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Thanks to all the prays, my operation was a total success.  Both feet and lower legs now getting the blood flow needed.    My feet are no longer freezing.
They feel So GOOD!
To  OK… 2 stents to go…but may need ditto to my heart in the future.  I’m a bit short from heart to brain.  30 percent low.
This will “do for now”).  PTL!
Yet no w another problem has emerged….Fett n Legs ‘ heald.”……but TO LATE!  ALL MY MUSSELS R “GONE TO POT”.
NOIW i need to Excersise to gert full body abitys back.
This is no easy task.  Ive already been through a long / hard battle n  not emotionly or phyicly prepaird to fight yet another.
 i first need REST.  n A LOT of it!
So, in truth, I’m still at “Square One”.  
 Prayer is needed on THIS forthcoming battle now.  It promises to be a long tough one.  Aho?


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  1. NICK says:

    glad to know you are feeling better. i have chronic spine pain and i know how delicate these bodies are. out real bodies are eternal and glorious, praise God. you may know these things already but a few natural supplements with the perscribed physical therapy could greatly help. i have a pharmacology background but as of late i have taught myself about non-drug remedies. Inositol Hexaphosphate or “IP6” is good for circulation and cardiovascular health, bilberry and red clover are great for circulation and detoxifying the blood. it is all downhill now. God bless….. NICK

  2. redelk says:

    Nick I know a number of helpful plants…2 on your list. My problem is cost. Just to get gas to BUY is a big problem 4 me….let alone the plants ). The surgeon WANTS TO START UP MY GOING TO Physical Therapy. Told him to forget it unless HE pays 4 it and gas. These docs LIVE to spend OUR money. Aho? re

  3. sklawson says:

    Good news Elk….after having my heart stent palcement…I can tell you what may help you is to position yourself in front of an open window, either in bed or
    on the sofa..I like the latter because it’s upstairs and I can see outside. At night
    place an light blanket over you so you don’t get chilled or catch an cold..what this does Elk…as your breathing in fresh air, goes into your blood cells as
    oxygen and you breathe easier…with less effort. Even had my stent now for several years and I still do this in hotter weather. Don’ t forget to take your
    anti-rejection tablets for the stent also. I still take mine even now if I’m having difficulty in anything. AS teh docotr says…don’t over do it. Better to go slow then
    take an risk of tiring yourself and having problems…you’ll gain back your strength in time. If not, kinf of expensive but all the stores sell and drink that’s
    made to recover your muscle tone and has reservol..or something like that in
    it…you can read about it on the net and how it helps you. I did not go through
    heart therapy either..it was simply to far away to get there. I started out small
    after I ‘d seen the doctor an walked down the sidwalk an little ways when I felt good and the weather was decent…and just kept it up over time. The walking as you lightly swing your arms is what makes air go into your chest…just like laying
    in front of an open window does. Remeber, your heart is an muscle also..it
    needs to be kept in condition. Say..boyfriend of my sister in-law’s sister,,,he had over time 8 stents….and he died of prostrate Cancer..not his heart…at an very
    advanced age…your not old enough yet Elk! I don’ tknow about your docotor, but theheart clinic after I left the hospital supplied as many of my drugs for free
    as long as they could to help me. I finally took out drug coverage on my medicare. Watch taking the aspirin also…You know the herb Temeric..they use it in Curry dishes…go to Dr. Christopher Wild’s my heart.com web site…he’s the dude that can get you into replacement heart parts…with tissue culture out of
    the University of Seattle…but it takes some time to grow YOUR tissue culture for the implant…it re-grows your heart tiisue and valves like when you was an younger man…but anyway…the Herbal company “now” sells Tumeric and
    Bromelain as an tablet…for joint health that not only helps with your joints it also protects against stroeks, cancer, and heart problems…www.nowfoods.com…
    I buy mine at the organic store called “new Seasons” usually. But there are many such herbal therapies available. Be sure an ask your doctor before taking them…and you might want to wait for an bit until your offically released with an
    clean bill of health first. I didn’ t know I had arteries closing on my “Elk”…I was taking Tumeric by the liquid doseage back then, because I kep going back to the guy I had for an primary docotor an dhe told me ..Oh, it’s just authurits, hell if was…I wen tin there with my valve closing and 95 per cent dead nearly…it was irrgeular breathing and not being able to catch my breathe tha tmade me
    go into the emergency then. BTW…this doctor no longer works for the clinic
    or the hospital downtown, he took an job working for the Multnomah County
    children’s divison instead. Yes, your absolutely correct…doctors live to make
    big bucks most the time…thye like thier expenisve cars I guess. The tissue culture implants are at this stage still considered “research” and the operations
    are free. But they eleminate even “stents”…the new stents are better…I have an old stent mad eout of metal. mesh…no MRI imaging for me…it uses so much
    gavitational energy that it pulls any metal in your body clean out of it instantly.
    I should wear an medical alert band on my arm, but don’t …you never know if
    in an emergency if they’d give one of these for diagnoisis or not..hope not!
    Best of luck….you’ll feel much better soon. Once the oxygen gets in your blood stream, you have lots more energy. Glad to hear everything went good. From
    now on if you make beef gravy…add half the water for half black coffee…and leave out the fat. Our ancestors used Blueberries and blackberries in place of
    the fat…and boiled it down and place it under the meat like an sauce. Nuts have high fat…but none of it is cholestrol either. You can get nut flour at some specialty stores where the fat has been rendered out of it also. It has four times the nutrition of regualr white flour. It also most likely has no GMO food sources
    either. I eat very differently these days…little meat…but some in mixed casserole dishes. I have all my lab tests coming up for this year…so in the days
    ahead…I’ll be heading back into the office fro that. My grandaughter’s
    ear operation was checked yesterday…the ear drum is growing back in just fine, she still has to have an titantiuim ear bone implant operation coming up in
    Sept sometime, then she may be alright and can hear again. She’s going to the
    children’s hospital at OHSU on the hill downtwon Porltand…so the operation is
    paid for. My kids don’ t make that kind of money you know..otherwise. Neither do we…hospital over wrote $50,000 fo rmy Stent…and we borrowed money off
    an life insurance policy for the 20 percent…hubby’s knee replacement was paid for pretty much entirely by medicare. In all I think it was less then $500 out of
    pocket expenses. My son hauled off my hubby’s Christmas Present in 1976..our camper pickup…he’s going to try to rebuild it. He’s been buying spare parts for years now to do this. I have driven or went with my hubby from Oregon to Massachuesetts…to south to Florida….across country From California to Canada in the years we owned it…and every state in-between, except New
    Mexico, Arizonia, Texas, and Oklahoma…but was hopin gto do that someday,
    and I’d like to see the Grand Canyon, Sedonna, and the other two states maybe. I think my friend in Okahoma was killed by an Tornado couple years
    back…she was one of hubby’s kin of an different brother back in time…an lifetime teacher in Oklahoma and Baptist Organist all of her life and an
    President of the “Colonial Dames” of America. She was very well known on
    the net. We both did history work on the family at one time. She lived in Norman, Oklahoma back then. She knew I was mesermized by the “Sistine
    Chapel” and last time I heard from her was at “Christmas” when she sent me
    an virtual surround camera tour as if I were there walking inside the building.
    I could go up in any direction to look at the art work..walk wherever I wanted to…. Just really surprised me that they could do that these days. I must go..hear from you soon. As Curly Bear says…”heads up!” ..he said he keep the prayers going for you. Kemokae.

