A Letter To Red Elk

Elevator Floor or Long Drop?

Dear One!
I would like to ask You a question. I heard that You have mastered Your body, soul and mind, and preform all kinds of “magic”. How does one do that? I have read many things. First that to do that You have to pretend and be that person. Faith and patience will do the rest. Is this true, is it how You made it? I see now that I am currently living in the past because all I wish for doesn’t come true right here, right now but I believe it will come true in the future. Is this also true? What can I do to become like a child? I believe that anything is possible and that we are all one, but is that enough?
Thank You for sharing Your sacred knowledge with me.
Red Elk Responds:
No, it is not true.  I have told you “the way” – CONNECTING TO THE CREATOR.
That the Great One is a LIVING ENTITY.
As real as you and I.
Learn THAT and you enter the “door” of “Magic”.
“Magic” is “Magic” ONLY TO THOSE WHO SEE YOU DOING what you have learned is NATURAL.
Additional thoughts from Red Elk on this subject:
“Press my button” HUNDREDS are asking (in different ways).  Well, I’m NOT “GOD”….and there’s only ONE ELEVATOR BOY/GIRL;  EACH, Alone.
Most will NEVER “do”….because THEY ARE TOO LAZY TO LIFT A FINGER!  Aho?   Oh, and by-the-way, I’ve “Mastered” NOTHING.  Only ONE has held THAT Title (still does, too).  No, I’m still just an Apprentice.    re


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