Red Elk is in surgery now

I just spoke with Red Elk’s wife. One patient is ahead of him. They
ushered the family into the waiting area. It is about time they are
going to begin the procedure. If they are able to put a stint in they
will. If the blockage is too great they will keep him over night and do
a bypass tomorrow. Meachelle sounds hopeful that this will give Red Elk
more time, and more quality of life to be more independent. I have to go
to work so I’ll update you later (and/or when possible for me to do so).


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4 Responses to “Red Elk is in surgery now”

  1. Anne says:

    My prayers are with him and his family. Please keep us updated.
    God Bless

  2. Marise says:

    God bless you Red Elk, my prayers are with you for a speedy recovery.

  3. sklawson says:

    Hope for an speedy recovery…I asked everyone I know to send healing thoughts across both the Native American’s that I have talked to recently and to the prayer group in…heather please let us know how he’s doing
    also..what procedure they did. When you go into to
    the personal board.

  4. NICK says:

    Red Elk, i listened to a few interviews in entirety on Art Bell’s show and others. i have only heard a few people,(count on one hand), who can see The Truth of The Holy Scriptures. in my view you are one mentioned in 1Kings19.18 and Romans chp.11.4-7. i do not feel finding you online was an accident and i believe you and i will be here and live what The Prophets wrote of. you are pulling the blinders off of some people that “The Church” could never reach. i will have you in my prayers for your health and that your ministry explode with power and growth in these last days. my father just went through a similar procedure and it had a positive outcome and with your access to knowledge of herbal healing and blood health(good coagulation and no coagulation around the stint. you and your family are in my prayers and i pray that we may meet one day; in these age or the age to come. may God bless and keep you! NICK PS: i would send you some PALL MALLS “where particular people congregate” but i will wait a few days and see how your doing and if they want you to cut down or whatever, i also believe like Paul bitten by the viper that no toxic thing can touch you and i claim that in The Name of Christ….