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Back from Prayer Time.  Sleepy and soon back to bed.  A Good Prayer Time.  Looking at my pathway.  So Unusual…Medicine man to more a teacher of our Creator, now.  Couldn’t have the last without the first. The “mixing” that NA and Bible have.  The anger of my NA Brethren towards the outside world…and the why of it.  The arrogance of the non-NA towards our (NA) “way”….and, too, the why of THAT.
The two so in One-Common “way” and yet so distantly apart.  “Seeing” with carnal eyes only. Thus, “blind.”  Each to the other.  No difference.  NA or White…Chinese or Arab, etc.  Long, Long centuries of cultural upbringing preventing all.  Cultures MUST be side-stepped, if we are ALL to have peace.
It was, once….long ago.  Then the earth flip that caused the great land separation.  The one told of that we know as “The Tower Of Babel.”  It was there our languages become different one from another…and man fled man.  Separating to “Like-Speakers” and the earth trembled and rolled and was torn from one continent to a number.  Taking “Like-Speakers” apart from their common One Continent place of unity. In time, taking, too, our Me-Talk-We-o-Oshin.  WAS WE-talk-WE-LISTEN.  One united language to “One Relation.”  NO Difference in One-RELATION…IF people would understand it.
Instead they Hear different tongues. See different colors…and forget.   sigh
But it doesn’t change the fact that we all ARE from a land of long ago, when we were TRULY One.

Will it once again be as it once was?  Yes, but I’m “afraid” only ANOTHER Great CATASTROPHE will be needed to do so:  Another WORLD “Mover”…and THAT day will be during or very VERY shortly after what we refer to as ARMAGEDDON. 5th “roll.”

Sigh?  No, it is good.  Aho?    re


Over time I have had many Emails from folks who inform me of “dangers” our/other Governments “put out.”  I KNOW some ARE true…but suspect many are Not.  Is this “Fear Giving” from the dark one?

I tell only what I KNOW.  In this I’ve tried my best to share with you to be wise…”Prepare.”  I see what our future holds, and Death is always at the fore.

I have shared that what WE do, to see it as Doing for our Future Generations.  Not for You, so much as for THEM.

ARE we to “spread fear?”  No.  WE are to spread PEACE.  Compassion. CARING.

One can not walk through this Darkness CRINGING.  But with our heads held HIGH….and our Fears abated due to our Relationship with “He” who has always existed.  Our FATHER.

DO you have that FULL BELIEF?  Emails from many seem to show otherwise, mostly.

Consider what I’m writing.  Think HARD on it.

Can you accept “death” WHILE STILL ALIVE?  Are you THAT WILLING?

OUR Big Brother wasn’t so happy that he’d “skip down the road” to the hill called Golgotha.  He knew the horror of the “way” of “passing” and would have preferred another “way.”  Yet, with His blood seeping through every pore…He went on, WILLINGLY, with these words on His lips:  “Never the less Father, YOUR Will be done.”
Now we, Too, must consider OUR “passing.”  Will it be sudden and unexpected?  Or one we’ve been FED Fear of?

To those who TRULY “Believe”…this, tho difficult…SHOWS, TO THOSE AROUND US and THOSE OF OUR FUTURE.

It may be OUR turn now to “Face The Lions,” as did our TRUE BELIEVER Brethren of the Original and TRUE Church.


Think…and do your best TO do so.  Aho?

“Fear NOT, for I am WITH YOU.”

Aho?    re


God’s :
In this: GROWTH and JOY
Fearing NOT

Striving to be a PRIDE to “Him” by WANTING TOO

Man’s :
“Guidance” “TELLING”

Complacency by “Obeying” the “rules”…pleasing the “Leaders”




I want you to have a deep insight into giving.  Hopefully one that will help any reading to know what it does to YOU!

No, I am not seeking Giving to ME…but to share what it does to YOU.

Tithes and Love Gifts were “given” by our Creator to get YOU into the HEALING “Art” of GOOD HABIT.  Now perhaps you will understand Fully “Why.”  Aho?

When one gives, you are giving not to OTHERS, but to YOURSELF.  The HOLOGRAMS that ARE YOU.  So, you are simply giving to YOURSELF actually.

