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In keeping in the spirit of sharing…this is part:

When we 12 Inner Heyoka go to Morning / Evening Prayer time, (As well as in other special needs), we first NOTIFY the 4 Corner Spirit Angels that we are ‘out  here’.  Very much as you’d do at someone’s house….(ringing a doorbell / knocking).  We do not just “bust in”.  Nor do we ‘demand’ an audience.

We start with the Eastern Angel spirit first…then, in clockwise motion go to the Southern one…then to the Western…then to the Northern. ‘Ringing’ the ‘doorbell’ at each.

We finish their notification standing at the East…then ‘rattle’ Mother Earth….then raise our rattle upwards…hesitating about the 10 o’ clock position (rattling) for Big Brother…11 o’ clock for the Holy Spirit (Mom)…ending straight up to the ALL who is One.  At the end of this we toss up tobacco, in thanks.

This ‘bell’ is a RATTLE.

4 times per ‘ring’…and 4 times at each.  (4×4).  Aho?

At the end of each FULL Set, we give tobacco…a “Thank You”….toward the direction we have asked to ‘come and hear / help, please. THANK YOU’.

(This is one reason we of Med. expect tobacco when you ‘call’ on us….EACH TIME).

To ‘Ring’ / to Thank…is only polite and good manners, is it not?

Our rattle is one we make.  7 pebbles inside.  The 7 represent ALL within ALL of Creation.  Including the 3-in-one and mother earth.

We do NOT leave the Last 3 Out of this ‘rattling’ / tobacco.

First the 4 corner angels, then “mom”…then HIM.  Aho?

ANY RATTLING SOUND CAN BE USED.  (I’ve ‘jingled’ my car keys….7 stones in a pop bottle, Etc. (not having my ‘caller’ with me).


It is AGAINST OUR WAY TO DO SO!  It is ALSO Biblical to NEVER Call Up the DEAD!

As you can see, the NA and CHRISTIAN BIBLE….ARE THE SAME!  We have OUR way, YOU have it YOUR way.


Again, we 12 follow HIM.  AHO?  HO!     Re


To the writer on ‘Comments’…AND many others (I’m sure)…..DO they have names?  I can only speak of we 12 “Inners”, and the answer is: YES.

EVERY ANGEL HAS AN ACTUAL NAME!   The trick is, trying to PRONOUNCE THEM! Lots have X’s in them.  Real TONGUE TWISTERS, Believe Me!

So often I “nick name” them (they understand why)…..thank God. These names are not only hard to say…but so too, to REMEMBER.  (ugh)

In the upcoming book, 2 of the FOUR SPIRITS (Angels), are told.  I  have never been told of that of the EASTERN and the SOUTHERN Angels’ names.  But for your sake will tell those two I’ve been ‘introduced’ to:  Angel of the WEST : “STORM”.  Angel of the NORTH : NORTHWIND.

The book tells what each does and has charge of. re

Seeing Angels

A brother asked:

How were you assured the angel were working? It this some thing you sensed or were you given a sign?

Just wondering. 🙂

No…neither…..I can SEE THEM!

Yes, “in Spirit” BUT not one I MAKE / MADE up!  SHOWN.

I don’t know if you can fully comprehend….yet….what WALKING  W  I  T  H  God  DOES…let alone what this walk is like.

You are too NEW at this.

In time, Bro.  In time.

GB   re

I know, I know, few think they do nothing but “protect”.  That is true, BUT…I’ve had the PRIVILEGE of SEEING THEM HELP FOLKS OUT.  Myself included.

Most are unaware there’s angels for ANY GODLY NEEDS YOU MAY HAVE.

JUST in from house….WITH my RUNNING TRUCK!   Could NOT get it started.    Only recourse…ASK DAD!  I asked for His MECHANIC ANGELS to come / help.

Waited ’til I was ASSURED THEY WERE OUT THERE WORKING ON IT.   Waited a few minutes, gave THANKS (to HIM and THEM)…went out and IT STARTED RIGHT UP.

I’ve no idea what the problem WAS…but…..its FIXED.  Aho?   re

I received this email from a “sister”.  A GROWER. Deserved an answer…and a Fair One.  This is #1 of 2.  HARD DECISIONS WILL HAVE TO BE MADE.

Will NOT be easy., as each must “DO” as THEY SEEM FIT.     Aho?    re

Quiet day here. Honey napping and me pondering, doing some Bible Study.  Thinking about life.  Wanted your input on something…
When you think of living on your property up here, do you see yourself having lots of people come (good and bad?) and how you’re going to handle it?

As you know we’ve had a lot of people in and outta here over the years, mainly past five, and at first we thought we only had lessons to learn like being more loving, or more patient, or more whatever. And, we did, that’s great.  But now wondering…

So many times our desire to “help”, or “bless”, or have a mutually beneficial working relationship with some of these has been just us giving until it hurt.  Tools and other property was either lost, left out in weather, “borrowed” (never returned), stolen, or damaged.  House never cared for with love and gratitude, trash thrown about.  Disrespect, don’t want to work, or, maybe desire to just help us for free, because of how we’ve given (example).

