A brother wrote:

Dear Grandfather Redelk,

Thank you for that info-sight on power outages. That happened to us this year in the beggining of summer. My father had two fans that run on batteries. Have candles and food stuffs on hand. We lived in California before moving to Arizona. Actually born there and the earthquakes there prepared us for emergencies. Never knew when a big one would hit.  So power could be down for some time.

Another note to add was looking up on those cookstoves that run on batteries and came across all these native (natural stoves) on this page: http://www.hedon.info/stoveimages You can download a page there where they have alll these cooking stoves from all the world.

Wow never knew all these brothers and sisters are way ahead of us in this natural living cooking wise. We are dumb
downed street shoes dummies thinking we have it made. Boy oh boy. We need real education in our “schools”.

Been having a problem with my left wrist area fell asleep on it and the weight well kinda kinked it or something. Well thought about maybe telling you, but then started to talk to Pops’ . Went to lie down on my bed and just started to do slow breaths and do exercises slowly moving my wrist doing these exercises i’ve never thought about doing. Slowly breathing and moving my wrist. Knowing the Creator was helping me out. My wrist is much better now. But that’s the kinda connection you get when you trust Pops’. I know my wrist was strained and not broken cause I know what a broken bone feels like. So that’s why I did those exercises. Knew it would help. Thank you Creator!

I know what that brother or sister  meant by just talking to him just in morning or at night. I’ve done that, or maybe just going out in the car. Like going shopping talking with big bro Jesus or Pops’. Last time I went I actually started to say ‘ DO i REALLY NEED THAT”. Stopped me from buying things I didn’t need. Still working on that. I do research alot of stuff now. I just don’t buy stuff cause it’s made by so and so. I try to see if the cost of an object is worth the money your paying for. Meaning will it wear out or have a longer use. Because sometimes or alot of times things or objects are made using the cheapest components that break so you have to keep buying the same stuff over and over again. If you buy or make stuff make it the best you can. I think as people we lost that in making stuff. Now it’s just the profits most people want and no honor in what you make to help our brothers and sisters.

Well Grandfather Redelk blessings to you and your family.

STUDIED World Stoves for YEARS!  KNOW ‘EM WELL!  Made a few too.  DITTO NA!  Nothing new to me.  MAY know a small few UNWRITTEN OF!  YOU learn.  I HAVE! ( :
Even Solar(s) of SEVERAL TYPES!   To Whites :  “NEW TECH!” ….to US….ANCIENT Tech..  Aho?  ( :

Cooked a number of times on ancient Eskimo BLUBBER “stoves”….and even SUN Dried FISH  (Wife LOVES this…I don’t care for fish).  Ever split fish and LAY IT IN THE SUN to dry / eat?

I’ve DELIBERATELY reFUSED to learn how to make a fire, with ANY means.  I PREFER No FIRE Cooking, at ALL!  DO cook…when with others and LOVE the ZZSTOVE for this.

Why do I prefer NO fire cooking?  TOTAL STEALTH!  No fire LIGHT…..No smoke SMELL!  Been doing this since before my TEENS!  I’ve been “in training” for a LONG Time…for WHAT’S DUE AHEAD!  Meant to LEARN so CAN help “runners” / Etc.  Aho?

“You” people are SO DANG ARROGANT!   Gonna be REALLY HARD on “you” CAUSE “YOU” RELY ON MAN “TECH”….and DAMN if “You’ll” PAY ATTENTION!

GREAT ON WRIST!  SUPER!   ( :  And AGREE on Commercially Made items…MOST ARE in for ONLY PROFIT.  To Get MORE…send to countries with Starvation live-ers…a DISGUSTING Near SLAVE LABOR group(s).  Then buy from ‘em CHEAP and SELL HIGH!

I have a CHEAP Picnic Table….NICE to see AND DOES ITS JOB…FOR AWHILE!  Now falling apart.  Going to make my OWN…the NA Type.  LOOKS PRIMITIVE (“rustic”) …but LASTS FOR YEARS!  Cost?  ZERO! (unless I BUY, and not MAKE,  the ROPE needed).

Have you ever MADE your own ROPE?  Or, for that matter, your own SHOESTRINGS??? Doesn’t cost a CENT!!!

Yup, “you” have no, to little, concept on living WITHOUT A $$ Bill. SLAVES YOURSELF, and THINKING “its GREAT!”

How “great” is it NOW?  “Owning ” a Home NOW TAKEN AWAY! ???  Looking to make payments on that “Great” New Car?  Etc.  Etc.  ???  ALL Many HAD…NOW LOST or Scrambling to KEEP!  (Most not NEEDED in the first place).

Sad, kid, SAD!

And THAT’S trying to exist in THIS “Life”.   WHAT ABOUT THE “AFTER” (this) LIFE???

I’ve been “sent” to help a bunch of “ding bats”!

Sighhhh……….  Still,      S  O  M  E       PAY ATTENTION!!!…. …PTL!



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