UFO Power Sources

Many are interested in aliens.  Thought I’d tell of 2 of their ships / power sources.

The lil grays’ ships are their OWN power.  SELF perpetuated.

The other’s (of 3 I’ve seen) power is the wildest I’ve ever seen…like a human brain…..but an ORGANIC “MACHINE”.  This controls this ship via EMOTIONS of the operator.  INTENT run.  Darndest thing.

Yet a 3rd I’ve seen, on an all CRYSTAL ship, the engine is egg shaped.  Big end out the side.  Controls on the small end (inside).  This a “3 manned” “scout” ship.  16 ft. diameter,  a BEAUTIFUL vessel.

I have no idea how it’s powered.

The grays’ ships I’ve seen are all 16 foot circles…controlled by a gray who places its hand in a hand IMPRINT and uses (transfers) directions via thought.




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4 Responses to “UFO Power Sources”

  1. Zeeth Kyrah says:

    Like a funnel which catches water, an air scoop which fills a windsock, or a sail upon the breeze, the design of self-powered vehicles sometimes use currents of energy (both stellar and pure Spirit) which can both fuel and carry travelers.

    Then there are ships which use a bomb-pumped dimensional storage, literally expanding space with the confined explosion and using it like a spring to store energy. As the spacial dimensions relax, the energy of this flex powers up the rest of the system.

  2. Whale Sister says:

    I know several use Earth’s LEY LINES to keep their power up. re

  3. Kemokae says:

    I think I’ve been on an ship..but don’t what kind exactly…I know at one time
    many years ago, I was talking ot an council of men..asking me questions at
    to whymankind does the things he does.
    I had an special class one time when in High School that you had to have an
    test to be put in it…it involved all kinds of none living universal concepts..back
    when even hom computers were in stores to buy. But from that class and what
    I have observed on “Ancient Aleins”…I believe that many of these ships run off
    anti-gravity principals…you all know….what an lightening bolt is….it’s when an
    positive charge seeks an negative charge…you have an loud boom…the light
    before the sound, as it travels faster then does sound. But if you twirl your
    atoms…and throw the negative ones downward….and the posititve one’s upward…..you create in the middle…anti-gravity forces. They will give you the
    “lift” you need.to go airborn., You will need two things…that being an swirling
    motion and some way to gather the atoms and split them up. Hovering over water will always give off energy naturally…as it’s generally always in some kind of movement or motion. Once you split the atoms…opposite forces will pull you
    along…while same atoms may either build up an need to be released…or will
    repel each other. Positive with Negative…will like in Rosewell, cause an ligthening storm/bolt that could bring down the ship unexpectedly. My dad one
    time helped me make an “Mercury” switch for this class in school…and it turned
    on and off by simply tippin the mercury to run inside and tube either upwards
    or downwards. It may be the medium of what to do after separating the atoms.
    I would have to study this much more then thesimple explanation given here,
    but to me thiswas the simpliest way of explaining. I beleive that “crystals” might
    be used in collecting and storing the atoms also. This is the same principle used at Coral Castle in Florida..using an anti-gravity field to move rocks that
    weighted tons. Some of these effects may incorporate vibrational states of
    sound also….though once anti-gravity sets in and air-born,,,you should be floating on “nothing” primarily…it only takes the pull of collecting more atoms
    with movement through the air… to travel. Just some things I’ve noticed possibly concerning UFO’s. I had the”mothership” pay me an visit last summer
    my hubby and I just looked out the widow in pure “awe” it was so huge. I beleve then it was protecting me…by taking away electro-magentic waves bothering
    my heart…..we live in airplane flight path fo an major airport..two of them actually, along with strong wireless Satilitte transmissions from otter space also for electronic devices….I only had one little problem…as it pulled away…it took all the metal bolts out of our rain gutter on the roof…and the next night…the whole 30 foot span fell to the ground..cost us $750 to remedy that problem.

  4. Whale Sister says:

    WS Helping out a bit here…Red Elk’s answer to the above comment from Kemokae:

    no comment. THE AGENDA will be out in about 3 wks. ifo there. r aho? re