Several telling me to go to ‘Mary Jane’.  “LEGAL THERE”.
Can they see Big Brother “floating around”…doing God Work?
If one thinks DRUGS help…yes…but SO DOES HE and WITHOUT DRUGS!
“Double Agents”…and to me ;  WORTHLESS IN GODS  MAIN CAMP!
Won’t put them in hell…..but SURE STUNTS THEIR GOD GROWTH!
Jesus had it made…3 1/2 years and OUT!  SIGH.
And I want to STAY?  Just ASKING for PUNISHMENT.  Sigh.
Dd I sound like a FOLLOWER?  NO – ONE  See; I told you “I’m NOT CHRIST”…..NOW do you believe it?  Sigh.  
Giving tiny kids CONDOMS  10 – 12 year olds.
Booze at graduation parties.
AND on AND on…
“IT’S OK”!
…..”ITS OK”
Listen, it may be YOUR Path….and you’ve a right to it….but it SURE ISN’T MINE!
OK by MAN, but YOU will be facing HIM.  Tell HIM THAT!  You’re going to Have To!


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One Response to “KMA”

  1. Kemokae says:

    Red Elk…as far as my visions go..Jesus arrived before 2012 left us…but I’ve seen him qute an few times anyway..from my near death experiences..he told me then, that some day I’d be with him..I’ve already accepted him as my don’t go to it is an part of me inside also. I have asked Earthquake Mary to help you in your health also…she’s consderably more powerful in some healings then am I..being older. We live in such an ironic world do we not?…I mean..while I’m reading about Permculture…immitating the
    woodlands in spreading barkdust to break create rich soil, and conserve moisture in the ground for growing…my neighbor is out there
    raking under trees everything…leaves, pine needles..down to the nitty gritty dirt.
    So it looks “clean”. I just have to quitely laugh in ways. Last autumn I put my plants in thier containers…next to my large old front of the metal on
    the south side and covered it up with see through heavy plastic. Things are now coming out of dormacy…will see if my stevia plants made it through winter. I look foward to gorwing more nasturiums this year…as I like them on top of jalpeno bagels with cream cheese and blackberry jam..or else..”corn cakes”…and top it with flaked salmon and then the nastruiums blossons, or sometime the “peppery”tasting leaves. I grow my own pineapple mint also and use the stevia to sweeten it up an bit in the summer. Time to buy the seeds is now! Though you know how to do it…you can save them in the fall also. I hope your feeling better. Don’t be to harsh on the “sheeple” without knowledge of the land..they are trying hard to be what they think is successsful you know. You are correct in that we have to LEARN to be happy without so many thngs and redefine what is important to life for it’s basic liveabilty….