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Talk To Nature

I wish we could meet face to face.  I’d teach you to talk WITH nature.  Thing is, you DO…or rather “they” TRY to (to you).  Try with EVERYONE…but man thinks its his / hers OWN thoughts. Thus man misses out on some FASCINATING things.

The conversations I’ve had…that PROVED them to be TRUE…would blow you away! The last TREE Talk was at Lions Rock…ACRES and ACRES of trees saying “WE WILL BURN”….and, low, all now burned to death in our last big fire.  Yet thin Stretches saying “WE WILL NOT BURN”…and fire went AROUND – PAST THEM!

Want proof?  ADAM WAS WITH ME and AS THEY TOLD, I told HIM!  He can back me. Other (FUTURE) things were told then (by them) too. MASS “RUNNING” via a near IMPOSSIBLE Mountain Pass, by LINES of PEOPLE.  Trying to get into Canada by this UNKNOWN Route. Dead and Dieing (Old / Weak) lining its STEEP path.  People put into a “CEMETERY” area…MILES and MILES BEFORE the pass!  Died while trying to get TO the path. Flee-ers walking from the coast. Exhausted to DEATH, BEFORE the still miles away Mountain Pass.

People from as far away as OREGON…let alone the Seattle area.

TREES KNOW.  Willing to SHARE, but man has forgotten how to HEAR.

Animals have TRIED to converse to man…but have had to give up…so instead the go to BODY LANGUAGE…which man can UNDERSTAND (the Basics of) still. VERY BASIC. In THAT man THINKS they are so smart.  No, but at least they still have that.

Nature conversation is nearly a lost art.

OUR horse gal (across the street here) has me come to talk to her horses. REFUSES TO LEARN herself (“NOT of GOD”) yet calls OFTEN. The last just last weak. A lame horse.  BADLY Swollen hoof / leg. TERRIBLE CONDITION.

When I asked what happened, she (horse ) told me “I stepped on a nail”. Not knowing the WORD “Nail”, she PICTURED it.  A rusty bent nail that punctured the base of her hoof…then came out. BLOOD POISON GOING UP HER LEG…QUICKLY!
I told the gal, “get help QUICKLY, she needs both a Penicillin shot AND a Tetanus shot (explaining).

She called, afraid (later that day) to have me come help her CALM the horse during one shot. Afraid the horse would hurt her, I did. As YOU’D like to know “whats about to occur”, so too do animals. As I was explaining to the horse, the gal, needle in hand, STRONGLY Told me to “SHUT UP”!

I “blew” Up! “WHAT!”? You call me to HELP then tell ME to SHUT UP and NOT do the Job!?

I might as well LEAVE and go into my WARM HOUSE and leave YOU with HER…TO BE KICKED and REAR UP ON!  ALONE!

Well, the gal calmed down, contrite. I then told the horse her / we were trying to help her…but that IT WOULD HURT, for a few moments.  Explained the shot. Had the gal show her the LONG needle and then touch the area the needle would go in.

I told the horse to “PLEASE BE CALM…DON’T KICK or REAR UP. It NEEDS to be done…to HELP YOU!”

I then told the gal, “Massage the area”…she did. Then to the horse, “On THREE hon…One / Two / THREE!”

The gal, so AFRAID just  COULDN’T! “DAMMIT SHARON, She was READY! She was PREPARED….now DO IT!”

(To the horse) I apologized and said “Again”…One…Two…THREE…

This time Sharon slammed the needle deep and straight down into the muscle. THE HORSE ONLY QUIVERED but stayed still.

“Thanks hon, it’s over.” (to the horse).

Sharon told me the vet would give the other shot the next day and “pull out the nail”. I told her, “its not THERE, it came out.  He wont find it!”

Yesterday he came.  Found her hoof “palm” had a busted open abscess. “COULD have been caused by a nail, If so, its no longer in here.”

I will take my metal detector over tomorrow and go over the pen and clear it of nails (less then a Month ago she had a roof section replaced…causing lost nails). Told her too:  Sharon, I don’t EVER want you to interfere with me as I’m working Again! Call and I’ll come…but if so, Y O U…”SHUT UP!”

(I do this for her “in trade”. No money).

Yes you CAN talk WITH “nature”!

