BEAUTIFUL DAY.  A “DO” day.  Cut Sky’s Bed Ledge front.  Leaving a narrow storage “shelf” beside the bed.  On now level main floor will go his 2 seat/table with back to ledge wall.  (There are 2 of these)…the other will be across from this set.

WAS going to dig a storage spot for the portable fire pit but instead have a better place below his Tri-Pod “pots/pans/etc.” area.  Easier to get to when wanted.  Pull it out to middle of floor for “campfire”.  LOTS of inner floor space for this.

Added an upright in a gap.  Will take and move 2 or 3 from circle.  This is going to make that side FAR more WIND RESISTANT.  (The Worse direction to wind).

One upright sprung out of its hole.  MY FAULT.  FORGOT to set THAT ONE Deep!  Easy to fix…slip a PVC “sleeve” on it…dig the deeper hole…put sleeve in and press that into hole.  PTL!

Meachelle came out to see.  LIKES the CHANGES.

Don’t know about Sky tho.  He stays inside and plays his %!##@ games.

That’s ok…taken His Plan and expanded it for better use.  Like it or not…that’s the way it WILL be!  Aho?

He doesn’t know about the added on Toilet area.  WON’T like it!  WILL tho when winter comes!  Either THERE or a COLD WALK to the Other Outhouse.  ( :

Will go add more willow horizontals in a bit.  LOTS of them!  Then will use what wire I have left…do the Top and both Windward sides.  Willows will have to do the rest.  Aho?

Still trying to keep the price down.  Aho?

Used all but 2 PVC pipes.  CLEANING UP THE “TRASH” LOOK of our “yard”.

M, in looking about…”sees” yet ANOTHER dome…darn near filling up the area.  A True “VILLAGE”!

Can, but can ALSO make THAT as a SWEAT LODGE!  (or do both).

Have enough salvage to do this AND 2 OR 3 OTHER Places….AND the room FOR ‘em…withOUT “crowding”.


Creator knows, “as is”, right NOW, I’ve plenty of “Guest(S)” Room!   ( :  ( :

Skydome sleeps one (on the ledge) n 2 to 3 ON THE FLOOR (if wanted / needed). Add THOSE and STILL SPACE TO MOVE ABOUT…this is THAT BIG!!!

Using 4 inch foam rubber as the “mattresses”.  ON HAND (freebys) ones.   ( :

Just more “trash” around this place.  Aho?

Turning Trash into Treasure….USEABLE treasure.  PTL!

So that’s “it” for now.  GB    re



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