Are YOU DOING Anything?

Bought 3 more arrows today.  As long as I could get (32 inches).  Will continue doing so as I can afford.

I’m SO GRATEFUL that I’ve been physically preparing for many many years.

SOMEONE will benefit, even if not I or mine.  Aho?

News this morning showed me things are “close”.  FAR closer then I had hoped for.  Time IS “speeded up” indeed.

What I had THOUGHT would take Years now under MONTHS….and in some cases : WEEKS.

Been doing all I could/can to foretell….and so FEW have paid attention.  Certainly NOT in SPIRITUAL. Our  ONLY Safety is in “HIM”.  Meanwhile, next to “Him”,  KNOWLEDGE is KING.

OK, if you WON’T “connect”…GO to LEARNING.  Gives you “extra” time.  Aho?

STUDY THE VERY OLD WAYS.  Of your GREAT GREAT Grandparents.  That far back.  THEY lived as WE will.



GB   re


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