  4. sklawson says:

    Nick…Earthquake Mary has spinal problems from falling, she was the first one to tell me about researching the “Purple Platte” an the web. WE share being sensitives on earthqake frequencies incoming. But my mother use to go to an
    chiropractor when her back would go out on her…I watched our nieghbor back then..an Chiropractor…takes two like Crystals…and twist them against each other going down her neck to to spine, then out came this blue bolt of lightening
    and he readjust her spinal column and she could walk again. He told me what
    he was doing to her was “grounding” her. I have since found out that all healers
    that are natrual ones, have excessive energy in them, fo rthe use of it in healing others…if they don’t use this talent the energy builds up until it affects
    their health as such. I bought an small pad with tiny magnetic sewn in it that I
    sleep on over night…and I do sometimes the “Star of David” pattern with crystals also…sometimes its as easy an walking through wet grass in the early
    morning dew to keep it in check also. But Earthquake Mary tells me this platte
    will keep in the frequencies from affecting us also. You hang it in you livingroom and it absorbs electro-magnectic frequencies. We both live in airplane fight
    paths in our separate areas…her in Sacremento, me here in Portland…I think the towers behind me pick up the incoming frequencies from Sacremento,
    …take notice this last weekend…there…UGS earthquake maps show three tint quakes around the time of the 7.4 and 6.8 magquake in the South Pacific.
    Did you know because this is California Capital (Sacremento) that they have
    radio towers for nearly every major country in the world in the area down there.
    Mary usually goes to Nevada when her symptoms get bad enough…she keeps
    saying she hears the lava moving in the ground on the ring of fire, or volcanism.
    Where I lost all my fish…and had it checked out scintifically…they told me that
    incoming electromagnectic’s stirred my fish up so badly the night of the 2004
    Sumutra Quake that it cause them stress…which turned their tank water purple..
    and I lost most of them also. They excrete an substance when under stress that
    cuts down thier oxygen supply…there went some over $300 and years of work
    on my part, people were trying to talk me into using them for scientic research into earthquakes and animals and how they sense them beforehand…I could of cried…and did. Given time I usually bond with my “pets” in ways..an different species of life, but they have emotions and an life style in
    thier own element just as we do. I’ve had the EPA out here weveral times in
    the past three years…they tell me when I asked them what was the matter
    that someone was trying to steal one of thier cable satelittes out in space.
    It was being picked up in their office as an electromagnectic disturbance.
    I think someone should look into what’s bouncing around in the air that we
    can’t readily see these days.