Now wondering about these lessons.  What will you do when people like that come to your property and are “users”, “takers”, “borrower/thieves”???

Have we missed it????  Have we missed the point???

We just finished a 1920’s story book about a group of Buccaneers/sorta pirates and in the beginning, first captain runs a tight ship.  Discipline strong, but not torture.  Making them obey and keep a clean ship.  Forbidding drunkeness except on “day off”.  One day a week they could rest and get drunk if they wanted, do whatever.  That captain dies, and puts four in his place who take turns.  After a time, discipline gets loose, men rebel, they stay drunk, ship in disrepair and dirty….leads to their capture and imprisonment.  Many are killed.  Both of us felt a “message” to us from the book, and now thinking and praying “what do we do?”

Praying and getting so far…Not an “open door” – “open hand” policy with all, as in the past.  But wisdom and discernment and letting privileges be earned is what we’re getting.  Getting to be captain of the “ship” in our care.

Hope we don’t sound “un-Christian” to you, RE; but we have to CHANGE WHAT WE’RE DOING — DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY!!!

Having to currently buy more tools and horsetack lost and wishing we had this part of life lesson understood better.  Praying and listening.

What would you say to all this?  What would you advise?  Please speak to us.  Tired of this merry-go-round.

We love you Red Elk

Of COURSE I have.  Several years, actually.  MY solution is ONLY a 2 1/2 day Stay.  In that time I will tell Basic Survival / some Stealth…and OUR Lord.  Then, children with them or not: “BYE BYE”.

I’ve warned, Advised , Shared world wide for several yrs now.  Know a goodly # will be knocking at our door.  I CAN’T nor WILL “Baby Sit”…men, GALS or those with kids.  2 1/2 days and THAT’S THAT.

A good shower, a bit to eat, a decent bed…the Tellings and “SORRY…OTHERS COMING…its now up to you.  G(O)od luck”.  Aho?

With luck that’s about all I can do.   There WILL be Alot of “Strays” passing our way.  Give ALL and equal chance and HOPE Ability.

I also expect some (?) to try to “take over”.  It IS possible I may HAVE to defend my family and possessions  (food / Water / etc.).  THIS MEANS I MAY NEED TO TAKE A LIFE!

ALL have had and equal opportunity to BE PREPARED.  MOST will NOT BE.  That 2 1/2 day Limit will be their final ‘help’ from us.  I suspect JEALOUSY more then NEED WILL cause a (more?) Raid.   THANK GOD THERE IS NO DEATH!  Sooooo they WILL live “after”.

Could I kill?  Won’t know ‘til actually faced with it….but MIGHT HAVE TO.   Aho?    re

PS:  I have a number of options I’d “go for” FIRST!




That that was just Emailed (Note – this is a second email, hence the ‘PS’, added to the end of the previous. WS) was more a “MAN” answer.  (Most don’t know BUT that).

Then….#4 : MY KNOWLEGE OF “DAD’S” WORD!  The PURE knowing…NOT the one you are still quite “into”.   “Thou Shalt Not KILL”….is a MAN (“lUCIFER”) TRICK.  It is “Thou Shalt Not MURDER”.


Do a WORD STUDY in your concordance and trace ‘KILL’ (in that verse) to its CORE ROOT!  YOU’ll see what I mean.

So, I’m ALLOWED to kill IF NOTHING ELSE WORKS (my OWN “rule” view).  Aho ?     re

#1 doing #2 thanking for everyday and some practice  #3  in spirit doing but have not experienced physical transport yet
#4 agree with you totally and study all the time with concordance.  yes, knew about word “kill” versus “murder”.  Never have trusted the danged translators.

Got the message, Grandfather.  It is clear and doing.



A letter From and To a listener of my last interview.  YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS.
We are to USE GOD’S WORD to “make it” WITHOUT FEAR.  Please read on.   GB    re

Hi Red Elk!,

        I got your message about bending like a green reed, that we have knees to bend and should use them.  Thanks for advice.

        This may be too long, but luckily I hardly ever email.  LOL

        Trish told me I should email you over 3 yrs ago, asked several times if I had.  Not sure when that was…but eventually I get around to it  LOL.

       Anyway, just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your podcast.  I first heard you on Zeph show yrs ago.

        I never thought you were crazy, was glad to hear someone else who has similar experiences.

        I didn’t know things seen were not considered “normal” until around 6 yrs old  There are too many wild things to list. When a baby people either called me “haunted” or “born between the worlds”. No one wanted to babysit me.   Not sure exactly what being born between the world means but that’s ok.   I am guessing it means a person who feels half in this world and half in the spirit world. Not quite fitting in.

        And I have to be careful, sometimes spirits pretend to be something else and lie like the devil.

       I am such a ghostly white person you would need sunglasses to look at me in the summer to protect the eyes!  LOL  But even younger than preschool I would have strange dreams and visions. And always dreams and visions with wolves, sometimes Indians too.  I was locked in a pretty prison, they would try to break me out.

