Though not for everyone….one source not often used is a simple ZIP LINE.  IF Hillsides are available, one to a series of these “stretched cords” can save on power machinery (Trucks / Etc) to Wheelbarrows or even Animal moving. 
I know of a farmer who used such in firewood gathering…shooting cord-wood across a steep reveen.  Saving valuable time and physical moving.
Wind TREE using:   Not all have a consistent wind or breeze…..still, if there Occasionally, a move tree branch can be “harvested” to wash buckets of cloths to even sawing wood.  Not to be laughed at.  Let NATURE do at least Some of your weekly chores.  These moving branches can also PUMP AIR into sunken water tanks and on into your Home…as an Air Conditioner. Allowing Earth Cooled Air to enter.
There are other “devices” that can be made….quite often cheap with salved finds, a bit of ‘outside the box’ thinking and some physical labor.
ALL the above ARE In USE in some areas/areas and homes.   THINK UP MORE!  GB  re


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  1. sklawson says:

    Can’t remember if it’s Mother Earth News Magaine of Backwoods home, one of
    them showed an house/cabin built out of cut round logs with an chain saw..,mounted in rows of cement/mud in one case… to make the walls…basic floor plan with ..with an walled in fireplace across the back for one wall, loft also inside..and log roof..now there’s where an zip line might help get them up on the roof to place them in with. patio door for window..deck out front…A-shaped
    cabin. Homemade done with an couple friends in no time. Marerals were next to free…no inside pumping though…the outshouse wasn’t to far away though.
    Caught water off the roof into barrels on each corner of the house. Used an generator for the electricity until they eventually had installed on the coountry road they lived on. First thing they did though was make and garden…and
    had an small area for goats, lambs, chickens, horses…then went about building.
    Started in spring was fully functional by Autumn. Ham radio for communications.
    Said they ended up buildin gmore stoage area type building to hold both an
    pantry and the extra’s so they didn’t have them inside the cabin. One o fthose basic U-shaped lay out’s on the ground…stoarge building..cabin and on the side
    the animals…garden on the side of the storage building…and cars drove up to the cain in the center of this all. No problem with snow in the winter if your
    cars were parked where it could be knocked off…. by simply backing up.
    Animals were kept in an pole barn facing ot the sought side. All made out of
    four foot long chain sawed logs and mud or cement walls. The rain barrels were rather large on the corners of the house…they never dranl from them, but did
    water thier garden if needed and also wash clothes if need be. Since she had to go into town once an week or so…she did it then at an laundry-matte. They stored bottled water to drink one the porch..covered up in an small storage on
    the end of the house. Sai it was very important to put spigots on the neds of the
    rain barrels that would take an hose adapter. They fed everyone that helped them for their wages and bedded them down nightly in an old travel trailer. For the most part everything cost them about $5,000 total. Cabin slept four to five.
    Loft held an baby craddle and adult bed…along the wall downstairs was two
    gneroous bunk beds along the wall going up thd wall…rocker/table/sofa..library and desk and dresser drawers up an down…trunks for coffe tables Some stuff hung from the rafters..and along the walls. Fireplace was an cooking fireplace..took large 4 foot long logs also, had an kettle for hot water going
    constantly and an warm oven for rising breads…and in matel place to cook on
    top of hot coals also…besides the intial burning wood area to heat the house with. Everything faced toward the south exposure for its doors and windows…of which there wasn’t to many of. Porch was covered also. One window in the loft.
    Was something like 800 square feet not counting the loft in square footage.
    I saw picures of this thing…it simply amazed me. Four foot thick walls kind of did an good job of insulating it also..year around. Never needed painted either.

  2. sklawson says:

    Sorry about the spelling…are you noticing tonight like we are getting zapped
    with some kind of an trigger that’s mesing things up…last night I couldn’t see the
    dial on my Sony pocket tranisistor radio(6 months old)..and tonight our old refrigerator went out..and these things often do that..besides increditable pain going down he side of my face in my jawline… and third eye headache. I had
    to lay down an bit. Wasn’ t the least physically active today either. “POPO”our volcano sits over the area of Mexico City has shot up 39 min-eruptions of ash
    in the last 24 hours also. Boys at HARRP might be playing around with things
    again perhaps.

  3. Living Documents says:

    i get both mags and never seen this. A LO T on my “do” way EXCEPT I’d have NO “Machinery” at ALL. As / Parts will be IMPOSSIBLE to get in time. re

  4. Living Documents says:

    oh oh re