Inner Heyoka

Seeking Dad’s permission to visit with His (now deceased) Inner Heyoka  Medicine Members.  See if they can advise me on health issues and future Spiritual doings.
I am not allowed to “call up the dead”….both I – Heyoka AND Scriptural “no nos”….but to VISIT the past and converse in THEIR time isn’t that. Done a lot of that.
IF so, I’ll return in the Traditional way :  Sweat Lodge / drum / pipe and sacred plants.
Will need to build the Sweat Lodge.  Unable to in this physical condition.  Will need help.  That is IF I’m told to “go in” in the old way.
I’ve  “drifted” the last 3 + years into the White “World”.  Religion.  Striking out, HARD, on “God Believers” commitment.  TRYING to make them Think.  Few have, by the looks of it.  Most still clinging to modern mans “technology” over the simplicity of One-on-One, with He who they CLAIM they are committed to. (Don’t get me wrong.. Modern technology has its good”).
Anyway…I’m done with this, basically, now. 
Back to “home”. 
We’ll see.


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One Response to “Inner Heyoka”

  1. Kemokae says:

    I didn’t have to go to an sweat lodge…the elders came to me through an channeler on tv when I was sickly, contemplating going to the hospital that night…and the lady told what they communicated to her, from this local TV morning show that had an host on it… an name connected to our family back in the past…that this was from the elders and they were happy at what I was doing and that they were offering me some healing….that this was for someone watching and they would know who they were when it started..she started some
    kind of chatting then..when she did..I went out of body…literally…looked to one
    side and there was “jesus” holding the hands of an clock for them and me…I
    can’t really recall what theydid..but tryingtocome back, I was fighting to breathe
    and through an glass through our front picture window struggling. Insurance
    later replaced it. Ikind of slightly “passed out” I thnk, and when my hubby came
    home an woke me…it was all gone..completely..the sickness. Which normally
    woulof taken me two weeks and lots of anti-botics generally. That show was taped and is probably in ther archives at the TV station if anyone would like to
    make out the chant. At the time, I was doing my Native American Studies on my
    own…and of course th book chapter I wrote last year is the best of the stuff I
    think to keep and prserved in the world. I have spent some 20 years listening to
    the problems on both sides, trying to resolve them for you to do so for yourselves when the opportunity arises. I considered my father an “Shaman”
    of his own. It’s not about putting others down, it’s about the time to repair and
    move onward…using any talents that are worthy. Creator’s people are one..not separate…they are what keeps the world going by thier wisdom teachings and
    doings. They seek mercy and grace for all. The result is an individual “within”
    contentment..not strife. Make sure this is the path you seek…and go it your own way…go i with others together also. Even now I can “envision” their singing and happiness… just talking about this.