry.  To the right side (inside) is a large space I call “the mud room.”  Simply a place to leave your boots / etc. there and not mess the floor inside.  There is a larg(ish) opening there, next to the right side of the main doorway.  That allows even more light inside.  Will cover that in clear Shower Curtain plastic.

At the top of both lattices I have a thick branch connecting the two at the top.  (This not well defined in the photo).  Bent at the top outside end.  Looks good and adds an “outdoorsy” (Gnome-Like) look.

I intend to line outside with LARGE stones around the whole dome…then toss dirt berming from those, up.

I’ve now got all I need to complete the inside (I THINK).  Just a matter of doing, now.  Putting on linseed oil on all wooden furniture / etc.  Spray paint the small round galvanized “shower tub”….seat the flagstone tiles and other general small things needed.  Will add 1 shelf to the side and above the kitchen shelf…another at the head of the bed.

In short, VERY close to done INside.  Still to clean up OUTside and start rocking / berming.

I will seed the berm with grass and wild flower seeds as I do this.

This dome is DOUBLE Trenched.  INSIDE along wall and OUTSIDE along wall.

So, as you can tell, still much to do to be what I “see” as totally complete.

The only thing I wish I had is a chimney through the top.  Even with double insulated chimney pipe, it doesn’t stop the excessive heat that passes by.  Melting my pvc pipe and willows that meet up there.  So …. SMOKEY Inside when fire is started AND DYING.  Between…FINE.

Any similar done I will use the frame of an “Apartment Trampoline”.  Setting the pvc and willows at its EDGE.  Leaving plenty of space at the top there.  Double Insulated Chimney will then be a safe option.  Either do THAT or build up the frame like a giant inverted “funnel”.  An African Hut “way”.  Our BIG dome (other property) is on that “line”.  Heat rises…and SMOKE is HEAT…the inverted “funnel” will catch this and guide the smoke out.  Trapped and “guided” to smoke exit opening.

You learn by mistakes.  Always improving on the next being built.  Aho?    re


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2 Responses to “A Matter of Materials and Doing”

  1. James C says:

    Have you considered looking into getting a ceramic insulating blanket for the double wall chimney? You would just wrap it around the chimney several times for a good thick spacer. It is somewhat expensive (around 150-200 a roll) but would solve the issue of heat melting your ceiling. Maybe you can find someone locally who has a partial roll unused willing to sell cheap.

    A crazy much cheaper idea I have would involve the use of old bricks held in place with a metal band hoop that you can tighten with a screwdriver. The only issue with this solution is the weight. If you can center the pipe right it should support just fine. Would recommend exterior guy wires so wind doesn’t shift the chimney enough to move the center gravity too far over. I imaging this would cost less than 40 bucks if the materials needed were bought new.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Yes, I’ve looked into #1. A number of reasons to not get : cost; will it be available in our future; the “nest” of the upper pvc and willows at the apex of the structure. All negative answers. You need to understand the structure and the reason. I’m building for the poor AND the FUTURE People to see (now) / remember / copy. Survivors.
    Things on building NOW will NOT be easily found “then” as it is….but the BASICS will. Aho?

    #2 would do IF I hadn’t put so many “connections” gathered at the top.

    This is a DESIGN FLAW on my part. The next will have all up-rites / willows meeting at the EDGE of a 3 ft. metal ring (an Apartment Trampoline I’ve salvaged). Giving plenty of heat space around a chimney. The gap between filled with ??? (I’ll figure it out)….guaranteed.

    The structure is too fragile to be walked on tho it takes TREMENDOUS snow weight. That’s because the snows are EVEN in surrounding weight. A person would need a “Cherry Picker” to “do” via a person on top. This an impossibility to Poor or Future people. Even a Scaffold would be.

    Soooo, gotta “live with it” ‘as is’. Building a TINY fire to feed larger wood add-ins as you go. I find this makes little smoke at start. Dying fires smoke a bit more, no matter what. Still, you are BELOW most of the “smoke level”….not choking / tearing up (unless you are quite tall and standing). My ancestors had the same problem in various types of their “homes”….even the TiPi.

    The “run dome” I’m building (our new home when done) is BELL SHAPED. Much like an upside down FUNNEL. An air ditch UNDER the stove. Giving an UPWARD ventilation. Also, the APEX has a “safe” “gathering” at its top.\ Different design. Aho?

    You’ll need to build one of these little ones to comprehend the problems faced. BUILD WITH THE POOR and FUTURE Livers in mind. Aho? Thanks. re