Old, invalid and tired of life. 
After weeks of pain and very little sleep….AND having “on call’ help….EVERYONE here are overworked and JUST AS Tired,  because of tending MY needs.
Age regression impossible due to excessive pain interruptions and sleep needs.  Death looking good just so ALL can REST for a change.  I’m not one to “fold” though. Not Inner Hayokah’ OR Christian.  Aho?
What to DO????
OK, OK..life has turned “lemon”….so…MAKE LEMONADE!
TO EASE MY NECK PAIN I HAVE to lay down.  That means someone MUST be on hand to GET me into bed (and up later) . 
TIRING ON ALL.  This is “showing…FRUSTRATION.  Aho?
How to make it easier on ALL of us?  Hummm….
“Reason for all.” Now to figure out a CHEAP and EASY solution.  PTL, I HAVE!
I had my wife go out and cut a10 inch wide board (on hand).  I then placed it on the top (hand rail) of my walker.  Overlapping each side by about 10 inches.  2 1 inch strips screwed on so the “table” didn’t slide.NOW I’M ABEL TO SIMPLE sit AT THE PC DESK…REST MY PAINED HEAD IN MY CROSSED ARMS AND rest or SLEEP…NO MORE NEED TO GO LAY DOWN!
SOMEONE “out here” NEEDS THIS INFO.,   DRINK UP and PTL!   re


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