Quick “Domes”

My Domes are fun.  Permanent or Semi-Permanent.  I’m having a lot of fun doing ‘em….but THEY TAKE TIME.  So got to thinking:  WHY NOT BUILD “TAKE IN / OUT  C O V E R”.  PREbuild the wanted “cabin” SHAPE (willow?) and LEAVE THE FRAME THERE.  Simply carry in the (tarp) covering when you’re going “camping”.  Either bury (in a rodent / water proof) container…the cover and carry in / out only a SHOVEL!

Yes, a TENT can “fill your needs” … MAYBE!

Ever try to lug a BIG TENT?

This way you can PRE-BUILD , E X A C T L Y, (within reason) WHAT YOU WANT to be using.

YOU might need more then One cover (OVERLAPPING WELL) but even that won’t be as hard as lugging in a BIG Tent.

Think I’ll try just this in the small forested area on this property.  See how it works out.  (I had 5 Tipis down there…AND TRESPASSERS:  “just looking”). Aho?    re



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