        Christian friends tell me wolves are evil but I have a hard time believing that.  The wolves seemed to protect and taught me,  they called to me to come out and follow them when I was just a little girl.  I was never scared again when being chased in nightmares. I felt like one of them,  still dream of them,   They called me their sister.

   Bizarre thing, my dad was a HUGE racist.   I asked about a few ancestor photos I found, he said nope, they had dark skin because they were in the sun too long. Yrs later I found out he has some Indian heritage. And the place they came from in Mississippi ,,,get this, it is NESHOBA, means WOLF in Choctaw!  Wolf dreams took on new meaning.  I do not claim to be anything, just a human BEing.  Most Americans are mutts anyway.  lol

        Animals and I have always talked with each other.  I felt bad for a police dog at Special Olympics once, he broke rank and ran to me.  The cops fiance hated the dog, was mean to him over jealousy. try explaining that to a cop without them getting the nets and white coats out!!!.  Poor dogs have to be retrained if they break rank.

        After hearing your new podcast I shared with trish for the first time that I believe trees and plants speak too.   I was afraid she would think I was a little la la before.  hehehe

          Once when watering new flower beds at a house sitting job I watered a very tall old trees trunk for the heck of it.  That old tree asked me to spray the hose as high as I could reach, to get to its branches!  I question myself at times and thought it looked really silly, but did it.  The tree thanked me!   There had been a dry spell, Texas summers are brutal and tree missed the rain, felt gritty, like it needed it.

        I have been spared before in wrecks too, had a diesal pass through car when I prayed.  And then I found myself just a few blocks from my house.  Yet seconds before I was 30 minutes away, that was VERY disorienting.  I turned the news on later…….there was the same wreck, not everyone was lucky.

        Because of your interviews I was able to stop my handicapped ( partially brain damaged) child from disappearing.  The only way I can describe it is that it was like a doorway or portal.  I was worried he would get trapped there.  I even had to get help once, we were all searching for him in neighborhood.  He reappeared out of thin air in front of  everyone,  but they did not want to stick around or try to explain it.  they freaked.  He says he went to another place.  When he sleeps he says he goes to places without moving his feet. Since about 3 he would wake up and draw things like the planets, stone henge, etc…..He told me about these things on Mars who were put deep inside the rocks for punishment,.  And that they were waiting to be let out.  Which was creepy, I have dreamed about that.

         At around five he was drawing ancient hieroglyphics.  He said he draws what he sees there.  He is barely 14 now and still draws these things and weird maps.

       Anyway, there are too many experiences to list.  And email is getting long.

        BTW, I am the one who made Zeph the morph Lion face, not dog.  HAHA!

        Here is mine, I wanted a panther but was working against type, lol

        Just thank you for all you do.  If I were not broke now I would send a little something..


I’m broke but USE TO IT!  My “life” like that.  ALL MEDICINE PEOPLE are as that.  Keep your $$. YOU need it.

Your WOLVES are your TOTEM ANIMAL.  PROTECTORS.  I have my MAIN ONE (won’t tell) whose ALLIES ARE WOLVES…so in a sense, “mine” too.  I also have MUSKRAT.  GREAT for INTERNAL DIGESTIVE SYSTEM WORK.  A number healed by their abilities.

A TOTEM IS ACTUALLY A  N.A.  A  N  G  E  L !  GIVEN TO OUR ANCESTORS IN A WAY WE UNDERSTAND.   The general Earth populace know ONLY the “HEBREW” (whites’) ONES.  So OURS are “EVIL.”    Culture against culture…”WE are RIGHT…YOU are WRONG” thing.  Aho?

My Main One, in answer to my question “What IS a Totem, anyway?”  Appeared.  Stood up-right, took its great paw to the “chin” and pushed his head back.  JUST AS YOU’D SWEEP BACK A HOOD ON A HOODED SWEATSHIRT.  Head fell back AND THERE, INSIDE, Was THE HEAD OF A “WHITE MAN’S” ANGEL!  He GRINNED at me, reached back, and put his “head” back on.  Then walked off into the World Of Spirit.


Note: ALL!


KNOWING this, I COMMAND lUCIFER and “hIS” MADE DEMONS (under hIS control and I’M IN CONTROL OF hIM) to do as I ORDER!   hE HAS TOO!   Again, “hear” :  H  A  S  to.

Thus I am able to Cast Out Demons, “Clear” haunted houses and Evil Power Spots, etc.

lUCIFER FEARS ME!  (I MEAN JUST THAT).  For he KNOWS that I KNOW THE TRUTH….that he HAS to OBEY!  A “rule” set down by hIS/Our GREAT MAKER.   Aho?

“Fear Not, for I AM WITH YOU”…………………………..   ( :

You are not crazy (aka insane), you, AND SON, in-Sane, WITHIN !  Aho?


In our Lord and Great Creator….  GB    re