Agape Love

To all:
I’ve “brow beaten” enough against religions….Christian and All.
If you haven’t been “jarred” into looking into yourself by now, I suspect you never will.
As ‘Big Brother’ slammed the pharisees and sadducees of His days, I have done the same.  ‘Following’.  Aho?
Speaking Truth has never been a popular commodity.  Living it simply adds to truths ‘fire’ . People just don’t Like seeing their inner / hidden being.
Yet there ARE some its helped. It is these who will strive to Follow.  The “elite few” that REALLY Love
I ‘m done with shouting and striking out.  Now it’s totally in YOUR HANDS,
Good luck to you.
To us ALL.

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#1 Posted by MariseNo Gravatar (13.03.13 at 06:56 )

Thank you Red Elk, you are an inspiration and a great teacher. Blessings to you and your family.

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