SEE IT AS THAT and it becomes Easier “TO part.”

This GIVING isn’t $$ (only).  Perhaps you HAVE no money….So GIVE of your TIME…or KNOWLEDGE…or PRAYER…or WHATEVER you DO have.  Money is just ONE thing.  Aho?

Even if it’s YOU who are in a hospital…when Visitors come…nurses or friends…you can give a SMILE at least.  UPLIFTING THEM!

This in turn UPLIFTS   Y  O  U !

Can’t “get about?”  Got a phone?  A PC?  CALL or Email someone and GIVE LOVE!  “CHEER.”

This is SO Uplifting to the OTHER “You” that YOU begin feeling good!!  AND these “Others,” who themSELVES are “The Only ONE,” LEARNS TO DO LIKEWISE.



Jesus did,  AND LIVES now.   Aho?

GB     re


Would be nice if all here who are on the same FREE Path, were all together.  No ONE as Boss.  All meeting “as one” to SHARE Thoughts, SHARE Experiences, SHARE Help…as WELL as Prayer Requests, Praise, Etc.  The ORIGINAL “Way” of the Newly emerging CHURCH.  Free to LEARN from each other.

Not “religion(s)”, not “I’m Right, You’re Wrong”…not Name Calling or NAMES of The ONE CREATOR being “THE name”…but FREEDOM and LOVE.

Someday this will be.  SOMEDAY.  Maybe not Us, but SOMEDAY………………………

sigh   re


Good Morning.  Want you to know that tho I’d get shots, I would NOT do so without a fight. I’d avoid these “orders” TOTALLY if at all possible.  Not AFRAID of ’em but PO’ed the Gov wants to run my/our lives!  I just Live here…to me I have “diplomatic immunity,” as I gave up my earth county for God’s Land long ago.  Adopted into that land, too.  Legal, as far as I’m concerned.
I don’t vote here, I pay their taxes,  but NOT OF ANY Man-Controlled country on Earth.  (I’d vote if MY Country’s Head were on the ballot, but “He” NEVER  is!)

(Hummm, wonder if one could fight ’em under this thing)………………..

To me, I’m an Emissary to Earth and a Diplomat to the USA.   AND I’M SERIOUS ABOUT THIS!

VERY serious.    GB    re


(Note from WS in 2016 – the link is OLD information.  We all know now how things are working, but I thought RE’s answer was important to restore to the blog.)

A brother sent:
Articles like this one make me think that it might be time for me to rapidly come up with a master plan for leaving the country:

Red Elk answered:
Read it…but is this actually TRUE?  Or is it “antsy” folks putting out Fear/Hate tactics?  We WON’T KNOW FOR SURE ’til it “IS.”
I’ve foreseen LONG ago things like this, yet must “wait and see.”
It IS inevitable tho.  Eventually.  ALL added into the time of the Anti-Christ “savior.”

Brother, I’ll take ANY shots “required” BECAUSE I KNOW HOW TO MAKE THEM USELESS WITHIN MY BODY.  I DO, BUT HOW MANY others do?

Remember Scriptures telling His Believers (TRUE ones, not the Half A– ones) can take POISON and NOT BE AFFECTED BY THEM?

Well, you either accept HIM (Word) on this Or…………………..

There are ACTUAL Known CHRISTIANS who have PROVEN this to be a Fact!  I myself being one.  Ciggs!  DRINKING POOPY WATER!   Guess its TIME to SHOW…or prove to yourself your UNBELIEF.  One thing for SURE, We TRUE Ones FULLY BELIEVE what is SAID.  No “if, whens,  or buts”….

WE WILL BE HEAVILY TESTED as That “day” approaches.  HEAVY!

Time to Clean Up our “ACTS.”  And MOST   A R E   “ACTS.”   Aho?   GB   re


A number of you do this, at least to an extent. “Seeing” our relationship with all around us.  Not just Humans, but All.
I’m happy to say ONE is as “deep” as me.  RARE for ANY, even to my “kind.”

Scripures tell we are “made of the earth.”  We and NATURE are VERY Similar.  Just different “skins,” basically.