So, that’s what man is MISSING. Simply by NOT HEARING what CAN be HEARD. The teaching TOO DANGEROUS to Write or Tape out to sell / give. NEEDING A “DESIGNATED DRIVER” to make it SAFE…so only can / WILL be done on a “Face-To-Face” way.



Election Coverage

Well, election over.  “Dad” has had HIS will.
Doesn’t matter really.  Armageddon on…..FAST now.
“In those day, TIME will be SPEEDED UP”.  
Now I suggest: TIGHTEN UP your holdings. Things will now QUICKLY be taking place.
Good luck.    
Today I’ve witnessed the “end’.  Though I’ve yet not seen the “days of the Red Sun,”, this election shows me its DAWN.

We have chosen….few being aware of this as being a Critical moment in mankind’s near (now NOW) immediate future.  Thus:  TIGHTEN UP! 
Aho?  sigh (and CRY). 


Watching a new series of “Preppers”.  Simply a new batch of fearfull people.  “Christians” included.
Like a number in past shows,  “Bug Out” ready.  I am too…but in a super light way.  You see, I HAVE THE CREATOR’S PROMISES…and FULLY BELIEVE in THIS!
Most have “run to” spots (as do we)….GIVEN spot.  10 acres.  I can only TRUST “Dad” will WARN US to “GO!”.
What type Prepping are they / you prepping for”  Earthquake?  Fire?  Radiation?
Will your “spot” be as ours:  across MANY Bridges?
BRIDGES FALL DOWN!  so…how FAR do you INTEND TO GET (to your “spot”.  EXPECT SOME WON’T BE POSSIBLE.  You’ll only get so far / park / and die right there (always a possibility).  Aho?
What if it’s a “controlled” happening (Government)?  ARE you aware “they” can KILL YOUR ENGINE at THEIR Discretion?
Whatever, to WALK.  No matter what the “event”…
THIS “engine killing” HAS BE KNOWN (and USED) since early WWII!   (NEVER USED cause War = MONEY.  Aho?)
In short, folks….our only SAFE way to survive, is STICKING in “HIM”!
YOU don’t understand…YOU.
We are ALL simply ENERGY.  Literately, a (“His”) DREAMING!
ALL is of the SAME Energy. 
YOU call your body…and all around you:  REALITY.   This its ‘firm’ in your mind.  In mine though….I see Gods’ WORD….We / EVERYTHING, is simple “His” THOUGHT (dream) ENERGY.
Learn THAT to FULL KNOWING..and you need NEVER Fear.
Good Luck.   In “Him”….

The Least Shall Be First

The least shall be First…

Ever think on that?  

Should….as we of Earth are FULL of “least”.

They cook your McDonald’s meals / Clean your work spaces / Dig our graves / Sweat in the fields so we can eat, etc.
The “least”.  Janitors at  our schools / Sewer workers / the Housewife…….and on and on.
“The least”.
People, just like the rest of us.  Eeking out a living, for Pennies…so WE can “Live a ‘Better Life”.
The “hidden ones”.  Unseen.
So, you think YOU are “SOMETHING’?
SHAME on US who do.
Perhaps you have no change to Tip.  AT LEAST GIVE THEM A ‘THANK YOU’ SMILE!
Help make them feel WORTHY.

For they ARE!                     



