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Reader:  we need, desperately, to return to our ‘roots’. Our Creator.

You will not find this in the religions….though these DO help.

It can only be located Deep With-in yourself.  Your Heart.

We are seeing the many results of our ‘self’ path today.  “His” warnings.  The Great Oil Spill (this Will affect  ALL on our planet) /  The “Katrinas” and Tsunamis / The Tornadoes / Earthquakes….Desperation of Food needs / Wars…ALL ‘His’.  CALLING us to “Turn Around”…to come back, to touching our hearts, to ‘His’.

As a Great Spiritual Leader of the N.A. is saying (Arvol Looking Horse) is stating  “We (ALL mankind) have LOST OUR “SPIRIT”.”

Please, consider our MORALS.  Are you happy with the way YOUR children are going?  What he says, Is TRUE.  We MUST return.

Or face the consequences.

Things will Not get better, it will only get Worse. IF WE DON’T GET RIGHT.

“He” is DESPERATELY TRYING to wake us up.

TRYING to get us BACK.

“His” Love is THAT GREAT.

SO Great “He” is SACRIFICING MANY…to save we MANY MORE.

Please, Don’t let THEIR deaths be in vain.

Consider it.  Please!!     re


BEAUTIFUL DAY.  A “DO” day.  Cut Sky’s Bed Ledge front.  Leaving a narrow storage “shelf” beside the bed.  On now level main floor will go his 2 seat/table with back to ledge wall.  (There are 2 of these)…the other will be across from this set.

WAS going to dig a storage spot for the portable fire pit but instead have a better place below his Tri-Pod “pots/pans/etc.” area.  Easier to get to when wanted.  Pull it out to middle of floor for “campfire”.  LOTS of inner floor space for this.

Added an upright in a gap.  Will take and move 2 or 3 from circle.  This is going to make that side FAR more WIND RESISTANT.  (The Worse direction to wind).

One upright sprung out of its hole.  MY FAULT.  FORGOT to set THAT ONE Deep!  Easy to fix…slip a PVC “sleeve” on it…dig the deeper hole…put sleeve in and press that into hole.  PTL!

Meachelle came out to see.  LIKES the CHANGES.

Don’t know about Sky tho.  He stays inside and plays his %!##@ games.

That’s ok…taken His Plan and expanded it for better use.  Like it or not…that’s the way it WILL be!  Aho?

He doesn’t know about the added on Toilet area.  WON’T like it!  WILL tho when winter comes!  Either THERE or a COLD WALK to the Other Outhouse.  ( :

Will go add more willow horizontals in a bit.  LOTS of them!  Then will use what wire I have left…do the Top and both Windward sides.  Willows will have to do the rest.  Aho?

Still trying to keep the price down.  Aho?

Used all but 2 PVC pipes.  CLEANING UP THE “TRASH” LOOK of our “yard”.

M, in looking about…”sees” yet ANOTHER dome…darn near filling up the area.  A True “VILLAGE”!

Can, but can ALSO make THAT as a SWEAT LODGE!  (or do both).

Have enough salvage to do this AND 2 OR 3 OTHER Places….AND the room FOR ‘em…withOUT “crowding”.


Creator knows, “as is”, right NOW, I’ve plenty of “Guest(S)” Room!   ( :  ( :

Skydome sleeps one (on the ledge) n 2 to 3 ON THE FLOOR (if wanted / needed). Add THOSE and STILL SPACE TO MOVE ABOUT…this is THAT BIG!!!

Using 4 inch foam rubber as the “mattresses”.  ON HAND (freebys) ones.   ( :

Just more “trash” around this place.  Aho?

Turning Trash into Treasure….USEABLE treasure.  PTL!

So that’s “it” for now.  GB    re


PS on Dome / Tipi


So far has done an EXCELLENT JOB.  IF doesn’t, yet an INSIDE trench is being thought.  This on INSIDE of my Wall.

ALL trenching MUST be SLOPED to LOWEST PART OF LAND the dome is at.  Leading the trench BEYOND the Entryway.  Aho?

We’ve had some HEAVY rains.  So far, not a problem.

