Regarding the message below (about the Medicine Wheels – WS): I’ve had 2 ask to go to these “sites”. “WHERE ARE THEY, re?”


Why? Well maybe those ASKING won’t tell….but WILL tell 1 or more. In time the common “White Invasion” will occur. Once again, if ONE NON-NA KNOWS….In time a few HUNDRED will!

Not ALL will “hold them Sacred” Stones will be removed (“as a souvenir”)….Etc.. DESTRUCTION!

Sorry folks, you Non-NA are like that.

We’ll (NA) keep these places “to Ourselves”. THE NON-NA TOO UNTRUSTWORTHY!

So, “don’t ask…cause I WONT tell!”

(See what “you’ve done to yourselves?”) “YOU” CANT BE TRUSTED!”

Sorry. re


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One Response to “Sorry, Whites Just Talk Too Much”

  1. Whale Sister says:

    Look it up on Internet. Do YOUR homework, brother. Aho? re