This is a comment from reader Al, that Red Elk thought was so important it needed to be answered in a post:

Comment: I think it’s good(bad for us) he’s being called home because to me he seemed so disillusioned and hurting. I also saw him on youtube and could sense his godliness but was a little thrown off because he seemed to dislike christians and I assumed maybe God hadn’t revealed to him that he had a son. Now I can see his dislike was probably towards the religious establishment telling the indigenous their beliefs are nonsense. Are there any books that talk about true African religion/spirituality? I’m currently reading the books you recomended about Indian spirituality /shamanism but have never heard anyone mention any books about Africa. I’m African and most of my life bought into the distorted view that it’s all witchcraft and voodoo. I want to know the truth even if it’s just about one of the Countries like South Africa.

Hello Al… may be interested to know there’s an African/American that’s the Inner Heyoka FOR THE ARABIANS.  Tho I helped in his training, for the life of me I can NOT recall his NAME!  sigh
As for Mutwa….he has One book out (Actually he has many.  Go to this link at Amazon . – WS).  I THINK its called (of) FIRE, WATER, and WIND.  (I have one here, stored, somewhere) “VOODOO”????  Read THIS…you’ll understand MUCH better.  You’ll get a REAL INSIGHT into ALL Black Africans’ beliefs.
We of NA “Medicine” are ALSO labeled under “voodoo”…amongst other name “types.” The very word SHAMAN has ALL under “Witch Doctor”.  (SHAMAN is THE NAME of  of RUSSIAN Med. Men/women).  Seems EVERYTHING NOT “Christian” is Labeled “Shaman” (witch / voodooist / etc) IE : “BAD”.

It’s a matter of PERSONAL “Heart”.

There ARE a few who are NOT in The Inner Heyoka who WOULD BE….and, in a “Godly Sense,” ARE….simply because they will NOT “Do” for SELF / MONEY / PRESTIGE / EGO /  Etc.
“Pure Hearts!”
Not just in N. America, but World Wide (Thank CreatorGOD)!

To a “man”, these “Followers” are RESPECTED and LOVED by MANY….but “labeled” / DESPISED / Etc. by FAR MORE Many.

SO WAS JESUS (“Big Brother”).

If you’re a Bible reader, you will see what the “ESTABLISHED” religion Leaders / followers called HIM!

It is not an Easy “road” to follow GODLINESS.  FAR Harder to be VOCAL and EXAMPLER of it.

MUTWA has been DUPED…and is FIGHTING something he is blinded too.  Still, he DOES occasionally “come out” and bears “fruit.”

I will be sorry to see him go.  A GOOD MAN!  Aho?

I will be as Sorry to see the Dalai Lama go.  HE STILL HAS NOT GOT TO THE “ROOTS” OF HIS DEEP KNOWLEDGE.
Only ONE “Step” to GO.  (Hope he finds it and tells it before leaving…as his NAGUAL’S Many Incarnations will be Totally UNFULFILLED.
That one (the High Lama) will NEVER RETURN.  (Tho you can BET a FAKE ONE will be “lauded” as “he”…”returned”)

THIS Dalai Lama will be DONE at his death.

Brother, there is so MUCH you / all DON’T KNOW!

One thing leads into another when you DO know.  IF.  Aho?


I could teach for DAYS ON END…and simply DEEPLY “Scratch” the SURFACE of the Knowledge I DO know….and I STILL have A LONG WAY TO GO!

I too will die.  But HE NEVER DOES.  All we of G(o)od can do is help make you AWARE.

“Voodoo”?  Or UN-UNDERSTOOD ways?


Before I close here, I will say this:  One does NOT need to be “possessed” or Drugged to DO WHAT WE “12” DO.  So I ask you to be AWARE and STAY AWAY from The VOODOOIST’S “way” of “doing”.

Stay PURE…stay FULLY IN “HIM”…and you’ll NEVER be an UNGodly “doer”.

Aho?   re



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5 Responses to “On Credo Mutwa and Others of the Inner Heyoka”

  1. Al says:

    I will check out that book although I still have to get through some of the others you recommended. I’ve been sidetracked but at one point had my head in 2-3 of them at the same time …got kinda tricky.
    Wish I found you 10- 20 yrs ago and done as you( left all to follow this path which is more my desire)…better late than never though!
    As for possession and drugs I will take your advice. I’m pretty sure possession would be a crappy experience… unless of course it was by the Holy Spirit LOL.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    “Big Brother” / Holy Spirit are the ONLY that is SAFE. NONE Other. re

  3. Zeeth Kyrah says:

    I have asked as well, and spirit/soul are at different levels for most… apparently “revival” would be a good term for what is to happen.

    I gather that the transformation Earth is about to enter (but is not yet undergoing, so not yet the energy that is already transforming us all) will complete his journey in the form we know him now.

    I would say, expect a different Lama, but not necessarily a man.

  4. Whale Sister says:

    WE ARE in the Transition. Actually stated a number of years ago…Slowly….speeding up as we go on.
    Just perhaps 4 years ago the “4 Horsemen” were loosed. ALL in HIS timing and ALL ON time. NOT a pleasing time for mankind. As often told, it CAN be STOPPED…at least for THIS Generation. Might as well get it over with as TOO few seem to give a “rat’s rear.” I won’t stop trying, tho.
    I’m sure another “Lama” will come forth…a “controlled” one. But THIS one (the NOW one)…the long journey ends at his end.
    I don’t know if you’re aware of the NAGUAL each has. It is this ANGLE that “re-incarnates”…not your soul. THIS Lama’s Nagual has been returning in a human for many MANY centuries. IC: reincarnates into another human. But at the end of THIS Lama’s “going”, the nagual will NEVER Incarnate in any more humans. IT’S JOB DONE. “Work” OVER.
    No man…or woman…will be incarnated again…thus a fake one will b put before the Tibetan World…and US. Aho? re

  5. Whale Sister says:

    Don’t forget what happened to the Panchen Lama 15 years ago, just three days after the 5 year old was recognized by the Dalai Lama as the reincarnation – kidnapped by the Chinese government along with his family, and an abbot and his secretary who had helped find him, and NONE OF THEM have been seen alive again. The Chinese government claims they’re alive, but won’t let anyone see them, and has placed the name on their own pick who they’re parading around.

    They’ll do the exact same thing to the Dalai Lama…only few will believe them, and anyone recogized as him (even tho it won’t be him) will be in even deeper exile, so what good would he be able to do? There’s really no point in the nagual coming back at that point.