Ordered  the Clothes Washer PLUNGER last night.  Should arrive by the 11th of Oct…Then, if more donations come in, I’ll get a Galvanized PAIL Sized Wash Board.  Should be “set” then.  Intend too to get 1 larger fiberglass “pails” at BiMart store in town.  That should complete our cloths washing needs.
We can string clothesline at opposite trees.  Aussy Dave has a SUPER Big ROUND Wash Hanger, NICE, and MIGHT invest in the same eventually.
My Grandmother taught my sister and myself how to dry clothes / etc. during winter freezes.  Hang them on the line…let them freeze…beat the ice off…freeze again…beat again.  Thick things need 3 beatings.  Then drape on things indoors to finish drying.
The place looked like a tornado had hit….not a lot of room to set (4 peoples things) but the house smelled GREAT (finale ‘STEAM’ injected the homes air).  Smelled so CLEAN inside.
SUNSHINE does something no machine dryer can EVER do.  A pure blessing from God to wear or sleep (sheets) to have to use.
There’s  a HAND WRINGER one can put on a bucket.  Another to place on the outside of an RV.  My wife wants one.
I was taught (grandma again) to be SURE to FOLD Buttons / etc. UNDER a shirt (etc.) them before placing through a wringer….OR FACE BROKEN AND MISSING BUTTONS.
These hand powered wringers sure beat hand WRUNG doing.
Creating less drying time.
IF no wringer…we’ve SPANISH WINCH doing (for heavy cloth (jeans / etc.) and sheets, etc..
To do this you hook one end to a stationary post / tree….tIe a stick to the other….anD TWIST the stick.  “Wringing” out the water.
Its a slow process but effective.  Good for heavy blankets / sleeping bags / etc..
With the Hand Plunger…..FAR LESS WATER IS NEEDED.  A Plus in the water shortage we will (and in some places now) times.
Though few will do so….LOIN CLOTHS for At Home wear is a great clothing choice.  EASY to wash….COMFORTABLE to wear.
Women can drape a flat piece over their breast, tie around the neck and in back.
MANY Native American used these as daily wear.  TARZAN TOO!  ( :
If you have a piece of “woodsy” land…consider this.  Leave “regular” cloths for In-Town use.  At the same time, this allows very simple / easy / fast, washing.  A great TIME Saver.
I’m fully aware on River and Rock beating washing.  Works, but hard on you.  Still………..
If a 2 bucket (Wash / Rise)  is used:  Wash in one…then rinse in the other.  If possible save the WASH water (if using biodegradable soaps) to water your garden with….the RINSING water then poured into the (now empty) Washing one.  Use that to wash your next load.  Water saving.  Aho?
My mother did once a week washing when I was a child.  Doing so for 5 kids / self and father.  A hard task.  Heated water via an open pit fire (not NEEDED…COLD water does as well) to wash…an oval galvanized container, Wash Board.  A LOT of sweat n Hard work.  Yes, I remember………………..
Early White American gals had a bucket placed on the back of their ROCKING Chairs.  They’d set / Rock/ and HAND SPIN at the same time.  The rocking motion washing the small cloths within the bucket.
Even dirty cloths in soapy buckets in tour car works (we’ve often done so) works as you drive about, works.  UTILIZE!  Aho?
Friends, we are entering into some really rough times.  Might as well at least be aware of the SIMPLE (but Hard) ways now…for THEN.
and DON’T FORGET OUR GODCREATOR in all this coming harshness.
We CAN “make it”.  Aho?
Yes, I’m still ‘about’, still trying to help.  I HAVEN’T GIVEN UP ON YOU.  Aho?  HO!
Your brother, in HIM…..
Red Elk
A friend uses a FAR CHEAPER way to squeeze water from washed cloths:  a MOP BUCKET MOP SQUEEZER!





I now have three Contemplating Suicide. God Believers too.

I’m so glad I have spent a number of years with we in EXTREME Poverty. Due to His Wisdom, I can identify with these…and hopefully, help.

Yes, I’m still “on the edge”. Bills and needs like all…still, this is RICH compared to what we’ve had. By Far.

Life is like a Carnival…lots of thrills, Semi-danger, Fears, “Ups and Downs”. A real RIDE! And all, for FREE! ( :


Look at life like that.

Sure, some rides scare the bejeevers out of you. Maybe wish you hadn’t jumped on. SCARY!

But you WALK AWAY.

I’ve a few who are in worse Physical problems than I. More money problems than I.

Many I guess are in deep trouble. Homes gone. No TRANSPORTATION to go ANYWHERE. One like that can BARLEY WALK.

Lost their “grip” and these three wanting “out of it”.

This is WORLD WIDE. Not just in the USA.

You think YOU’VE got it rough? Want to trade with some of the others E Mailing me?

LIFE is an ADVENTURE! Raise your hands and “scream to Heaven” as the roller coaster take the ‘nosedives’.

YOU might not have Liked it…but you now KNOW you could DO IT AGAIN! “DAD” HAS SHOWN YOU: “YOU can MAKE IT!”

These are Life SHARING lessons. So YOU can help OTHERS!