Let’s look at Us verses our Earth planet:

“Mother” Sweats (evaporation) as too do we.

“Mother” shudders and shakes.  Shows she’s Cold or Ill.  As do we.

“She” Vomits (volcanoes).  As we.

“She” gets sunburned (deserts), just as we do.

Basks in the sun (tropical islands).  As we.

She too Walks and “dances”….Rotation around the sun and spinning.  As we.

“Her” skin is as ours…Lumps and Bumps, Wet and dry…Growths…and too, Bug Bit.

“She” has an INNER “Fire”…we have that too, our “Spirit” and “Zest of Life.”

One thing only makes us different.  SHE OBEYS THE GREAT CREATOR…ALWAYS!  We, on the other hand, DON’T!




A Brother Said:
            RE  I think your wrong here Brother, Paul was a defender of his FREEDOM in Christ he was not a Judaizer. Read Galatians he warns explicitly against what you are accusing him of. O Foolish Galatians who has bewitched you that you should turn from grace to the law! If anyone was a LAW man and old ways it would be JAMES not Paul. James live right in Jerusalem for years and he passed as a Jew not
Christian, he went to the temple, followed the traditions ect. It was Paul who went to the Gentiles and preached Christ but no Law, Freedom was his quest GRACE was his companion.
               If you can show me otherwise I will check it out but as it stands now I think you got it wrong…CK CK CK….GOD bless JB

Red Elk replied:
( :   I expect this from many.  Doesn’t matter.  Of COURSE he WAS freed from Judaism BUT IT APPEARS HE STARTED MAKING RULES…bringing in Today’s CONFUSION.  Please Re-read and you’ll see how he slowly SLIPPED BACK to SOME of the “Rules” the Pharisees and Sadducees had.  Not A LOT but TOO MUCH to suit FREEDOM.
I am not the only who sees this, some PASTORS I now know do as well. The only difference between me and these is I TELL IT OPENLY.
Believe me, this was no “overnight” change…it was CHECKed for ALMOST 2 1/2 YEARS!
To go against the Accepted “norm” is a very ‘dangerous’ thing.  As I read and compared from his FIRST change to his Semi-Returning change, I Too was “uneasy”.  REALLY “going against the grain.”
Yes, I expect(ed) “views” just as yours.  CHECK and LOOK Again.  Nothing wrong with disagreement…but I Will stand FIRM in this.  Good luck .   LOVE YOU ANYWAY, BROTHER!  GB   re

    RE thanks I will check again. This I do know, in ACTS he got arrested before he made a sacrifice in the Temple and this was after he had shaved his head. It seems to me he was trying to appease the Judaizers in Jerusalem but a riot started and he got arrested. I know he wasnt perfect thats a given, he parted ways with Barnabas after a big fight over John Mark but his letters are constantly reprimanding believers who keep going back to the Law or not marrying or not eating meat ect. also Paul said that it was fine to eat anything even food pagans sacrificed to idols…
       If you can give me an example where he set up rules or constrictions. Like I said it was JAMES and in his letter that lays down a lot of rules and OT stuff. So I will CK but if you have good examples let me know….hey I dont have a dog in this race TRUTH is my game so if I can learn and be Freer I am game…thanks and you know I LOVE you too! JB

If THAT doesn’t “show you” then no use trying.
PAUL WAS A TRUE CHRISTIAN.  Still, in time he SLIPPED (“dipped”) BACK INTO HIS “Old Ways”…but ONLY Dipped!
God is “NOT  GOD of CONFUSION.”  And Paul’s “telling” BROUGHT IT BACK!  Just a BIT, but ENOUGH TO “Hurt” and “CRIPPLE” MILLIONS over the years.
The “RULES” Paul “set down” makes You “IF YOU ‘GO’ TO ANOTHER” then YOU are RESPONSIBLE for what your FORMER MATE DOES.  ANY “outside of the marriage (divorced or what-ever)” makes YOU a “SINNER” for what the FORMER MATE now does.


Again, this was hard for even ME to accept.  VERY HARD!

MUCH Prayer over MANY MANY MONTHS went into the views I now tell.  I WILL STICK BY IT!

