Preachin’…It Does a Body Good!


Photograph by Andreas F. Borchert, used under the Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike 2.5 Generic license.

Regarding the post on holograms, a friend of Red Elk asked:

RE I may call you on this over the Weekend, I have two questions on this. If this is true and the world around me is a Hologram of my own projections…what is the best thing I should do to clean up this life I am making and the second question is…How does the great commission, to go and preach the gospel to all the world, make sense? am I preaching to myself? I don’t doubt this I just want to know how to best USE this knowledge. Thanks GOD bless

Red Elk responded:

CALL…I’ll tell you.  But as a START:  When YOU go and “tell the world”….ALL THOSE are YOU!  YOU therefore CONCRETE  The WORD into your OWN Brain!  Do you understand?   re

The friend:

RE that is an incredible concept. What I do is establish the Truth to myself by preaching the word to ALL. The all is me but I am convincing all those different aspects of ME by preaching to the ALL. That is so wild but I can go with it. Am I right?

Red Elk:

well bro….”you ain’t no dope”.  PRECISELY RIGHT!

People just DON’T comprehend Gods WORD.   At Bible College I HAD TO TEACH THE SCHOLAR TEACHERS a few things.  Wonderful…DOPES!

Tell you bro, VERY EARLY QUIET TIME With The Creator…NIGHTLY, gets you into this knowledge.  I’ve done it for YEARS and YEARS.   GB   re

The friend:

Thank You so much!!! I think this is going to transform my life, it will certainly make things easier when I realize I am fighting myself and not “others” it will be easier to let go and let GOD!

When you say Early Quiet time do you mean when you get up at 3 or 4 AM ? Thanks a million brother and when I make those millions I will send it your way too! GOD bless

Red Elk:

When a “problem” arises….IT IS lUCIFER (WS note: Red Elk has told me in the past that he does not give lucifer the honor of capitalizing the first letter of his name) TEMPTING YOU TO REACT IN AN UNGODLY MANNER!

HOW you “meet” this temptation, is up to You.  YOUR  W I L L.

When you can LOVE ENOUGH to Walk AWAY … IN Love … you then become a “Peaceful Warrior”.  LITERALLY ‘LAUGHING IN “L”s FACE!

Wanna have some FUN?  THANK lUCIFER FOR THE   S  T  R  E  N  G T  H   E  N  I  N  G   Temptation OPPORTUNITY!  I mean REALLY THANK hIM!  And turn away from it…PRAISING GOD AS YOU DO!

It DRIVES “L” ‘UP THE WALL’!  DEFEATED!!!!   Aho?   Re



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