“Hang in there” kids. TRUST HIM. He wont give you a ‘ride’ YOU CANT MANAGE. NEVER!

Only you must “go” on TRUSTING HE HAS ARRANGED THIS…just for YOU!

Now, are you going to ‘raise your hands’? Or NOT BELIEVETRUST (one word).

At the end of the ride…HELP OTHERS UP and to WALK in The SON!

Don’t give up friends. LEARN! And (after) ENJOY THE MEMORIES of a “Ride of a Lifetime”.

It’s for YOU!




I’ve searched and searched. Can’t locate ANY who really goes CAMPING at my age. Seems old “campers” go to campgrounds…in RVs….Trailers.
What are we AFRAID of?

I’ve gone to are local Center for the Elderly. People younger then me siting around “remembering”, but why just REMEMBER?
WHY not ‘tent’ in the backyard and listen to the crickets again?


A small group of 3 to 5, all ‘like minded’ and aware of each others limits, and keeping pace with the worse, can STILL have fun.
Least that’s MY thoughts.

I’ve looked to the internet…to a few churches….local and nearby. ZILCH!

Shoot, we’re OLD…not DEAD!




Science and High Tech IS “New Age” based, friends.

Filled with Just ENOUGH Truth and Usefulness to be accepted as ALL True.

Once the vast majority are receptive….THEY ARE “CAPTURED”! I.E., “controllable”.

“ENSLAVED” to SERVE the controllers.

They “play” you like a Flute!

Using you to pay Taxes / Etc., so THEY can PARTY…at YOUR Expense.

In this they lead you AWAY from GOD…convincing you that YOU a GOD(s). Stealing your very SOULS essence.


THEY say “Look, you ARE GODS…See? Buy a PLANE ticket…Get the ELECTRONICS to Harness the sun / wind / water. SEE WHAT WE OFFER YOU? We offer you GODPOWER!” “Follow US!”.

And you FALL FOR IT.

This all started in the Churches. Turning mankind into UNGOD-LIKE “GODS”. and enslaving YOU into THEIR “Zombie SERVANTS”.

Yes, they Party” at Your expense.

Its like this: “Feed them enough BS and in time they will think it’s ICE CREAM!”.

Savoring every bite.



Red Elk asked me to add something from an email he shared with WS:

We’ve been programmed into it from the time we’re tiny children, not unlike domestic animals. My generation was the first raised with TV tho NOT with computers which came along later, but we also still went outside…but succeeding generations have been more and more ensnared. Outside of the few who have chosen to learn things outside of the tech, many don’t think they can survive without it. Even when God keeps reminding them they can by taking it away.

OK, I’ve been sharing WEAR Run Kits.  WHY?
To SHOW others WHO ARE AS YET WELL ENTRENCHED in Connecting / Knowledge / Trusting.  MOST LACK THIS GREATLY.
To TELL, to SHOW…is to give each TIME ( I Hope) to do WITHOUT.  My “One more Day” thing.
Now , START LEARNING TO “GO” WithOUT ANY kit.!     That and That ALONE will see you through!      

Ok, finally getting Emails again.  LOTS.  Trying to catch up.
Notice one on “battling” (the “bad” guys).

Over the years I’ve heard several on this line.


Those who “BATTLE” are FEARFUL…thinking “Maybe”.  THAT’S NOT A TRUE GOD WARROR!

I DON’T “go in” ALONE!  And KNOW IT!  I mean I     K  N  O  W !!!     it   Aho?

No matter the number or the shape…THEY COME AT ME with FEAR in THEM!

I’ve NEVER had to “turn tail”….but They,  ALL OF THEM,  do!


‘Til YOU can do “battle” with HIS LOVE IN YOU and HE IN YOU….when it’s Already a “GIVEN”…THEY LOSE BEFORE THEY EVEN COME AT YOU!

Until you LEARN this…YOU ARE IN TROUBLE!   Aho?

(I’m aware I’m sounding “cocky”.  Trying to explain, and TRUTHFULLY, WOULD sound so.  No, not cocky, just FIRM in KNOWING!  You MUST “go” in ABSOLUTE   AGAPE  L O V E ! WithOUT WAVERING!)   Aho?  Re