I DO DITTO TO MY Tipis!   Aho?     re


In response to this post, a reader writes:

Dear RE,

I have been following,w/great interest,your dome building

projects. How do they hold up in high winds and rain…we

are having some very strong storms in the area where I am


Yrs ago,I made a Tipi (from scratch)…sewed in on my sewing

machine…made it 2/3’s scale of avg TIPI. While camping in

it…a tornado came thru….all the store tents,campers,etc were

blown over…the leaning cone/TIPI survived nicely and I was

able to walk out of it,w/a cup of steaming coffee, to the

astonishment of other campers in the primitive camp area…

who had made such fun of the tipi when we arrived at our camp

site…they even thought we brought our own fire wood; the lodge

poles on top of the van we had to use to transport the poles…

we did have firewood inside of the van!  A great experience

for my son…who learned to, “chop wood and carry water”, as

the saying goes.

Do the domes hold up as well in high winds and pounding


We too,had curious people who wanted to see the TIPI…both

inside and out….we made it more beautiful by attaching wide and long ribbons,the colors of the rainbow,to the tips of the lodge poles…it was a fun project…many fond memories of it’s con-

struction and use. Camped in it….all seasons…including cold

and snow….could heat water inside and take sponge baths.

My nephew(a twin & an artist) is moving to Seatle,WA…next

week…leaving Kansas City,MO.


Red Elk replies:

I too have Fond Memories of my 5 Tipis.  Had 6 but last SO BIG (28 ft.) I couldn’t “lock” the poles before wind (“REGULAR” WIND HERE) Knocked ‘em down and broke most.  Sold it last summer.  I LOVE ‘EM!  BUT hauling those POLES are a BIG HASSLE!  And to LUG ‘EM IN to a secluded spot….FORGET IT!

I’d never go LESS then a 16′ or BIGGER then 22′.  16’ easiest and can easily handle 3 people.  18′ kinda “Super” but you’re getting into pole hassles…(I LIKE VERY LONG POLES).

In my 16’ we once had 22 people, doing a Sing Sing.  Firepit going AND ALL OUR (6) One Week’s gear. HAD a BALL!

The other problem (as you know) is it’s a PEOPLE “DRAWER”.  Aho?

Certainly NOT “stealth”.

Then too…the skin SLOPE!  STEALS from Walk-About room.

A Tipi’s “room” is WHEN YOU SIT (next to “skin”).   Aho?

Many Tipi owners do NOT know how to set them up Properly.  YOU MUST NOT have the skin TOUCH THE GROUND.  Up the poles about 2 to 5 inches.  Many TOO do NOT use an INNER LINER (“wall”).  Thus their Tipis are COLD.  Even WITH “tacked” TIGHT to the ground.  That INNER LINER has 3 functions :  Outside wind / air hits its Backside…then the Fire’s HEAT “catches” it…creating a CHIMNEY EFFECT.  Clears the smoke at Fire-Start time VERY FAST.  Any NOT HAVING A LINER is just darn STUPID!

It STOPS Inner Shadows against the skin.  Better PRIVACY as well as Harder to find a human TARGET when shooting INTO the Tipi.


I stuffed mine with Boughs and Dead Weeds and Straw, in winter.  Adding to the INSULATION.  SMELLED GREAT in was “comfy” inside in HIGHER Low teens.  AFTER the cold gets LOWER…I used ANOTHER, TALLER, “Liner” put on / around OUTSIDE the Tipi “proper”.

This 3 to 4 feet from Tipi skin and TOO “Packed” with insulating material.

In this set-up I spent 2 full HARD WINTERS.  Got to 42 degrees BELOW 0 in second.

I’d let the fire go out…but have QUICK FIRE MATERIAL next to it for morning starting.  Then crawled into LOTS of BLANKETS and CALL MY MALAMUTE!  He HATED the bed’s HEAT, so would end sleeping next to me on TOP of the blankets.

