Boy am I PISSED OFF!  “CHRISTIANS”.  My ASS!   Christ FOLLOWERS…MY ASS!   “Want to LEARN”   MY Ass!
Several telling me to go to ‘Mary Jane’.  “LEGAL THERE”.
Can they see Big Brother “floating around”…doing God Work?
If one thinks DRUGS help…yes…but SO DOES HE and WITHOUT DRUGS!
“Double Agents”…and to me ;  WORTHLESS IN GODS  MAIN CAMP!
Won’t put them in hell…..but SURE STUNTS THEIR GOD GROWTH!
Jesus had it made…3 1/2 years and OUT!    SIGH.
And I want to STAY?    Just ASKING for PUNISHMENT.   Sigh.
Dd I sound like a FOLLOWER?   NO – ONE   See; I told you “I’m NOT CHRIST”…..NOW do you believe it?    Sigh.   
Giving tiny kids CONDOMS    10 – 12 year olds.
Booze at graduation parties.
AND on AND on…
“IT’S OK”!
…..”ITS OK”
Listen, it may be YOUR Path….and you’ve a right to it….but it SURE ISN’T MINE!
OK by MAN, but YOU will be facing HIM.   Tell HIM THAT!  You’re going to Have To!

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