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A Problem

I have a problem:  WHAT AM I GOING TO DO WITH ALL THE “RUN GEAR” I’ve put together????? !
So MUCH there’s just NO WAY to take them all.
I’ve got to quit “nickel and diming” what little money I have…WHEN I have IT!
I’m “set for life”…only Really NEED One Run Kit.  And that for myself, alone.
Got several…all the way up to the FAMILY…Who I DOUBT WILL “run”.
Maybe Sky…MAYBE.  The others?  Hard to tell.
I gave Sky a BlastMatch tonight.  At least he’ll be able to start a fire, easily.
Both boys now “set” on that. And knives. About all they’ll need, to “go” rather easily.
Both too have decent “survival” skills.  Been teaching them most of their Walking life. Off and On…but consistently.
I’ve known since age 10 what lies ahead. That’s 60 years of preparing.
Our granddaughter shows no interest.  Ditto my wife and daughter.  To them, “no tomorrow”. 
Lets face it, ‘no tomorrow’ faces all of us….but still, I consider it just MIGHT be…for me / them.  Thus prepare as physically as I can.
With ‘connection’ being first and foremost. 
I guess I’ve done all I can, now.  You? 


Folks, Aussie Dave is an OBSERVER.  Here’s 2 he “found.”  I THINK I’LL GIVE #1 A TRY.  #2, I’ll WAIT!  ( :   re

Dave’s tale:
    wanted to tell u what these two animals showed me…first the rat….while moving a pile of firewood i found a rats house in it down the bottom in the middle…what really impressed me about this house was how it had first used water proof plastic for the first layer that touched the ground…then it used dry grass to form the nest…finially it used a thick layer of wool type padding out of my old bed….for the soft warm inner….that impressed me….very smart little critters…….the ladybugs taught me that if your life is threatened u can save yourself by making urself really repulsive….they can secrete a fowl smelling & tasting substance from their joints…other insects are turned off eating such a horrible thing…& the ladybug lives on….so my thought was that if your just about to me murdered…the best thing to do is poo yourself (which u might do anyway) & then wipe it all over yourself & throw it at your attacker….good chance they will lose interest in u & just want to get as far away from u as possible…(go clean themselves)….works for ladybug:)….GB


Anyone here ever get to an ocean beach?
If so, one that has BELL KELP washed ashore?

For those that don’t know this kelp, it has a big “ball” on one end, the stem goes to a “point” at the other.

It’s edible, but that’s not why I’m writing this.  IT MAKES AN EXCELLENT “Deep FOG HORN” SOUND!

Small ones higher pitched.  The bigger the deeper.

All are “3-pitched.”  The more you blow (harder) into it, it changes the tone.  Aho?

To make, all you need is a knife:
Cut the “ball” half off (leaving a “horn” “mouth”).
Go to the small end and start cutting that end towards “horn” end.  SMALL sections at a time…’til you hit HOLLOW within.  Now, at that hollow inner,  begin getting it bigger ’til that hollow can fit your pursed-up lips, then Leave it there (like blowing on a Trumpet).


The sound will amaze you.

Once, my brother and I were out in a small aluminum boat in Puget Sound.  In the SHIPPING channel.  BIG Ships passing by.  Our little 14-footer just a piece of flotsam to those guys.  Aho?

Well, FOG SET IN.  My brother Jim looked for his bottle Air Horn (Carried for just this type of situation).  HADN’T BROUGHT IT!
He was Worried (rightfully so).
We were trolling for salmon and now “Fog Locked”. Could take 2-4 hours for the fog to lift.
As we were trolling I had noticed riptides here and there.  MOST CARRIED THIS BELL KELP.
I told Jim, “Watch for rips, Jim, and cruise along it, I’ll show you something.  Nature provides If you “know.”  Wasn’t long before I had a kelp aboard.

Jim was perplexed.  “WHY?”

“You’ll see in a minute,” I told him.

Knife in hand and about 6 minutes later I was done.  Raised the “Horn” end and blew into the other.  YOU’D HAVE THOUGHT WE WERE A BATTLE WAGON!  DEEP and LOUD!

No ship problem.  Never got any salmon but DID make it safely through the fog.

I was at a Family Reunion, walking the beach with M and C and M’s dad.  Walked to the shoreline, and got a “horn.”  Cut it and began blowing it “3-pitch.”  Beach had MANY strollers.  All turned to see.

Father-in-law intrigued…wife and daughter too….so I got them one.  Different lengths.  All 4 of us now a “musical band” as we walked.
2 men approached.  Asked “HOW DO YOU DO THAT?”   Showed ’em and they got their own and whittled away.  Me “supervising.”
Turns out they were both Horn Blowers from a Big City California orchestra….out on vacation.  They got to wondering… WHITTLED FINGER HOLES ON THE STEAM, and LO!  Had “REAL” Horns!  One TUBA and one TROMBONE!  Man, could THEY PLAY!  FanTASTIC!