I LOVE “MUTES!”  BIG (110 + lbs.).  GREAT COMPANIONS…almost NEVER Howl / Bark (don’t draw attention)…Size SCARES “enemies”…eat VERY LITTLE (a Cocker Spaniel easily out-eats ‘em)…can PULL and can PACK….PLUS are GREAT “Bed Warmers”!

I do NOT TRUST ANY WITH “light” “blue” EYE(s).  TOO UNTRUSTWORTHY (in general) around kids / people / other dogs I’ve found.

I do NOT care for the SMALLER Malamutes.  TOO MUCH LIKE A HUSKY.  High “WIRED”!  No, give me the milder BIG ONES.

I “FIX” ALL MINE.  Less “wandering” (males) and DONT DRAW WOLVES / COYOTES (females), or cause Fights.

Learned to carry a Heavy CHAIN to “LAY” (not SLAP) on dogs backs when fights occurred.  They RARELY Fight, but when they DO…it’s for MORE then “BLOOD”…its for MURDER!  They LIVE for a “GOOD SCAP”.  Don’t LOOK for it but if it comes : “HOT DAMN! FIGHT! FIGHT!”  Aho.

A BIG mistake to “wade in”.  YOU TAKE YOUR CHANCES.  In that mode, they are WILD WOLVES!

Still, having had MANY MANY Breeds of dogs over my years, LARGE MALAMUTES are WAY ABOVE the TOP OF MY LIST as CAMP and HOME Dogs.

Now…back to Tipis :  I too have  built a number (to sell).  I do NOT at ALL, care for the TIPS OF THE SMOKE FLAPS that “cup” the flap(s) up.  THEY WEAR THROUGH!  Next thing you know, that VERY IMPORTANT FEATURE (flap)  starts SLIDEING DOWN THE POLE!

UGLY and making the flap(s) near useless.  No, I GO FOR A STRONG LOOP UP THERE!  A “cross” piece of wood on the Flap Pole(s) stops THAT!  NEVER HAVE HAD A PROBLEM WITH THIS WAY……LOTS with the “cup”.  Aho?

DOOR should be TWO.  A WIDER one INSIDE and draped (like the other)…OUTSIDE at base.  I USE BOTH IN WINTER Snows!  (I’ve had 3 times a SINGLE has PUSHED IN AT BASE with snow.  Had to DIG OUT!

Also, SWITCH in summer and use the INNER Big One as a “Porch Roof”.  Regular one as door.  Aho?

I also advocate CROSSing WILLOWS (etc) at INSIDE Liner.  No liner “puffing” and LOOKS GOOD!

That “puffing” takes away from Setting / Sleeping room.

There are Other features I had OR WILL HAVE (if I get another).

It’s not likely I Will get another tho.  Gone to “Cockroach shelled” DOMES.

Before I get into them, tho….Tipis are STILL SO TALL they DO CATCH WIND!  Shape or not…they DO.  Aho?

Now, DOMES:  I do NOT LIKE DOMES YOU CAN BUY / or get as KITS!  Not at ALL!

ALL of these SLOPE IN at base.  Like a BALL cut (halved) just below center.  TOO HIGH AT THE BASE!


Either BERM that base to “cockroach body” it, or, as I : BUILD your own.

Of my 3, 2 are ON GROUND (and TOO HIGH (as far as I’m concerned)).   One is being bermed now.  The other I intend to.

The other is built INTO the ground…AND STILL BEING BERMED!

I say “cockroach”…meaning OBLONG and LOW!

This causes winds to FLOW OVER…not SLAM OVER.

Until the edging of MY domes are WELL-LOCKED DOWN (by berming) you DO have BIG Problems with WIND.  CATCHES THE BOTTOM EDGES and off comes the cover!


As mine, you can build a STRAIGHT Wall (no room-stealing SLOPE)  ABOVE the wall the DOME “sloping” starts…yet PLENTY TALL ENOUGH to STAND FULLY IN.  Even 6′ plus tall people.

BUT…the DISADVANTAGE of a Dome over a Tipi…..your dome is THERE!  “Permanent”.  Tipis, despite the poles, ARE MOVEABLE.

So, Pros and Cons of both.  Aho?

