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Well, Adam’s back up from his quest.  Smoke POURING outta his dome smokestack.  He’s sleepy, ‘SHOT’ and VERY  V E R Y   C   O   L   D  !

Did he have a vision?  “No.  I learned nothing, re.”

Told him “Oh yes you DID!  You learned what its like to be  a ‘runner’…..alone, lonely, cold….nothing to do but pray and SURVIVE!.  You also learned you weren’t prepared, Adam.”

“You’re right! re… will be HELL.  I was thinking ‘running’ would be running with others. ….it IS Lonely!”

Came out a day ahead of his intended goal.

(I had told Meachelle “he’ll be out tomorrow (today).”)

Only his determination got him through this far.

A GOOD “vision”.  Just not what he was expecting.

A GOOD “Testing”….and LEARNING Time, for him.

Now, let His experience be a LESSEN TO  Y O U!   Things WONT be EASY!  Are YOU Ready?  Or will you ‘FOLD’

Think about it, friends.

Aho?   re


A brother emailed:

I was asking about how the silver cord/astral projection works versus
‘spirit travel’. I also asked how to get to the inner earth but I
wasn’t sure if you would tell me that or not.

Sorry.  Lost I guess.  DO recall!  That was a HUGE amount of money to / for us.  Will answer here so I KNOW you get, aho?

Astral Travel via Cord is a SELF-Willed travel.  ANYTHING of / in SELF is SELF…NOT “God”.

Spirit Travel is done either unknowingly (you’re asleep and Creator “takes over”) or ON GOD ORDER.  This way is thus PERFECT.  Self is NOT involved.  Aho?

In this last there IS NO CORD.  You are FULLY Invisible to those you see.  NO ONE CAN FOLLOW OR ATTACK YOU.

You’d be amazed at how many CORD doers are “out there”.  SOME WITH VERY EVIL INTENT!

A number of CORD Doers thus actually become POSSESSED by one following your cord or by simply following you as you return.  JUMPING INTO YOU BEFORE YOU FULLY RETURN.
Then, too, an evil doer can (and DO do) “cut” your cord…..YOU are then LOST “In Space”.  NEVER able to return to your fullness.  Literally NOT ALL THERE! Part of you floating around, “lost”….till Day of Judgment (soon – 2,000 years after this coming Earth Flip).

As a Medicine Man occasionally I’m ORDERED to trace a corded evil doer.  I’m SENT to the doer…then follow that one’s cord to its OTHER end…IE: the SPIRIT the doer has sent out.
The doer can NOT see me…as my spirit is in Creator’s Righteousness…but I can easily see them.  Aho?

Once located I sing a special WARRIOR / HUNTER song….this startles the Spirit of the sender and it starts to run…not knowing where the Hunter is at.  I “herd” that spirit…farther and farther from its source….STRETCHING THEIR CORD.  (The cord won’t break on its own).  Once VERY thin, I call for the “crew”.  ANGELS.  2 to 3 will show up AND CUT THE CORD of the evildoer. This has the same effect as you stretching a rubber band or Bungee Cord. LITERALLY Snapping the cut ends into two directions.  One end to the Spirit of the sender….the other to the sender.  “SNAPPING” BOTH and STUNNING Both.
In the “bad” Spirit this allows a stunned state…then the Angel Helpers take it away, PERMANENTLY.

I once asked “where are you taking it?”  The reply :  “We have a place for them.”  (Left it at that)

Now, when cut the SENDER’S End snaps back too.  STUNNING THE PERSON.  He / She wakes up STUNNED, and STAYS STUNNED.  (Part of him / her NO LONGER WITH Him / Her.  They then go through life in a very weakened SPIRITUAL state.  NEVER AGAIN to be “Strong”.  Their “abilities” never able to be again.
At best, a STRONG Sorceror is like a VERY new STUDENT of Wickedness.   A “wiccan” in limited doing.

An apprentice wiccan who can only do the common ways, and very easily handled.  Aho?

ALL “New Age” IS A DIVERSION FROM “L” to get you “High”, but “OFF THE MARK”!

Same too with drugs / etc.

CAN they get their Spirit back?  I suppose so.  Godliness CHANGE might do it…but the WICKEDNESS “Want” would no doubt be a missed “want”.  Chances are they WOULD return to the way they were.  Their former power overriding GODLINESS “change”.   EGO (self) is a hard force to overcome.

“Dad” “KNOWS THE HEART”.  The DEEP DEEP…and thus would NOT allow a Spirit Return UNLESS HE KNOWS YOU WILL NOT RETURN to the former ways.

I know of none who has been given back their Spirit, but still, IS possible. Aho?

As for your Caves Etc. question.  I’ve told you I would NOT give out these places. I meant it.
NO amount of $$ will get that info from me….EVER.

That knowledge IS ATTAINABLE to ALL…all that GET FULLY IN TUNE with “HIM”.

So, if you’re to know…ask HIM.   Aho?

Many of these places can GET YOU KILLED…or CAPTURED.

