April 23, 2015 – Red Elk Shares

At the moment I am in rough shape. Know this though, I am improving guaranteed. I am doing exactly what I tell others to do. Telling myself I am healed, I healed, I am healed. Note: I say “I am healed” not I will be. And it is starting to become truth in my thoughts. Just last week, a dear friend of ours was rushed to the hospital. She did not know it, but she was right at deaths door. I took time off from me and switched my prayers to her. She went home the very next day.  They are watching her carefully, but was surprised she was able to get out of bed let alone go home. I believe totally that she would get over the problem. It was close, believe me. So when I say believe, I mean it totally. Tonight, I am going into her husbands things that run into the heart. He has a problem now. I will see what I can do or advice. Whatever, he should be ok soon too. Remember, believe, believe, believe. Any connotation of doubt negates the healing, etc. Good luck and pray to God Bless.


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3 Responses to “April 23, 2015 – Red Elk Shares”

  1. Frances says:

    Great to hear from you, RE 🙂 I have a friend battling cancer. He had a recent set back, but on the mend now. I never doubted he would recover. Important to focus on the results you want, not the things you want to avoid. DAD’s promises are there, but you can reject them saying things like, I’ll never get better. Then who is to blame for lack of success?

    We see a season of passing on now. Strange sudden illness taking away relatively young people. Covered up with the latest tempest in a teapot news. Massive immigration just a ploy to keep the economy rolling along. At some point, people will see the emperor has no clothes.


  2. Terje Reite says:

    May God bless you, and heal your body!

    With love, Terje Reite, Norway.

  3. nick says:

    hello Red Elk, i am pairing my prayers to DADDY “Abba” for your health and vitality. praise His Name. other than !one! teacher of The Holy Scripture and myself, you are the first person i have heard certain truths from. i would check three times but i have long ago and it is so refreshing to hear another know and speak The Truth of The Scripture. you have been a blessing to me, and i pray others can hear you speak on The Divine Plan, right now i am not aware of any in the”clergy” that has this wisdom to teach (other than the son of the afore mentioned teacher, you may know who). whenever i can i will keep you in prayer and will help you in anyway i can. God bless you and your family. NICK