  5. sklawson says:

    my computer guy tells me the mispelling iin my posts come about because
    whomever also likes to read my postings. He asked me if I knew if someone
    that had random generated word “pick ups” has plugged into me also…such
    as cliff high (Half past human,com) to make predictions with for the future. If so, he’s got his hands full as much of my work is clearing problems out…not making somene’s future.. esp..for everyone of us.

  6. sklawson says:

    I forgot something else REd Elk…then I leave you be for an while and let you rest,,and hope I’ve helped you some….as long as your taking “statin” drugs for
    your heart you need an suppliment Co-Q 10 along with them, don’ t know if your doc will tell you or not but it’s something about the “Statins”
    that lower it in your body. I take an low dose of it daily I think 100 mg…and always have since I was told this. I hope you like the “Nowfoods” web site,,,as you read, it isn’t synthecitic anything..real thing. Herbals most the time can be taken with prescription drugs with no harm to ….where as taking prescription after prescription can be kind of tricky at times…and more people
    these days are dying of over dose on asprin then any other drug I understand.
    Lipitor isn’t to good either for an heart med…and someone should tell you that
    if you have muscle weakness after taking medications…there’s an problem
    with it usually. Change it. My relatives back east didn;t listen to me,..same old thing…grandma is getting older now, she needs the walker…well it killed her and her Lipitor was probably why…they need to do some kind of test when you take it regularly…I’d have to look it up in my medical book again..tells me about the side line effects and incompatiblity of some medications and drugs to be more specific. Some good news, another gal is off and cured of her cancer as of July 18th…doesn’t have to much hair left…but she beat the cancer tumor.
    Just in time for her son’s return from the armed forces overseas. This may end up an summer of healings.

  7. redelk says:

    Great info. Shents were for lower legs only…not heart. In time that maybe though. I’m an advocate for FRESH Aid…AND TOO laying on grass in the sun. Thanks and GB re

  8. sklawson says:

    Hum, I didn’t know they had them for the leg arteries..but I would guess that
    anywhere the blood flows could be in jeparody…hubby’ s only brother left had his varicous veins taken out to help his blood flow better last summer. My daughter in-law goes back to school this fall…she’s learning ot be an techinical
    surgeon…an “aide” to the doctor during surgical operations. I’m third generation of women in our family that had been into nursing or allied fields of it in some way…when I was younger…Red Cross trained (both for national emergencies and third world living) and CPR trained also. College in business and supervisory of personnel and general management. You aren’t going to beleive this…but when I took one of my classes, I was the ONLY woman with an entire classroom of guys that worked for Boeing back then….ego’s to high hilt back then Red Elk….business was good….and women holding poistions like I had back then were “new” on the block. But I made it through and got good grades. My cardiologist says you got to stay on low fat diet…keep your blood moving for circulation and you do that with water and excerise, and proper
    elimination of body toxins daily. Stool softeners help… as does the high fiber drinks like Metamucil.

  9. sklawson says:

    I was going through my recieps this morning…blueberries are ready now…but
    I ran across this and thought of you…”Potted Meat” this is to take along with you on an picnic…makes 2 quarts…but if you let the meat stock it’s got the flavor and is pretty much fat free…you need some fat in your diet daily…3 tablespoons or you might be finding yourself with Gall Stones…you need to consume it slowly throughout the day also. Receipe…
    2 pounds of stew meat i one ince cubes,,,1 quart of water…2 large onions, sliced…1 teaspoon of salt. Place in an 8-quart kettle and cover after it comes ot an boil, lower the heat to simmer and let it cook to fork tender.Usually takes abou tone hour or so. Using an slotted spoon take the meat out of the stock and let it cool when its tender. When cool, in an meat grinder ot an food processor, add 1/2 teaspoon dry mustard, 1/2 teaspoon salt, 1/2 teaspoon of
    mace…and just enough of the stock (fat removed) to moisten and hold the meat together when it’s processed. Press firmly into little cocks, with lids, or butter
    molds and press into them if you want to present if for crackers maybe in the
    center of an platte. You can also use quartered Pita Pockets instead of crackers.
    Refrigerate leftovers. HInt:…you can easily make “open-faced” sadwhiches on
    any lower caloried bread such as the white whole grain bread that FRanz bakery sells (70 cals)..or use the recipe that Weight Watchers has from bread
    made from scratch….OR…use ” butter lettace” as your bread instead and save an heck of an lot of calories. The beef will help you gain your strength faster
    in your muscles. You could also add fat reduced shredded cheddar cheese on top or pickle relish if you’d like…fat free mayonaise. You imagination is your
    desire. Potted beef is expenisve at the stores these days. I would say that this reciepe is about 40 years old now. Most of these receipes are about that old..they include Green tomato and onion slices in an salad..been cooked in
    butter and an wee bit of flour in an skillet, drained..Baked Bean Sandwiches, Chopped Cabbage and Bacon Sandwitches, Potted meat, and Blueberry Cobbler. My..how times have changed. (Don’t forget the carrot butter either
    with only 1/2 cup of butter…added to grated raw carrot, celery seed, pinch of sugar, and dab of mayo)….might try that with the “butter lettace” bread substitute

  10. Living Documents says:

    aho thank u n GB re