A Sweet Dream

I was in semi-sleep and was given a wonderful dream…of a time when Christ reigns sometime after Armageddon and our earth flip. A time after man had found each other again. ALL THE VERY OLD God “remembering ways”…beautiful LIFE ways of our ancients, WERE RETURNED TO ALL EARTHS PEOPLE! The FULL “Dream Time” ways of the Australian Aberrginys..I..ALL of our American Indians…returned…The Lapplanders , etc etc, GIVEN BACK and once again placed into mans recall. ONLY THEIR UNGODLY CEREMONIES DID N O T EXIST. (MYIANSS / etc.). I saw too that these ceremonies…though each were different…Fit Together like a PUZZLE…WORKED into ONE Beautiful “Picture” of WORLD UNITY! WISDOM abounded. RESPECT of GODLY ELDERS one again reinstated across the WHOLE Earth. PEACE…PEACE Wonderful PEACE! Readers…THE OLD CEREMONIES HAVE BEEN STORED AND WILL TOTALLY BE RESTORED! Celts / Hebrews…ALL Godly! THIS IS OUR TOMORROWS!


Praise the Lord!




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5 Responses to “A Sweet Dream”

  1. sklawson says:

    From my friend named “Dove”….When your problems rise up..to bog and depress…and your spirit gives away to despair…When your mind is a vent..to a burden’s intent..and your lips can’t give voice to a prayer

    Turn away from the thoughts..that cause you distress…they hinder the self in repair…Trust God to provide..what the heartstrings confide…with assurance,
    your still in His care.

  2. sklawson says:

    That wonderful paradise is already here and has been for an long time, but it is
    to each of us to find it and nuture it in our lives…as we have always been under
    God’s protection. We shouldn’t need an armegeddon or an pole flip to right our wrongs…or to say we need creator/God in our lives. He has told us that for an long time now….we don’ t need church buidlings or others either…we have him within us at all times..and the world gets better through his guidance and our actions. You will always know God over mankind….by his mercy and non-harmful ways.
    We are what makes an difference….its time everyone took responsibility. You
    sound like your feeling better now…as it should be.

  3. Living Documents says:

    Aho and amen. I’ve noticed more ”birds’ are now jumping from the ‘nests’ and trying their ‘wings’. Amen re

  4. Living Documents says:

    been close but i keep on. GB re

  5. Vasso says:

    Here’s another pieceview of that puzzle http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OFh988kskZM