The Domes

My NA Friends and 2 young daughters came. Couldn’t spend the night tho.  A lot of “tellings” told to all…kids included.  Then went to domes to see.  Adam’s (#2) 1st.  Had had no time to make ANY presentable BUT  DIDNT MATTER!  All 4 LOVED it in its SIMPLICITY.  Then to the original (#1)…..THEY…ALL 4 OF ‘EM…”WANT THIS!!!”.  The girls jumping on the bed and stretching out….Mom and Dad taking “note” of its “how”.  SERIOUSLY “Checking it out”!

“NOW for LAND!  We can make this pretty easily…or a 2 – 3 cluster of ‘em.  Bedroom for the girls and one for us and a main “Family Room”…AND have plenty of room for visitors.  THIS is REALLY NICE!  And its so WARM!”  (no fire / overcast day).

Left talking about it and #2 as Bedrooms.

On #2 they noted the “Sweat Lodge” type making and were seeing the “IGLOO DOORWAY!”

All do “sweats” and make ‘em, so this is not at all unfamiliar to them.  All 4 build their ‘sweats’.

I was surprised to see in #2 THAT One or Two of the Upright willows WERE REJUVENATING AND PRODUCING LEAVES!   The SMELL was WONDERFUL inside!  Real “Outdoorsy”!   HOPE MORE DO THE SAME!  Hope ALL do!  Make for clean odor, Extra insulation…and UNIQUENESS!  Talk about DIFFERENT as a “Home” Interior!   ( :

I have built a 2 man sweat with Leaved Willows, but wasn’t expecting THIS!

Then to SKYDOME.  Tho only Framing up, they all “saw” ITS HUGE SIZE and was no problem visualizing ITS “GREAT LIVABILITY!”

They are going to try to come again next month and see THIS one, Done.

They are “paring down” on their UN-needed “needs”.  See the BENEFIT on living on / with “far Less = Far EASIER” life style.  Even the KIDS!

We CAN “GO BACK!”  And teach others of us (NA) this “way” of Old Ones’ SIMPLICITY.  (This a quote, too).

A lot of Old NA “survival” teaching as well.  Snares / Traps / Wild food “ways”…AND (natch) Bible.

Ii KNOW they had a GREAT TIME!    WIDE OPEN TO TRUE NEEDS and LIVING MORE “Naturally” (quote).   PTL!   GB   re



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