Time travel is an intriguing experience.  I’ve had alot of time in, in doing this.  Tell ALL never to go past the third day AHEAD.  (Think that’s somewhere on this blog).

The PAST, tho, another matter.  You get to see so MUCH!

Did several on my 3 month Canadian Cree trip.  Was able to explain to them about an event.  MANY events.

The past is an “open book” once one learns this.  NOTHING is ruined THEN, tho may be,  NOW.  Aho?  That’s what I did for the Crees.  Using then On Hand THEN, to restore lost knowledge to the Crees of TODAY.  “Opened Up” 2 – 3 ancient Medicine Wheels for ‘em….got calls now of 2 others found.  Next time up I’ll check these out for ‘em…allowing the “wheels” to once again Do what the ancients designed them for.  LOTS OF KNOWLEDGE LOST in ALL North America, over time.  FUN to HELP today’s return to these things.  Aho?   re



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