What Makes Reality?


It’s simple…..CONSISTENT and CONSISTENCY T H I N K I G it is.

In truth, this is simply a DREAM that is BELIEVED so CONSISTENTLY….that it (?) becomes CONCRETE in your MIND.

The more who THINKS the SAME WAY makes it More and MORE a “true” FACT.

For those who can THINK OTHERWISE, it is THOSE who become / are “DFFERNT”. It is THOSE who KNOW THIS / THESE things mankind has MASS CONCRETED…..Do NOT NEED BE for that / those Indiviguals who THINK “OUTSIDE THE “BOX”.

Medicine People THINK (dream) Differently and thus can DO the “Impossible”.


Know this and WORK THE / THIS D R E A M!




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One Response to “What Makes Reality?”

  1. sklawson says:

    We must be on the same wave length today…I also mentioned “thinking out of the box” as I mentioned my neighbors putting in two new cement driveways…but not entirely thinking ahead for the expense they are paying for here soon as it gets finsished. One forgot to add an way to stop the ice in thier
    incline of an driveway in the winter…we watched to old neighbors car in an winter storm slide while in park…out of the driveway and into the neighbors
    driveway…who were lucky enough to be using their garage durning the night.
    The neighbor across from this driveway..is widening thier hunk of cement to three pad widths instead of two. I think this might work out for them a bit better.
    Had this been “me” my solution would of been simply putting an new top layer on the existing driveway, and stamping it deeply to resemble brick, with cracks any water could run down and brick pads above that to make the driveway not
    so icy when it freezes. I doubt it would cost as much as what’s currently going on also..but it’s not my money as they say. The one with three widths wide doesn’t want any flowers…she’s trying to decorate things up not using them.
    Her grass currently sets knee high in her yard….but she has an lovely iron fence…in all due time I suppose she’ll have it the way she wants it. I just went to Lowe’s in Troutdale and ran into another Native American…whom reminded me of an fella on the other side…Jose Arugerulla…whom passed away in 2011. He was responsible for the “Harmonic Convergence”…he told me he would see me over in “Spirit Mountain” probably. He probably understands that my grandaughter could use some healing help right now. Went over to their house
    last night…she no longer was sedated to deeply she looked like seh was laying there dead still…put awake, she was in pain and crying laying next to her mother, who was trying to help her…I felt so sorry for her…tried to send her
    healing, compassion, and protectiveness. She has this like cup against her ear
    and an velcro strap from it around her head and under her chin, said it was really bothering her. They let her take it off if she’d stay sitting up…and there
    was blood in the guaze of it, the gauze around her ear where they had packed
    the edge of this cup, and inside her ear, and in back where they attached it back to her head..her mother is learnind to be an technition (doctor’s side aide) surgeon right now..so she was going to change the dressing, but sissy was sobbing as she rocked hers self back and forth gently in pain..she just turned 15 years old. She’s not one to generally cry about anything. Made me want to cry also Red Elk…and I’m the grandmother. I tell myself that it had not been as
    yet 24 hours from when she had this 6 hour surgery…and maybe things would be better today. She’s on strong medicines right now…anit-biotics and pain killers. It wold probably take someone like Jose to come back and help in ways. We talked some when he was here “telepathically” and he and the other came to my house…and he said he was cold…so I started my wood stove…and he so thanked me…and I knew that is true, when I go back east and come back here to Oregon..the air seems cold to me also. I told him my house wasn’t nearly as fancy as the resort he was staying at and he said it didn’t matter to
    him. He lived in an area where often people don’ tlive in luxury like the resorts.
    They thanked me an went to leave, I told him if he would leave me an unmistakable “parting”…that I wanted to go to his Seminar, but couldn’ tafford the price of it…and if there was anything I needed to know to help the world if
    would maybe leave me an message in his web site. The next day I wen tot Kamrt here in town, which sits on an slight hill and has an panaramic view down
    the road with the back scene of Mt. Hood in the distance. It was about the time
    this group was leaving the area…and I watched an huge lintel cloud completely
    surrounded Mt. Hood in an swirl…something we hardly ever see around Mt. Hood and it was defineately and unmistakable “sign” to me. They came back
    to the USA before his passing and said his “Goodbye’s” to several spiritual sites
    across the nation and into Hopi land. They did “rituals” at that time asking the
    creator to not take the mountains down in any “earth changes”…that they were
    to important..something I knew also. He was also assoicated with the Tortuga Society of Shamans back then and my mother’ s side is assoicated to the
    Turttle Clan of three sisters…one married into the Shawnee “The Prophet”
    family..another to the Cherokee Peace Chief “hanging Maw”, and was assoicated originally with the Leni Lanpe “Delaware” Native Americans..whom since have joined the Seneca Tribe in some instances….the Turtle Clan were
    the ones that inspired our Founding Father’s to write their ways into our orignal
    Constitution in it’s freedoms. The Turttle Clan represents stabilty and Foundation to the world. They took thier ways from what sounds like an visit
    from “Jesus” in the past…in very early days. Before Europeans arrived. He gave
    them guidelines on how to rule…. to asure peace and prosperty….in operating
    daily life. You will see some of it in action in my booklet I’m writing some day
    hopefully..so it stays alive for everyone to know. Tha tchief whom was paid off
    in pretty sea shells, that everyone laughs that was European..were so very unknowledgable that they didnt’ know he was receiving the “prayers” from God
    through the very shells God instructed in the Bible to Moses for his chosen people to use as dye in the bottom threads of their garments for use in prayer
    and learning the Ten Commandments…at Siani Mt. back then. I would guess
    this man that was tall and “white” whom gave them the rules for solving problems taught them the shells also…because they were used later on to
    remember tribal history, do prayers and conduct business with also. There will be some in my book about this in more depth also. It could not have been an
    preacher of the time…the Native Americans already had this learning before
    any preachers arrived also. It could of been an “Templar Knight” influence
    if indeed there is thought an ship had arrived an an earlier date. But anyway.
    One reason I put into this book and cave drawing “poem” that was transcribed by one of my mother’s paternal sides (John Read) way back when… as an translator o fthe Native Americans and teacher to them also. Not like we think of teachers today…he was an “Quaker” also..lived in their area, came over with
    William Penn and paid them for where they lived near by…very much beaten and tortured and beheaded in Europe…because they dared to say…you don’t need an “church” to believe in God… and worship the Lord. Nope…the ruling Catholic Church was not about to put up with the thought at all….one reason they persecuted to Templar Knights also. They may of came over by 1300 AD.
    or at least what I can find out abour them in written records. It’s been an interesting day aroudn my house today. I agree with you…this constant
    thinking in disaster may indeed do us in… if we don’t stop it… and we create our own realtiy in life. The turttle woman with the message that it’s “coming from the South” isn’t talking about disaster..or tornadoes…she was talking about the
    “tortuga”..Turtle Clan…though going on th einternet yesterday I could not find the people I use to know and had the wisdom of the ways and life and stablity and “Foundation” knowledge that the elders had during the Harmonic Convergence. I too have an hearing problem…and I’ve often said I am this way…because God knows there’s not to many of the true “elders” left to listen
    to with straight sound talk and wisdom. I bid you an good day…take care.