I will say this tho…a dome (such as mine) gives FAR MORE INTERIOR LEEWAY then does a Tipi.

I will be experimenting with PERMANENT Dome FRAMES, this summer.  Put several up…A cover that can cover each.  ONE Cover… MANY hidden FRAMES.  Aho? FRAMES are PERMANENT but you CAN MOVE TO ANOTHER cause YOU have THE (only) Cover!  Aho?

So, sister, take your pick…or simply learn how to make a 4 SEASON Lean-To.   GB    re


My Domes are fun.  Permanent or Semi-Permanent.  I’m having a lot of fun doing ‘em….but THEY TAKE TIME.  So got to thinking:  WHY NOT BUILD “TAKE IN / OUT  C O V E R”.  PREbuild the wanted “cabin” SHAPE (willow?) and LEAVE THE FRAME THERE.  Simply carry in the (tarp) covering when you’re going “camping”.  Either bury (in a rodent / water proof) container…the cover and carry in / out only a SHOVEL!

Yes, a TENT can “fill your needs” … MAYBE!

Ever try to lug a BIG TENT?

This way you can PRE-BUILD , E X A C T L Y, (within reason) WHAT YOU WANT to be using.

YOU might need more then One cover (OVERLAPPING WELL) but even that won’t be as hard as lugging in a BIG Tent.

Think I’ll try just this in the small forested area on this property.  See how it works out.  (I had 5 Tipis down there…AND TRESPASSERS:  “just looking”). Aho?    re


The Perfect World?

The PERFECT World?

In my many experiences,  I have seen some unusual things.  Done a few as well.  I will tell you this: IF All learned the FULL ABILITIES of MIND THOUGHT ALONE (Envisioning ‘til one KNOWS what you “see” Is FACT)…we COULD have a Perfect World.  “HEAVEN On EARTH”.

This has its drawbacks though.  The GREATEST “problem” is the OTHER “Yous”.  Your NEGATIVE “YOUs”.

“You’ll ruin the ECONOMY!”  “You’ll have ALL out of WORK!”  “We’ll STARVE!”  Etc.  Etc.


It would take a HECK of A LOT of SELF-CONVICTION to overcome THOUSANDS of YEARS of “L” produced False Believing to overcome.  THOUSANDS of “Culture” “L” training years of “mankind” (HA!) Accepted Thinking to overcome.

IN heaven, that’s not a problem.  You INSTANTLY step into the “NO RESTRICTIONS” of the Way we were ORIGINALLY meant to be / live.

I say “no restrictions”…yet a “deal” with our Creator…..YOUR THOUGHTS  M  U  S  T   ALIGN  With “His” NO SIN ways.

That’s why their is NO Marriage (Lust / Sex) in heaven.

IF their IS Lust / Etc. “after” (WS – after you die)…it might be “heaven” to YOU…but it’s Not THE Heaven!  You are then in a “heavenly HELL”.

This is a form of PURGATORY, folks.  And you’ll have that purgatory ‘TIL The DAY OF ACTUAL JUDGEMENT!

On THAT DAY….you’ll find out WHERE you REALLY BELONG….and be SENT THERE….ForEVER!

“He” will NOT allow YOUR “greedy” (sin) wants to enter ‘HIS’ Wonderful HEAVEN.

Those that have “unclean”, and want to REMAIN in YOUR form of “heaven” WILL be cast out from ‘HIS’.

This does NOT mean “Oh GOODY…I get to go back, FOREVER, to “MY” “Heaven”…YOU can HAVE YOURS.  Toodle Loo!”

Sorry folks, but at the Day Of Judgment “YOUR” “Hell HEAVEN” will NO LONGER EXIST!

BUT,  YOU STILL WILL EXIST!  Never ceasing.  Eternal…and ETERNALLY…..but TOTALLY ALONE.  NEVER to hold a conversation with another, OR even with ‘GOD’!

Floating ENDlessly….by YOURSELF!

Those in this will BURN LIKE A FIRE…but not as a Fire as We know it….it is a “fire” of ENDLESSLY WANTING COMMUNICATION!  To even just SEE another human…let alone TALK to one!  YOU CAN’T EVEN COMMUNICATE WITH ‘GOD”!

