Reader:  we need, desperately, to return to our ‘roots’. Our Creator.

You will not find this in the religions….though these DO help.

It can only be located Deep With-in yourself.  Your Heart.

We are seeing the many results of our ‘self’ path today.  “His” warnings.  The Great Oil Spill (this Will affect  ALL on our planet) /  The “Katrinas” and Tsunamis / The Tornadoes / Earthquakes….Desperation of Food needs / Wars…ALL ‘His’.  CALLING us to “Turn Around”…to come back, to touching our hearts, to ‘His’.

As a Great Spiritual Leader of the N.A. is saying (Arvol Looking Horse) is stating  “We (ALL mankind) have LOST OUR “SPIRIT”.”

Please, consider our MORALS.  Are you happy with the way YOUR children are going?  What he says, Is TRUE.  We MUST return.

Or face the consequences.

Things will Not get better, it will only get Worse. IF WE DON’T GET RIGHT.

“He” is DESPERATELY TRYING to wake us up.

TRYING to get us BACK.

“His” Love is THAT GREAT.

SO Great “He” is SACRIFICING MANY…to save we MANY MORE.

Please, Don’t let THEIR deaths be in vain.

Consider it.  Please!!     re



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