<Name withheld>, you are not alone in your thinking.  Either way, WE ARE BOTH HEADING “HOME” IN THE “End.”  We BOTH will face Him AND WRONGS by either YOU or I WILL BE REVILED.   We (either one) will “go to hell” over it.  Aho?

I would like to send our correspondence to the others.  Each must decide for themselves.  Our Emailing will help in that.  Aho?  (Hope so).  GB    re


As many know, the whites have used a number of things we NA used for healing, etc.  Band-aids and surgery staples and aspirin being but a few.
ARE you aware of what actually brought the whiteman’s way into the frozen North?  What caused the Inuits’ speeding into “white ways?”

Most think guns, liquor.  NO!  Was guns and ELECTRICITY!

This telling is how it all came about up there :


For an Eskimo she was a “looker.”  Her name and parents’ name long forgotten, even by “The People.”
She was born after the Russians came (guns).  They, tho, on the coast…she, well inland.

It’s told her parents had perished when she was not far into her teen years.
Left alone, she had to do what she could to survive.  This led her into the life of a “Snowshoe Rabbit  (Prostitute).”

Over time, she worked her way to the coastal area and ended up at Seward.
Here she first saw whiteman’s electricity.  Unflickering Bright Lights that were on the stern and sidewheelers of the period.  Sailing vessels carried no electric.  Whites were just coming during this time…seeking gold.

These bright, smokeless lights came to be such an attraction to her that one night she snuck aboard a soon to part Sidewheel steamer.  A stowaway.  Aho?

Well, in time, she was found out.  The crew kept mum, so the officers knew nothing about her.
For crew and her it was a “handy agreement”.  “Bed” fed.  Aho?
During this time she learned about the lights and what was involved to “make them go” (Generator).

She was DETERMINED to bring this back to her People.

When docked in Seattle she searched for a small generator…Even “worked” (by sidewheeler) her way to San Francisco, looking.
She WAS good-looking and crews gladly payed well for her “services.”
With her goal in mind, she saved.

It’s told she only had to make 3 trips to have enough….and she found a small generator somewhere in California.  This she promptly shipped up with her to Seward.

In all her travels she observed the ship’s running lights.  She, an Eskimo, (who are known for OBSERVATION) noted there were 2 lights on the mast while at sea.  One Green.  One Red.  She noted it was the Red one that was the one that stood out in fog and snow, etc.  With that knowledge she bought, too, a Red “Globe”.  This also came with her…as well as all needed to hook the Electricity to the bulb/globe cover.

When landed in Seward she sought out several like-minded “girls.”  32 or 34 it’s told.

Knowing no trees existed in her deep snowland, she had 3 30 ft. poles cut….bought a team of dogs, made a travois of 3 poles, hooked that to her team, and loaded all the things needed on it.  Then the crew headed out.  They “worked” their way to her people.

Once there, many men traded both hides and labor.  Over time the BIGGEST IGLOO was made.  A GIANT (none before this, or after, that large, has been made).
Word is it was “more then 90 ft in diameter”  and had  MANY ‘Bed Ledges’.

This close to the Bering Sea between a number of distant villages.

The whites, by then, were making their way up.  The locals, too, where often out, alone, hunting (Prudhoe Bay area, I think).

She had her 3 poles erected as a tripod with the “LOOK FOR THE RED LIGHT” Light atop.

It cut through blizzards and mists like a sword.  Drawing many men to it.  Aho?

Well, her profession introduced Electricity to the Eskimos.  In time lighting the villages of today.  Helping to bring the Inuit into “civilization” (and, sadly to me, their downfall).

Originally, Whale Oil was used to run the generators….but eventually diesel fuel was shipped in. As it is so even now.  Aho?

Well, Sidewheel Sally got rich…and eventually the Whorehouse melted into oblivion….It’s said, “By all the “activity” within”.  Aho?

So, there you have it.  Not Guns and Liquor, but Guns and ELECTRICITY!

(As an aside, once again whiteman has “stolen” from the Indians.  DUPLICATING her Tower and Red Light.

YOU see these, in “modern form”, today, all across the world :  CELL Towers, Airport Towers, etc..  Aho?

(Well, that’s what I’VE been told)      ( :

Ho.   re