Limited Physical Abilities

I’m not the only one with now limited abilities and looking to get around them.
THIS CAN HELP:  On Google search type in : Disabled and Productive.  


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  1. sklawson says:

    In what way are you limited in your abilities…perhaps it is that you need to look at things differently. Just because you can’t hurdle tall fences in an single bound, doesn’t mean there are many thing else wise you can do. One reason I took up writing an book..for three months of winter every year. Before it gets edited, you might find something in it that you have mentioned…you never know.
    I picked 5 cumbers oou tof my garden…and I can’ tbelieve how much I like
    eating them..I knew “garden tomaotes” had an different taste..but these are just something else…I could eat them for “fresh French fries” any day. Three years
    I worked at having an small yard pond, I finally get it, get it planted, plugged it
    in and have an mole out there. Disgusting unless it eats some of the insects.
    I finished off my blueberries in making four cobblers recently….about the size of cookie sheets. I’m going onto plums next. We sent the guys off to Scout Camp
    earlier this afternoon…one week. My grand-daughter with me now and my sister
    maybe in an day to two will be joining us. She wants me to make her the meat loaf that everyone says I do so well. I don’ t have an receipe for it exactly. How
    are you feeling?….feel better then before? You should be. My grandson as they
    were packing up…. got stung by an bee of all things. Think I will go back an read some more on an book written during the “new age” movement in the 70’s called “Spiritwalker”..before I send It down to California and Jim
    and state certified genealogist..he also collects books about earth events. This oen is non-fiction but he takes both kinds. As he says, behind the writing of books there can at times be an certain kind of truth also. This one is about an man who started having “visions” out of the blue…and he struggles trying to understand that alone. Why him?..what is it all about? he goes on, he is
    beginning ot find ways to communicate. It is in future time….and this is not listed as an fiction book either. He lives in an time of when Hawaii is still there…after
    an massive quake along the west coast takes it out. His people are endangered
    and the chief sends him back to the West coast of America to see if there are
    any humans left…and if there is suitable land and growing conditions to move
    his people there to escape warfare from another more powerful tribe of survivors
    from the islands South of Hawaii. Throughout the book..he’s understanding “Shamans” their magical culture of seeing beyond and living
    and “visions” and different cultures he runs across…as well as different dimensions as well in some cases. I have just an little bit of this book to complete before sending it along. he has traveled and traveled in search of humans…and as he gets “disabled” some finally show up and take him in to care for him. By now, even our “author” and another Shaman on the Hawaiian
    Islands is sending him “healing”. You just never know what your going to run into at the Goodwill Thrift Store when you have as low an budget as it mine these days. I don’t think I could make it without my hubby…and at 70..don’tknwo if we can then either. It s hard to live off the land..when your trespassing out here in my territory… if you tried to. I would have to go back and raise my Rabbits and Ducks I guess…town out-lawed raising your own chickens. you know they keep this up and we are all going to be “leaf eaters” someday I think.”Here…your morning ” twig” for breakfast…and don’ t forget bigfoot over there…staring at everyone. I wish that were funny, but somedays it’s not. I lost an old refriderator last week…what an mess. four days later…three garbage bags out the door later…and I have another one. It’s not as filled up either this time around. How many people you know keep salad dressings on hand to eat
    “off the land” greens? I was watching an guy carries with him an little bottle of
    ranch dressing, just in case he’s stuck with only grass to eat in his survival bag.
    Well, let’s not get to disabled in your territory..I’m sure there’s plenty of something to do. Just keep your eyes peeled for the right kind of ideas..and share them with us when you get the chance. .We will do the same thing.

  2. redelk says:

    Your entry question is very interesting. Easily explained but in my condition so HARD to type….already in the 1st line I’ve been ‘hindered’ twice from doing so. Twice in ONE LIN! ONE LINE erased TWICE! I could do far better by SPEAKING one on on one than here.

    heather ; please send this to the commenter; You’re question TO DANGEROUS TO :”L”. hE keeps STOPPING the ANSWER…till eventually what is typed DISAPPEARS COMPLETELY. Un-retrievable! Perhaps Heather can have time to Type the answer/telling via phone. ????????????????????????????? re

    and from Heather, yes I can support anything needed here.

  3. sklawson says:

    What is profited…. by stopping the answer?

  4. sklawson says:

    OK, I fess up Red Elk…I am somewhat of an “Indigo Child” as they call them now growing up…when I was 17 years old I took an test at High School that
    came out saying I was smarter then 87 per cent of all kids the same age that
    year across the United States. I am now 65 years old…and know so much more now then I did then. But education has an lot to do on that, and self-education
    even more…but all the education in the world can’t make you an better person
    but the actions and kindness you do to others in need…I work for god and he directs me automatically as to whom I need to help and then I move on as they say. “L” as you call this enity has no holds on me… went past him in my last
    re-incarnation…he’s cornered between God an myself…and needs to leave us
    alone perhaps. Controlling others has never worked. Why else you think God
    had it out with the Egyptian ruler during the days of Moses. Why else you think we had an Civil War…because people can’t be owned as private property…they
    were not meant to be slaves. God says we are like him..we have free will choices to make… an pay for the decisions we make also. We can not harm another without it coming back to us in some way. That is proven everyday
    by our sorrows I would suppose. Hope your getting better….I still have an fella
    gollowing me around that reminds me of Jose Aurguella. He said he wanted to
    talk to me at “Spirit Mountan” Casino and I’ve not had the opportunity to get there as of yet. My plum sturned sour on me, my corn is now tosseling also.
    Getting cherry tomatoes also..but things don’t have the right flavor for garden
    produce…seem very acid based for some reason…we started watering more
    often also. Nursery stock was closed out of most retailers in my area this weekend. Picked my peaches, plums and apricot last week…first pepper today.
    Cucumbers doing well, blueberries and blackberries fantastic this year.Just
    picked up by Mt. Hood in the fields this weekend on the blueberries. Our
    recent rain amounted to 0.04 of “mist” for one morning.