Regarding Telepathy on demand…an actual happening:

My God-daughter wanted to try this.  Taught it to her and she did ditto to her father and brother, then asked if a time could be setup between us all for a “go”.  They in Mexico, myself here.  Agreed and set a Day and Time…making sure the Time difference between us was understood…thus all “on” at the same time.  This a week yet ahead.
On the day this was to be…well, I was “shot”.  SUPER Tired.  Needed bedding EARLY, and badly.  To stay up to Send / Receive would be EXTREMELY hard on me (that tired).
Well, being a Medicine Man and trained in many things,  I decided to TRAVEL AHEAD in time…seeing the 3 of them at the time agreed on.
I watched as they sat at their kitchen table and talked over what to send.  Once agreed on, at the Given Time (still yet in the future to me), they combined “as one” and began sending.
They sent THEIR VILLAGE.  Center water well…shops …Etc..  “Walking” their lilttle town as if I was their guest / tourist.  (Quite a nice little place. “Old” Mexico”..quaint, but with modern things (cars / Etc.).  The next day we exchanged “notes” …I telling what I saw…even their apartment / furniture / clothing (and color) they were wearing, etc., as well as thier town.  100% ON with all.
They were flabbergasted!
Little did they know I WAS FAST ASLEEP at the agreed “meeting” time!   (  :

Do you see what you are capable of doing?  “Impossible”?   ONLY FOR THOSE WHO WILL NOT ACCEPT WHAT OUR CREATOR HAS GIVEN US!   re


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