‘He” will NEVER RESPOND!  E  V  E  R !

Now THAT’S HELL!  The TRUE hell.

Each of us have but THIS ONE LIFE.  Reincarnation of a person’s SOUL does NOT exist.  (The NAGUAL returns…not “you”).

Those for OTHERS…or choose for self….but be aware YOUR CHOICE is what MARKS YOUR  E T E R N E L  PATH!!

I am not telling you all this to scare you into “being GOOD”  (IF it DOES, and you…YOU…try to “WORK your way into Heaven”…”HE KNOWS YOUR HEART!  So forget THAT!  WON’T WORK!)!

No, I’m sharing this to make you AWARE is all.


I started this writing with the statement “I’ve seen / done Unusual things”.  ONE OF THOSE THINGS IS HAVING GONE INTO…WITNESSED…THIS OTHER ‘PLANE’!

So I KNOW some HAVE, and are enjoying their EARTH(ly) HEAVEN!

Good luck.



The Domes

My NA Friends and 2 young daughters came. Couldn’t spend the night tho.  A lot of “tellings” told to all…kids included.  Then went to domes to see.  Adam’s (#2) 1st.  Had had no time to make ANY presentable BUT  DIDNT MATTER!  All 4 LOVED it in its SIMPLICITY.  Then to the original (#1)…..THEY…ALL 4 OF ‘EM…”WANT THIS!!!”.  The girls jumping on the bed and stretching out….Mom and Dad taking “note” of its “how”.  SERIOUSLY “Checking it out”!

“NOW for LAND!  We can make this pretty easily…or a 2 – 3 cluster of ‘em.  Bedroom for the girls and one for us and a main “Family Room”…AND have plenty of room for visitors.  THIS is REALLY NICE!  And its so WARM!”  (no fire / overcast day).

Left talking about it and #2 as Bedrooms.

On #2 they noted the “Sweat Lodge” type making and were seeing the “IGLOO DOORWAY!”

All do “sweats” and make ‘em, so this is not at all unfamiliar to them.  All 4 build their ‘sweats’.

I was surprised to see in #2 THAT One or Two of the Upright willows WERE REJUVENATING AND PRODUCING LEAVES!   The SMELL was WONDERFUL inside!  Real “Outdoorsy”!   HOPE MORE DO THE SAME!  Hope ALL do!  Make for clean odor, Extra insulation…and UNIQUENESS!  Talk about DIFFERENT as a “Home” Interior!   ( :

I have built a 2 man sweat with Leaved Willows, but wasn’t expecting THIS!

Then to SKYDOME.  Tho only Framing up, they all “saw” ITS HUGE SIZE and was no problem visualizing ITS “GREAT LIVABILITY!”

They are going to try to come again next month and see THIS one, Done.

They are “paring down” on their UN-needed “needs”.  See the BENEFIT on living on / with “far Less = Far EASIER” life style.  Even the KIDS!

We CAN “GO BACK!”  And teach others of us (NA) this “way” of Old Ones’ SIMPLICITY.  (This a quote, too).

A lot of Old NA “survival” teaching as well.  Snares / Traps / Wild food “ways”…AND (natch) Bible.

Ii KNOW they had a GREAT TIME!    WIDE OPEN TO TRUE NEEDS and LIVING MORE “Naturally” (quote).   PTL!   GB   re



Photograph by Andreas F. Borchert, used under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 Generic license.

Regarding the post on holograms, a friend of Red Elk asked:

RE I may call you on this over the Weekend, I have two questions on this. If this is true and the world around me is a Hologram of my own projections…what is the best thing I should do to clean up this life I am making and the second question is…How does the great commission, to go and preach the gospel to all the world, make sense? am I preaching to myself? I don’t doubt this I just want to know how to best USE this knowledge. Thanks GOD bless

Red Elk responded:

CALL…I’ll tell you.  But as a START:  When YOU go and “tell the world”….ALL THOSE are YOU!  YOU therefore CONCRETE  The WORD into your OWN Brain!  Do you understand?   re

The friend:

RE that is an incredible concept. What I do is establish the Truth to myself by preaching the word to ALL. The all is me but I am convincing all those different aspects of ME by preaching to the ALL. That is so wild but I can go with it. Am I right?

