Before you go spending money on doctors and pills…..try this:


Turn with head in the OPPOSITE DIRECTION.

Say you sleep with head to the East….Put OPPOSITE.

All man is originated from EARTH MATTER…thus we TOO have “Poles”.  N / E / S / W.

OFTEN, if you are having Sleep Problems, YOU ARE in a NEGATIVE Pole sleeping position.

Give a test….Try VARIOUS “POLES”.  Aho?

Remember too our Earth is slowly shifting deep inside.  If one “pole” works, for AWHILE….it has moved, deep within.  RE-LOCATE YOUR POLE.  Aho?

Have a GOOD Sleep…forget the docs / pills…and EXPENSE.

I wish you well.   GB    re

WS asked, ’cause she has this problem:

What do you suggest for people with arthritic hips, who as a result have one side they cannot sleep on…which also happens to be the side they sleep best on?

Red Elk answered:

Drinking STINGING NETTLE tea and placing the hot HOT leaves on the spot…3 times a day. This and others on this line are in my upcoming book :  Short Stories.    re

(Before anybody asks, you can get it dried in the bulk herb section of any organic grocery or co-op, online, or directly from Starwest Botanicals. – WS)


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