NOTHING to “play with”….so you’d have to be FULLY in HIM!  Aho?

Again, get THAT information from HIM.  I will NOT TELL.  Aho?

Ok, all herein answered.  Sorry the Snailed answer never arrived.  As told, once sent my mail/orders are completely out of my hands.  BLAME THE P.O. Machines / THIEVES.

GB    re

UFO Power Sources

Many are interested in aliens.  Thought I’d tell of 2 of their ships / power sources.

The lil grays’ ships are their OWN power.  SELF perpetuated.

The other’s (of 3 I’ve seen) power is the wildest I’ve ever seen…like a human brain…..but an ORGANIC “MACHINE”.  This controls this ship via EMOTIONS of the operator.  INTENT run.  Darndest thing.

Yet a 3rd I’ve seen, on an all CRYSTAL ship, the engine is egg shaped.  Big end out the side.  Controls on the small end (inside).  This a “3 manned” “scout” ship.  16 ft. diameter,  a BEAUTIFUL vessel.

I have no idea how it’s powered.

The grays’ ships I’ve seen are all 16 foot circles…controlled by a gray who places its hand in a hand IMPRINT and uses (transfers) directions via thought.



Reader(s)  :   By now you Should have the idea, that, above all, I am a Teacher.  From Spiritual growth to Physical help.

I have been ‘casting off’ people on my Email list to “sink or swim”.  Those who CLAIM “knowing God” but CONSTANTLY ‘return’ to me for their answers.  I’m using love, TOUGH love.  You may be a “sink or swim(mer)”.  ???


Sorry, but you either go to HIM, or stop.  I’ve told before that I am no “holier” then Any.  People MUST learn to stand on their own 2 feet…..or, well, just “fade away”.  You?

If I offend in this, know its for a Go(o)d reason.

Time to GROW UP, friends.

I Love you ALL….but………… Aho?

In HIM…re


Before you go spending money on doctors and pills…..try this:


Turn with head in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Say you sleep with head to the East….Put OPPOSITE.

All man is originated from EARTH MATTER…thus we TOO have “Poles”.  N / E / S / W.

OFTEN, if you are having Sleep Problems, YOU ARE in a NEGATIVE Pole sleeping position.

Give a test….Try VARIOUS “POLES”.  Aho?

Remember too our Earth is slowly shifting deep inside.  If one “pole” works, for AWHILE….it has moved, deep within.  RE-LOCATE YOUR POLE.  Aho?

Have a GOOD Sleep…forget the docs / pills…and EXPENSE.

I wish you well.   GB    re

WS asked, ’cause she has this problem:

What do you suggest for people with arthritic hips, who as a result have one side they cannot sleep on…which also happens to be the side they sleep best on?

Red Elk answered:

Drinking STINGING NETTLE tea and placing the hot HOT leaves on the spot…3 times a day. This and others on this line are in my upcoming book :  Short Stories.    re

(Before anybody asks, you can get it dried in the bulk herb section of any organic grocery or co-op, online, or directly from Starwest Botanicals. – WS)

Memories are all stored in our DNA.  ALL the doings through one’s life, to death.

Creator, too, holds memories.

The difference between we and Him differ tho.

Like a “Story Quilt”, His has blank squares.  THOSE are the squares of His forgiving you your ‘wrongs’.

No recording on His ‘your’ ‘quilt’ ‘ when you’ve been forgiven.  Gone forever on your lifetime.

Sleep like a baby, KNOWING.



One of the most difficult things to get people to see, is the Full Meaning of Scriptural Wording :  “THOUGHTS ARE REAL”.

This is meant for ALL (religions / ways / etc.)  But how many pay it a lick of attention?

“He” has it there FOR A REASON!   Best consider it.

“Dad” made ALL…you and I included, by FIRST  THINKING  on what He wanted to do.


We are PROOF of this.  ALL you SEE / SMELL / HEAR / FEEL / Etc. STEMS FROM THIS.

To help you understand:  when YOU ‘DAYDREAM’ YOU are CREATING SOMETHING VERY REAL.

So, (for instance) you are “thinking” (day dreaming) a bunch of (say) Friends out partying (etc.)….and IF GOD IS TELLING TRUE…THOSE you are DAY-DREAMING….consider YOU  “GOD”!

When you are distracted and CEASE this Day-Dream…..YOU HAVE DESTROYED THOSE IN YOUR “Dream”!    Gone.

This goes for Anything you day-dream.  (Not just ‘friends’).


If you “day-dream”, say, Killing….and Day-Dream you are doing so….in THAT FRAME OF MIND, it is  F  A  C  T !


When you DO “kill” (or ANY UnGodly thoughts) and KNOW the TRUTH of “Thoughts are Real”….and WANT TO remain in “His” ‘Right-Standing’….then APOLOGIZE TO HIM and SEEK FORGIVENESS!

ALL you produce in you mind…Good OR Bad….according to HIM…are FACTS.  Aho?   re


You have  no idea what this recent ‘work’ has done for me.  I’m so INSPIRED Within my Spirit.

