Well friends, I could send Many E-s on this controversy, but think it’s not needed.  ALL have made up their minds.  To me, “Pro” or “Con,” it really doesn’t matter.  I’ve just given my insight(s) all along.  NOT EXPECTING ANY TO AGREE.

I’m a REPORTER….not a “PROPHET.”   And I’m Certainly NOT GOD.

Like all, I, too, make mistakes.  That’s why I tell all to CHECK.  CHECK.  CHECK.

It ends up in YOUR hands then.

One thing I learned Way Back in my early teen years is that people are often full of smiles and “nice-ity”….for whatever reason tho, ONLY AT YOU.  Then have a tendency to “back stab.”  NEVER coming to YOU but BEHIND your back.

I’ve become used to it.  Still happens.  Sad, but that’s the way it is.

This is not a decent way to be, as far as I’m concerned.  I’d rather be disagreed with and even Chastised, then to meet a Lying One.  Think MORE of that one then the other(s).

If YOU have something you don’t agree with, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE IT WITH ME…or simply ask me to take you off your list.

Know I’ve TOO MANY “Pen Pals” as it is.  One less wouldn’t get me upset. I WILL LOVE ALL OF YOU!  And will to the end.  Aho?   GB    re



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