So, any ever get to the beach…………………………

Enjoy.    GB   re


Been thinking…HARD…on making my “Wind Washer.”  Got a strong pole I can cement “set” 3-4 ft into the ground.  Put a “T” at pole top, Hook on each end of that…Heavy spring on that and rope on other end of spring (got ’em, but even a strong Bungee Cord would do).  Then to THAT an “A” Frame (angled apart at bottom).  That in turn to hook onto, say, a 30 gal. barrel PAINTED BLACK (heats water). This laying on side.  Wide-ish slot at upper part of barrel to load/unload. Perhaps 2 windcatching “paddles” towards top of “A” rope.
Spring = BOUNCE.  Paddles = Wind SPIN/TWIST and UNtwist.  So this “Bobs and Waves” about.  One on each end of crosspole.
A drain in bottom end…that drains into a Straw and Sand “filter” (to trap soap in water).  From the filter to garden, etc.  Let the WIND do the washing.
YOU get the general idea.
I’d consider DOG Toy Balls with “Bumps” on ’em.  Toss those in with washing, to help agitate.  Aho?  Hummmmm  GB   re


If you have the time and will:  Please type in BUILD A SURVIVAL CABIN ON A SHOESTRING BUDGET in your Seach Mode (aka Google – WS).  I’ve shared (Heavy on my “spelling”) there.  A LOT that may interest you.  This is a Hub Site that belongs to “Ghost32” (in the link list on the right – WS).  What HE has is quite interesting.  What I share….???
As for your Container “Home”…OTHERS HAVE BEEN DOING (and showing) as well..on various sites.  Most are not IN-GROUND but a few are.  Look up (search) TINY HOMES/CABINS…..BUDGET HOUSES….SMALL DIGS…and similar wordings.  Aho?

I have JUST talked to a good friend.  A gal.  She’s an artist (and exceptionally GOOD).  Quite recently lost her job but NOT HER LIVING Bills!   Wanting to go FULL Time with her artwork.  Make This her ‘living.’  Presently on Unemployment and our area hard hit “work wise.”  Soon will be “hurting” and knows it.
Her parents (also very good friends of us) are tiny land “ranchers” and live less then a mile from where she is renting.
She has been to my Mini Dome and absolutely LOVES it.  “Would make a WONDERFUL Studio for me to work in.”
In our chat I presented a $$ saving (rent/living expenses/etc.) possibility…SEE IF SHE CAN DO A SIMILAR Low Cost “Dome” on her parents property!
She has long ago learned to live on “bare essentials.”  Her small rental has more room than more “STUFF”.  SHE CAN EASILY LIVE IN THIS SMALL DOME WAY!
She IS INTERESTED.  “Can’t build till after winter tho.”  (CAN, but not without misery.)
Suggested a Storage “dome” with the Living Dome.  “Get what you need from this, use it and PUT IT BACK INTO THE STORGE “SHED.”  She immediately said “I can RENT a storage unit.”  I agreed BUT said, “WHY PAY A MONTHLY FEE when you can BUILD a space for “I OWN IT AND NO MORE $$ OUTLAY AFTER BUILDING.”
Her eyes “clouded” in deep thought.
“You’re RIGHT.”
So left her contemplating.  Aho?

She’s a “doer” AND THINKER.  Now let’s see what she comes up with.  Aho?

Anyway, look into the various sites mentioned.  Also consider NO “In-Ground” building, BUT instead WELL EARTH-BERMED.  At least as I’ve done my Mini…1/3 !n-Ground and THEN BERMED.  Your container has the strength needed to top it with Earth…so, “Completely” “In-Ground”.  Building as I, the Free Dirt is set ON the ground but dug ONLY to just above the land’s slope.  THEN bermed.  NO SLOPE. Hole filling AND ITS COST.  Aho?

GB    re


“Dreaming” Sweet Dreams of PASSIVE Power “ways.”  Not just of House Use but also houseHOLD needs.
M and I use to wash small loads of clothing in a 5 gallon bucket of soapy water…lidded…and in the trunk of our car.  Letting a drive slosh and vibrate out the dirt.
Here, as told, MUCH Wind!  And TREES.  1 on 1 = Let NATURE Wash our cloths.  Hang buckets from strong tree limbs and allow its Bounce and Swaying do the job.  No trees?  A “Gallows,” fit with long arm and SPRING on end of rope.
Anyway, having fun, thinking.  GB    re