Red Elk:

well bro….”you ain’t no dope”.  PRECISELY RIGHT!

People just DON’T comprehend Gods WORD.   At Bible College I HAD TO TEACH THE SCHOLAR TEACHERS a few things.  Wonderful…DOPES!

Tell you bro, VERY EARLY QUIET TIME With The Creator…NIGHTLY, gets you into this knowledge.  I’ve done it for YEARS and YEARS.   GB   re

The friend:

Thank You so much!!! I think this is going to transform my life, it will certainly make things easier when I realize I am fighting myself and not “others” it will be easier to let go and let GOD!

When you say Early Quiet time do you mean when you get up at 3 or 4 AM ? Thanks a million brother and when I make those millions I will send it your way too! GOD bless

Red Elk:

When a “problem” arises….IT IS lUCIFER (WS note: Red Elk has told me in the past that he does not give lucifer the honor of capitalizing the first letter of his name) TEMPTING YOU TO REACT IN AN UNGODLY MANNER!

HOW you “meet” this temptation, is up to You.  YOUR  W I L L.

When you can LOVE ENOUGH to Walk AWAY … IN Love … you then become a “Peaceful Warrior”.  LITERALLY ‘LAUGHING IN “L”s FACE!

Wanna have some FUN?  THANK lUCIFER FOR THE   S  T  R  E  N  G T  H   E  N  I  N  G   Temptation OPPORTUNITY!  I mean REALLY THANK hIM!  And turn away from it…PRAISING GOD AS YOU DO!

It DRIVES “L” ‘UP THE WALL’!  DEFEATED!!!!   Aho?   Re


A friend of Red Elk responds to his open letter to the leaders of the Christian Faith:

“Leaders who are as unfamiliar with what Scripture teaches as the “body” they are teaching. As “astray” as those you are leading…astray.”

What is meant by this?
Red Elk’s Response:
Gee, clear to ME

My Brothers and Sisters; Over the years I have witnessed a sad thing with-in our Churches. Leaders who are as unfamiliar with what Scripture teaches as the “body” they are teaching. As “astray” as those you are leading…astray.

Please, look carefully with-in “His” Word…and With-in Yourself. Compare the two. Pray. Do “knee time” in a deep talk to our Creator.

ARE you “right”?

IS what you where taught at your Bible College TRULY the teachings of “His” Word?

Or are THEIR Teachings wrong?


Think on this “All”.


TEST IT! Test it against what YOU are Teaching.

Are They right? OR…the Scriptures?

Lucifer at first thought he had won, when he had our Lord “Big Brother” murdered. Not realizing this “killing” of a great danger to himself…and HIS “kingdom”…was THE GREATEST MISTAKE HE had EVER Done! That he had sent one to THE Leader…and ALIVE.

NOW he was definitely in BIG TROUBLE! He had sent the WORLD’S Leader to the OVER-ALL COMMANDER! and…..

A L I V E !

Oh Oh !…………………..

The “Booby Trap” had EXPLODED IN HIS FACE!

So he devised yet ANOTHER “plan” – Get those Humans THAT WERE HIS, into the Fast Growing FOLLOWERS Midst. People of “respect”. READERS! “SCHOOLERS”. “GODLY” “Good’….. HIS, people!

and the TRUE Believers / Followers “Fell for it!”

That was OUR Mistake!

Then, slowly, he had HIS (now leaders) TWIST The Scriptures. Covering “Gods” WORD with CAMEO “DIRT”.

Till today, we have what is being Taught … Right NOW!

Are YOU part of the “mechanism” of “Lucifer’s SECOND…”BOOBY TRAP”! ????

I ask you to search your heart, DILIGENTLY.

And to YOU, “followers”, I ask are YOU, part of that BOOBY TRAP!”


Though I could go on, I will leave you with this “as is”.


In HIM…..and In LOVE…..