I was 17 (I think)…very very sick.  Mono.

LOVE THAT VERY Miserable disease.  CLEANS YOU OUT!

High fever or not, I’d just get bored.  Tho my very eyes ACHED, I had to do SOMETHING (to kill the time).  Unable to stand long, or safely, I was bed-bound.  What to DO????

Well,    THINK   was about the only thing I COULD do, when not “passed out” in sleep.

I asked my mother to bring me the daily paper to read.

“The Detroit News”.

There, on the front page was a small article about a certain city college had been awarded a Government Contract on trying to change the English language to a MATH way.  This had been their 3rd “grant”.

I was interested.  Here was something I could ‘work on’ while sick.

So far they had had no successes.  “Why?” I thought.  “Man can do ANYTHING except be God or lucifer”.

So…why NOT?  I “went too work”.  CONTEMPLATION WORKS, Friends.

In less then an hour I had it….(in truth, about a HALF hour).

“Yes…it CAN be done…I JUST DID IT!”  !!!

I’m willing to teach this EXTREMELY SIMPLE Way…Face to Face, if any are interested.  Already have to a number.  One, a Math Teacher working on his MASTERS here in town.  “It CAN’T be done, Red Elk”.

(There’s that “block” again :  “CAN’T”)

Well, he came over to see.  IN LESS THEN 20 MINUTES…Time after Time (testing) HE HAD It “down pat”.


“I’ll tell NO one about how to do this, Red Elk…this is YOURS!  YOU, not ME nor ANY OTHER, should have the right”.

He’s kept his word.

If any “out here” knows any in HIGH AUTHORITY….I’d sure like to hear from them.  Might be able to get it Copyrighted and help us earn some extra money.  A Fair Exchange.

Otherwise, it dies with me.  Useless to anyone.  Aho?

Any interested? TEST ME!

I’ll give you a hint:  it HELPS TO BE LEFT HANDED!  Due to this (I’m Left Handed) we think differently….and, ‘til we learn the Right Handed way (most on earth are right handed), we DO differently as well.

At first (in school) it’s a real BITCH to learn ‘YOUR’ Way.  Take my word for it.   re



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2 Responses to “English to Math? (or Whale Sister is too Right-handed to Get It and Make a Better Title! ;) ;))”

  1. Zeeth Kyrah says:

    English to math? Give each root language a letter. Mark tendencies of the root language in a given English word with that letter, denoting the common transform. The rest follows easily.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    Interesting. Not as I learned “to do”, but WHY NOT! ( : re