Tho hundreds (or more) have  read my many writings…only a “vapor” has been a part of this work.  At least 25.

Tho this seems miniscule…it was 25 (close  ? ) who JOINED.  All ONE.

Didn’t seem to matter WHAT each held in their “way”.  Didn’t matter their color.  Didn’t matter their Country.  IT MATTERS  ONLY  THAT EACH CARED.  REAL “heart”.


I’ve often told WE ARE ALL BRETHREN…(One Relation).  I mean what I tell.

As any reading the COMMENTS of this ‘work’….you’ll see the “FEELINGS” each (who reported) experienced.


I PRAY this brings more to the “fold” on UNITY IN LOVE.  I REALLY DO!

Today their is a HUGE “Movement” to “save the earth”.  Environmentalists who see the need.

FEW don’t understand though….to “save” does NOT mean buying windmills / solar power / etc.

Tho ‘nice’…they GIVE NO THOUGHT at the HARM of these “save” things.  The FACTORIES…the ROADS…the SHIPPING….the RAPE of this Earth to GET THE NEEDED “save” items TO THE “SAVER”.   Killing our environment to SAVE IT !

Folks, its not these “things” that will save our planet….it is YOUR ATTITUDE.  YOU !


Why RUIN Earth to “save” it?  Why not JOIN with HIM, and OTHERS of RIGHT HEART / UNDERSTANDING….and tell / share the UNITY that you have found (or now starting to understand).


To those understanding this….DONT “PUSH”…..EXAMPLE!  THEN you will see OTHERS asking questions.  Seeking YOU.  Asking YOU!

We need not “force” the LOVE Oneness…we need to LIVE IN IT!

THEN, YOU will be the “Light In The DARKNESS” the Good Book tells of.

Big Brother NEVER PUSHED…He EXAMPLED.  He did NOT go out PUSHING what He learned….He SHOWED.

“Follow ME”….I beg you ALL, SEE THIS!  Understand IT!  Then, AS YOU LEARN, SHARE (when ASKED) what you’ve learned TO DATE!

DON’T wait till you “know it ALL”.  YOU / I will NEVER “know it all”.  WHY WASTE YOUR KNOWLEDGE LEARNING ‘til you DOES “Know it All”.  YOU MAY DIE TOMORROW!   What / WHO then can BENEFIT from the things you’ve learned TO DATE!   ???

Learn from me…at least THINK about it.  CHECK me.  DON’T “accept”…CHECK.  CHECK.    CHECK… THEN “follow your HEART”.  Aho?

CreatorGod Bless.  Red Elk



All COMMENTS…”Back and Forth”.

Each can learn from EACH this way.


The CONTROLLERS have been using this Knowledge for CENTURIES…in their SORCERY WAY.

NOW, the “CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!” REAL “weapon” that GO(O)DLY can DO “AS ONE”…JUST as “THEY” HAVE!



(BIG Grin)! re

I was 17 (I think)…very very sick.  Mono.

LOVE THAT VERY Miserable disease.  CLEANS YOU OUT!

High fever or not, I’d just get bored.  Tho my very eyes ACHED, I had to do SOMETHING (to kill the time).  Unable to stand long, or safely, I was bed-bound.  What to DO????

Well,    THINK   was about the only thing I COULD do, when not “passed out” in sleep.

I asked my mother to bring me the daily paper to read.

“The Detroit News”.

There, on the front page was a small article about a certain city college had been awarded a Government Contract on trying to change the English language to a MATH way.  This had been their 3rd “grant”.

I was interested.  Here was something I could ‘work on’ while sick.

So far they had had no successes.  “Why?” I thought.  “Man can do ANYTHING except be God or lucifer”.

So…why NOT?  I “went too work”.  CONTEMPLATION WORKS, Friends.

In less then an hour I had it….(in truth, about a HALF hour).

“Yes…it CAN be done…I JUST DID IT!”  !!!

I’m willing to teach this EXTREMELY SIMPLE Way…Face to Face, if any are interested.  Already have to a number.  One, a Math Teacher working on his MASTERS here in town.  “It CAN’T be done, Red Elk”.

(There’s that “block” again :  “CAN’T”)

Well, he came over to see.  IN LESS THEN 20 MINUTES…Time after Time (testing) HE HAD It “down pat”.


“I’ll tell NO one about how to do this, Red Elk…this is YOURS!  YOU, not ME nor ANY OTHER, should have the right”.

He’s kept his word.

If any “out here” knows any in HIGH AUTHORITY….I’d sure like to hear from them.  Might be able to get it Copyrighted and help us earn some extra money.  A Fair Exchange.

Otherwise, it dies with me.  Useless to anyone.  Aho?

Any interested? TEST ME!

I’ll give you a hint:  it HELPS TO BE LEFT HANDED!  Due to this (I’m Left Handed) we think differently….and, ‘til we learn the Right Handed way (most on earth are right handed), we DO differently as well.

At first (in school) it’s a real BITCH to learn ‘YOUR’ Way.  Take my word for it.   re