Credo Mutwa…one of our 12, knows his time is very close.  He’s 90.  Dying.


His charge is all of Black Africa.

We are “leaving” folks. Think we are down to 10 (once he is gone).

NONE will replace us.  Ever.
We are the Last of this PRE-TRADITION Society.

“Tradition” is an Off-Shoot of this Inner Heyoka….LONG before them.  Taught at Big Brother’s feet when He was in The AMERICAS.  (No, I’m not a Mormon…but they are right…He DID “Walk the Americas”)

13 learned at His feet.  One turned “Judas” and started the Traditionalist Way.  Aho?

Ok, learn from us….WHILE YOU CAN!    WE ARE BEING CALLED “HOME”.   re


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6 Responses to “Soon, Will Be Only 10”

  1. Serge.H. says:

    are there any inner heyoka members in canada?


  2. Bryant says:

    I recall watching a few videos of his on Youtube about the reptilians, etc, He sure had a loving vibe. I’ll be praying for him. Take care bro’ & sis’!

  3. Whale Sister says:

    Just me…for ALL of N. America. Some OVERLAP into Mexico and S. America…to Help ONLY. re

  4. Al says:

    I think it’s good(bad for us) he’s being called home because to me he seemed so disillusioned and hurting.
    I also saw him on youtube and could sense his godliness but was a little thrown off because he seemed to dislike christians and I assumed maybe God hadn’t revealed to him that he had a son.
    Now I can see his dislike was probably towards the religious establishment telling the indigenous their beliefs are nonsense.
    Are there any books that talk about true African religion/spirituality? I’m currently reading the books you recomended about Indian spirituality /shamanism but have never heard anyone mention any books about Africa. I’m African and most of my life bought into the distorted view that it’s all witchcraft and voodoo. I want to know the truth even if it’s just about one of the Countries like South Africa.

  5. Al says:

    Sir I also want to apologize for leeching on you and other Holy men. I understand the concept of energy and have had ppl suck me dry and so think I know how it hurts but for some reason yrs have have gone by and I haven’t helped out as much as I should have. I will no longer Leech!