All COMMENTS…”Back and Forth”.

Each can learn from EACH this way.


The CONTROLLERS have been using this Knowledge for CENTURIES…in their SORCERY WAY.

NOW, the “CAT IS OUT OF THE BAG!” REAL “weapon” that GO(O)DLY can DO “AS ONE”…JUST as “THEY” HAVE!



(BIG Grin)! re


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7 Responses to “WE CAN WIN!!!”

  1. Anthony says:

    HAHA yes i will do my best once i learn more and practice everything

  2. M says:

    hi Red Elk, hope this finds you well!! Congratulations on your succes, I know Pa is resonating and contracting with happiness.
    I now turn myself Completely to Him, as He is in Me and All. A return to his Way was inevitable, and I am greatful beyond words(Love) to see this clearly, with the same peace and happiness.
    Oh those beautiful Prophets with pure minds, show us how to grow like a reef with a straight back. Teah us how to ride YOUR waves Pa, help us to forget our past mistakes and those that hurt us in the moment, they know nothing of the waves you have provided for them to express your love through. They know not of Love as they have not ridden a perfect wave, nor has any one shared theirs with them. Allow His waves to pass over a pure reef bottom that you have re-designed, and then no sandy, messy shore break can collapse Y(OUR) Perfect barrels, no-one can dampen your experience. Be aware of how we turn where we surf into a turbulent ‘washing machine’, with unexpected waves crashing everywhere, we need clear channels to keep the tides regular, the reef peelng down the line for long, beautiful rides(helps when around other peoples waves, as they refract and bounce beautifully with other perfect waves, and can help in re-patterning messy ones), and enhance your wave shape depending the ‘swell’ that Pa provides on Her ocean, and help the fish and animals below to work smoothly so you can keep adding to your reef with more colours to express His Will.,
    thank you, and good luck to those deserving, may He be with, Yes-Us


  3. Al says:

    I think this is a good idea. If a reader/visitor has learnt, maybe even mastered something and can answer a person’s questions/comments then it would be helpful to all. Another one way of contributing to this blog.

  4. M says:

    how long does ‘he’ have re, or will it happen naturally with Will and sacrifice in the time allowed?

    Good Heavens x

  5. Whale Sister says:

    “He”? Who…Creator or “L”? DAD KNOWS “THE TIME”. Even Jesus didn’t. ??? re

  6. NICK says:

    Does anyone know the facts surrounding “The Bat Creek Stone” from Loudon County, TN